ULTIMATE CHEAT DAY AT CENTER PARCS!!! Mac N Cheese, Pancake House, Toasties + MTV Cribs TOUR!!

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
ULTIMATE CHEAT DAY AT CENTER PARCS!! We LOVED filming this cheat day at Centre Parcs so we really hope you guys did too! If you did please make sure to like, comment & subscribe to join us as we grow!
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Jade & Rob
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  • I love you guys! Me and my partner go to centre parcs every January and we absolutely love it! It’s so cosy with the fire, we get loads of snacks and treats and just have a lovely week with films, bike rides, swimming and food! Our bikes also got stolen when we went and they just gave us new ones!! Love your cheat days❤️

    • ROB AND JADE you should go! It’s normally very quiet in Jan which is why we love it. We will defo take more than 1 padlock!! X

    • We’ve been there in January before and it’s so beautiful! We was actually debating ourselves whether or not to go again this January funnily enough😅 we hope you guys have the best time and take two padlocks so no one steals your bikes and you don’t have to walk anywhere😂❤️

  • It's rlly gud

  • I've been to centre parcs

  • Which water bottles do you use? The black and yellow one

  • Can’t go wrong with a chip butty 🥪👍🏽

  • Did you guys say that you don’t eat dairy??

    • ROB AND JADE ohhh okay! I was confused because I see you two eating dairy all of the time lol

    • Nope we just don’t eat meat!

  • Love you guys... You always brighten up my Sunday... Of course we'll keep supporting you - you're the best!

  • Hi I am new..keep going and enjoy..love from Philippines

    • Thank you so much for your support!! 💕

  • Do you guys know goof food places in Liverpool?

  • Hi Rob and Jade. Hope all is well. Thanks for an awesome video. The pancake looked delish. Actually both sweets looked amazing at the start. Cheers for not letting the rain stop you from getting your cheat dinner and then eating it straight away even when drenched so the food stays as hot as possible. Gotta love that when foods priority. Do you ever get bored of cheese? Like ur dinner had cheese on every item. Or can I safely say you love cheese? 😊 gotta dash. Running late to the gym cause I stayed in bed watching your video. 8.30 am in Australia Melbourne now.

    • ROB AND JADE Melbourne is awesome. Funny you say that cause when I was younger I always wanted to live in the UK cause I was a massive fan of take that (showing my age here cause I was in my 20s - 40 now lol). Work out was awesome. I'm leaning out so feel great and cause I watch my calories during the week I get to have those cheat days on the weekend without effecting my results. Your cheat days inspire me with food ideas for my cheats. If you come to Melb. Have a meet and greet cheat day. I'd meet up with you if you had a meet and greet and you can sample the delicious food in Melbourne 😊

    • Thank you so much for your comment Kelly😊 we hope you had a great workout! let’s just say we’re mildly obsessed with cheese!😂 the pancake house was the best we’ve yet tried!!! We’re so jealous you’re from Melbourne we would love to visit there! We went to Sydney, Brisbane & Arlie beach and loved it out there!!! Next time we need to visit Melbourne we heard it’s more flat which would be nicer to walk around😄 have a nice evening!

  • OMG That breakfast looked soooooo yummy 😋 Love ping pong but I have a habit of whacking the ball too hard 😬🤣 xxx

    • 😂😂 that’s pretty accurate to how jade is with table tennis too! Nightmare, she has me running around!

  • Love the video --- and you guys … tomorrow i bee in London

    • Have funnnn!!! It’s going to be beautiful whether this weekend here for you too!!

  • Hey guys! Im wondering, do you have other social medias (like instagram)?

    • Our instagrams are added on our Q&A video☺️💕

  • Those pancakes and waffles looked amazing

  • You guys are so likeable. You should have more subscribers and views.

