UNBELIEVABLE Basketball HORSE Trickshots!!

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
We played in the biggest game of horse ever!
Huge shout out to #MetroByTMobile for sponsoring this video. If you didn’t already know, I partnered with Metro for their Biggest Game of H-O-R-S-E and got to team up one of my biggest fans! Watch to see how it all went down. #ad
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  • Cash did the middle finger at 10:32

  • Cash got carried by his teammates the whole time

  • 10:34 cash with his middle finger up lol

  • Cash was easily the most cocky and did absolutely nothing for his team and tjass did everything so🤷‍♂️

  • pause it at 10:33 cash did some naughty stuff

  • how come i can do the same thing as cash on a dunk but i’m in 7th grade🤦‍♂️

  • I really hate Ms cash he is fake ASDF nd evny jealous of the 2hype and been on steroid jus to be more trash in basketball to say he better then flight

  • Ms cash trash ASDF he don't need to be in no 2hype videos

  • 10:33 did cash just flip me off

  • Did anyone relive when cash said” spin the ball” he stuck up his middle finger

  • Cash shut up you did fucking nothing

  • Didn’t anybody see that at 10.10 cash flipped of the camera

  • 15:19 he pulled a marcelas howard 😂😂

  • Did cash just flip us off

  • Jesser goat

  • T is trash if he lost jesser

  • 10:33 cash put his middle finger lol.

  • Jesser you could win. You should ended it with a dunk

  • 10:33 lol

  • 10:32 cash flipped me off I feel disrespected

  • Jesse's teammate is ase

  • Yo cash y u flip us off 10:33

  • Jesser’s weakness: cooking Cash’s weakness: dunking Am I right or am I right?🙃

  • At 10:33 cash throws the finger

  • People out here trashing t jass for only doing crazy lays which i agree can sometimes get a little annoying but if i had the chance to meet giannis i am doing whatever i can to make that happen

  • He put the middle finger up while he was explain the shot

  • why layups tjass

  • Did anyone catch when catch did i middle finger when he was talking to camera at the finals of horse game

  • Cash got carried

  • Tjass is doing layups for some reason he knows noone can do them 😂

  • Tjass nows no one else can do those layups

  • Cash’s partner carried hard

  • Are we just skip past the part Cash stuck up the middle finger lol

  • Is it just me or did cash flip us off 10:32

  • cash flipped us off

  • Did he just flip us off 10:33

  • I love it when kris trash talks and loses 😂

  • 13:13 - 13:22 Is that not music from BO1 multiplayer😂

  • Is I am the only one that saw cast stick up his middle finger

  • t jazz is lowkey celebrating even though he did nothing

  • Cash got carried. He didn't even do SHIT, I mean seriously, vladd wavy was doing actually most of the trickshots of cash. I think jesser could've won man, but he still got to meet giannis so, doesn't matter

  • cashes team cheated a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10:34 cash with the middle finger

  • I never hated cash, or tjass until now they pu**y cause they doing shots they know no one can make all of them on cashes team are honestly sh**

  • Tass

  • How a white dude dunk🤣

  • All tjass does is layups

  • I justed noticed that cash flipped of the camera at 10:30

  • Anyone notice how fucking ass Jesses teammate was lmaoo he had no chance compared to cash’s teammate

  • Cash getting carried so hard tho

  • 10:34 cash had me dead with his hand gesture

  • Cash sticks up middle finger 10:33

  • Talk about getting carried by tjass

  • 10:30 cash.... he said f u

  • Lol cash pulled out the middle finger at 10:33

  • Kris team mate is nasty with it tho Cashes team mate carried to

  • Tbh cash only one because of Tjass to

  • Cash:let's gooood Me:cash you got carried

  • 10:33 cash flipped us off

  • If cash didn’t have that teammate he would have got his ass whooped first round😂