  • Love your vids!!! But can you start to put a caloriecount (and macros) on screen as well? Would be nice! And btw... that banofee-pancake looked AMAZING OMG

    • ROB AND JADE i see!! (And understand ofc)😎 But would be cool to see how «hard» the cheatday really is🤪

    • We would but it's our only day that we don't count our macros and fully enjoy ourselves! The pancake house was incredible😍😍

  • This should have been called a CHEAEEZE day! Hahah

  • 💚💚

  • Oh. My. Gosh. This has to be THE BEST food in a cheat day ever. Hands down the best😮 That breakfast looked beyond delicious 😍😍 My mouth is actually watering watching each meal LOL! I have never seen a restaurant serving chips sandwiches😯That’s so interesting!! I am laughing so hard at the Robs version of cribs😂😂😂 and y’all getting caught in the rain oh my goshhh hahahhaahhahaha😅 you two looked like you had just got out of the shower😂💗 It seems like you guys have been having an incredible trip! I am so so happy for you guys that you get to have such nice times together❤️❤️ If you could travel anywhere in the world together...no expenses or other concerns...where would you want to go??

    • We wish we could go back and eat that food all over again😭 lol it was TOO good!!! 😂😂😂 Robs version of cribs made me laugh so much I was trying so hard to not laugh whilst filming him! I think the number one place we’ve both wanted to go together is either the US, either Texas, Florida, or Utah. Canada because Robs always wanted to go and I know we’d love it or back to Australia because we loved Sydney so much! What about you?? 😊

  • My favourite pizza place is Pizza Hut! The chip sandwich and mac n cheese looked delicious 😀 You guys always get the best food! Team JR!

    • We love Pizza Hut too! Especially the fact that they have a buffet😄 team JR❤️

  • I love your so much guuysss ❤️❤️✨😍

    • Sending love right back❤️❤️❤️

  • Centre parcs food looks amazing!! Awesome video guys! And awesome filming and multitasking... ping pong, cycling... Skills 😂

    • 😂😂only the best for our team JR!! Multitasking at its finest!!!

  • Just wondering whether other people actually see you filming your food?:D Btw I am in awe that you’re stil in form even though you have regular cheat days and published a What we eat in a day...😱

    • They definitely do!!! More people than you would even think! But we don’t mind, we’re usually too busy stuffing our faces to notice😂 wow thank you so much for the compliment! We really appreciate it😊💕

  • YUM YUM YUM!! OMG, those pancakes and the waffles!! I need those in my life! Lol I love how competitive you guys are to each other. 😁😁😂 It's awesome and healthy for your relationship. 🤩🤗 Lmao!!!!! Rob first you call us losers in another video, then you kick us out of your house? 💣Rob Rob Rob, you're going have to do a lot better for us to call you the best.💥 😉😉😉 Awwwwww!!! You poor things, getting soaked! You made the best of it tho, so yay for you guys! You now have funny memories to tell your friends and family and your kids one day! 😍🤗💜❤💜❤ Awesome video guys!!!!!

    • @ROB AND JADE LMAO!!! 😂😂That's hilarious! You'll have to work for that because right now Jade is the best because she is sweeter than you right now. 😂😂😂

    • We will forever be competitive with each other!😂 come on Viki you know who’s the best really!!!! I’ll wait for my “robs the best” patiently.... (I won’t tell jade) 🤣🤣 PS - thank you for the support always🙌🏻

  • Another awesome cheat day 🥰 Never knew you could get all different types of foods at center parcs! Hope you had a great holiday xx

    • It honestly blew us away how much they actually had there!! We did thank you so much😊💖

  • Pizza huts my fav lol

    • To be fair we love Pizza Hut too! There’s too many that we enjoy😂

  • Loved this video! Which Center Parcs did you go to? :) x

    • ROB AND JADE ah love that one it’s so good! X

    • ❤️thank you!! We went to Elveden!

  • Yey been waiting on this 😍😍😍❤️

  • Awesome video as always 😊✌️

  • You guys deserve way more subscribers your cheat days are so good!!

  • Yippee a new video!!🙈 Dominoes is my favourite pizza place🍕

    • You’ve got us craving dominos since reading this!!! 😂

  • Haha love your videos soooo much! Love the bra shaped t-shirt jade lol Thanks for another fun video!

    • 😂😅 thank you!!! So glad you loved it❤️

  • Love these videos always excited when get notifications I had a cheat day yesterday and was worth it 😁

    • Tuesday treat days!!! We may have to try that for ourselves!

  • Another great video...I get so excited when I get a new notification, am I the only one?

  • Please could you do the only eating the same colour food for 24 hours? 💕 i would love to see u too do this lol! 💕

    • We will definitely attempt this in the near future😄 thank you for the suggestion!💖

  • Loved this!

  • Love ur videos !!!! 💕