ULTIMATE BEST START Guide - Kingdom Come Deliverance

Pubblicato il 12 mar 2018
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01:50 - Leveling combat skills
02:11 - Leveling herbalism & strength
03:25 - Safely storing items
03:58 - Robbing the entire town
07:03 - Stealing from guards
07:33 - Removing a fine
08:22 - Infinite weapons
09:03 - Knocking out & robbing the Bailiff
11:13 - Selling to merchants
12:46 - Leaving Skalitz
13:43 - Killing & looting the Cuman army
21:41 - Escaping Talmberg
25:18 - Milking Skalitz
25:57 - Secret Chest
27:12 - Killing Bandits
28:35 - Ending the prologue
34:27 - Reaping the rewards
Kingdom Come Deliverance Playlist: goo.gl/xB5LVz
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Treasure Maps 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 - goo.gl/TjfcQF
Unique Horse Head Armor - goo.gl/VZecRE


  • Total of 7 days and 3 re-edits (thanks to patches) to get this monster together. Hope it helps :) 🐫 twitter.com/Camelworks 🐫 www.patreon.com/Camelworks 🐫 www.twitch.tv/camelworks 🐫 instagram.com/camelworks_official/ 🐫 facebook.com/camelworks/ 🐫 it-tvs.com/username-camelworks

    • You should really let it be known, that if you pull all that stuff out of the trunk and your mother sees you do it. It still counts as you stealing everything in that chest and you will be arrested and subsequently be killed in jail

    • Based on the patches what methods still work ?

    • @HeavenNite / lucky guy ;)

    • Camelworks my dude do you still have the video before the patches?!?! I just got the game and have no WiFi to update it so I still have the old version

    • @Lyrcaxis why so fuckin salty?

  • Opposing Army turns up to sack and pillage. Leaves an hour later after donating their entire stores and a big wtf happened to those poor people. Edited to say thanks for a great guide, i've just got the game today and whilst i'm not going to go ape and rob everyone i will try to level up herbing and will choke out a few villagers. If there's a way to level up sword/archery to be OP before fighting then that would be amazing

  • Best start - you defeat attacking army and loot their bodies.

  • Why do this? Yes you can make alot of gold this way, but why?! If you've never played through kcd....don't do this! It's ruin the early game. This just feels cheap and childish.

  • This is a TON of work for a game that likes to freeze up randomly with limited saves

  • Hahhhhhh.....all i can do is watch cant even afford a decent phone nor can i buy a decent PC

  • Missed 1 nettle

  • I have the day one physical copy. If I disable the internet connection so that it can’t update I should technically be able to exploit the glitch where I get St. George’s gear early on correct? Well I did this but the gear isn’t there. Thoughts? Thanks, guys! Subscribed btw!

  • I guess you used some mods to do this. Cuz at some points, you are wearking like 1000+ slots from 198 carrying slots.(weight slots I mean)

  • The only part of this that still works is the herb picking. Just spent hours trying this out. Good trolling.

  • Amazing and fun to watch :)

  • This video came out a year ago, is this still a viable guide?

    • No you can't mount horses when you're over your weight now

  • One stab Henry

  • Look guys just play the fucking game and you will have full armor and money in no time

  • Damn time to restart my game lol

  • You can kill all the sheep in the village with a bow to level you’re archery and gust wait for them to resawn takes around 5 minutes and gust do it again

  • To raise your reputation in the trading hub, before ypu start mass selling ypur stuff. sell a thing or two and then haggle. And give a little bit more than they expectes and they will be super happy. Boom your reputation grows each time, and no missions are needed to raise reputation.

  • im surely u mostly rich with sir Hanush in Ratta :))... holy fack started game :))... im started in blacksmirt boy, and 30minute after, i can go SIR :))... Money Money Money... well...

  • So... Where does one sell 150k in stuff? Most merchants I've seen so far max at 100g. Could take longer than selling items on Facebook market place.

  • might as well just cheat the money if you wanna fuck the system

  • Trying this on hardcore. Wish me luck!

  • Is this all still posible?

  • omg this guide is awesome

  • someone might have already mentioned this but after you sneak out of Talmberg, there's a tavern nearby that you can rent for 200 groschens for the storage trunk

  • Imagine passing through a village in real life and everyone has been choked out and stripped of their clothes lol.

  • shit bastard. choking every villager? WTF ???!

  • Damn good skill work at 10 00 plus.

  • does this still apply? seems like no

  • "choke that sucker out!" I can not stop laughing every time you say that !

  • Cuman's: We came to RAID Henry: a) I've been expecting you b) Too slow

  • if this does not give me 150000 coin in the beginning i will dislike

  • Fuck that honor am I right? xD Btw, the game is long enough already so if I make another playthrough Illskip the choking spree and selling everything off. Killing the Cumans (between the first and the horses) makes up for it more than enough economically ;) The game is long with as many opportunities to earn big money you'll never need. Otherwise there's always Cheat Engine for that :P This is over the top bro, extremely unecessarily tedious. Like one might get sick of the game before it's barely started.

  • Leg Day is an amazing perk. Makes early combat easier when you have useful levels of strength.

  • Just saying guys, this doesent really work anymore. Especially dont leave anything in the chest to get it later. The chest will not work after the prologue.

  • I managed too kill them all and put the best things in my horse however I can't find my horse?

  • There’s sadly a glitch, when you save before knocking out guards. So if you fail to knock out a guard and go to reload, once it’s reloaded you are still a criminal.

  • 31:49 please tell me you misspronounced this in purpose. God it's still triggering the fuc out of me.

  • This is definitely not for me

  • I was wrestle with less armored quarts and raised up my stats to 12+ and then killed all cumans in Run quest. If u want to kill ALL cumans that chase u should take spear and things going izzy

    • Сергей Пофигистов did u manage to find the horse after you did this? I can't find mine

  • Nice guide, but you left your horse in Talmberg. There is no need to walk painfully slow out of the town, ride!

  • The biggest advantage to mounted combat is how much it boosts damage especially if you are galloping because then you have 1200 pounds behind a 35 mile an hour sword that just goes right through a cuman shoulder

  • I feel bad for the cumans they won’t have anything left to steal

  • One punch man: I’m the strongest this will end in one hit Henry: I feel quite hungry

  • 1 year on and only half s this shit works, you literally can’t defeat the cumuns now

    • Dex Francolini yeah I’m going to make an updated version on my channel

  • Marty McFly + Whitey Bulger = Henry of Skallitz

  • I have found that you can increase the amount of gold that a vendor has by "selling" more stuff than he can afford. The easiest way that i have found to do this is with the hunter in talmberg because he is next to the forrest. Hunt animals, cook meat, sell it all regardless of how much he can afford, come back in a couple of days. On my first game he had 7k after a while.

  • Another awesome video by camelworks!

  • If you're getting this game long after premiere, don't do things like that. Don't even loot opponents you killed=bandits and kumans. There is so many interesting things to do in this game, that making this in the beginning just ruins the immersion. I strive to leave Skalitz with 200 gold from herbalism(you can sell your parents food too as it's quite "fair") and pretty emptyhanded with only a set of small repairing kits, so I run from qumans faster. And by doing them others interesting things you're getting loads of money. If you struggle for gear in the beginning, then start buying treassure maps from everyone and look for treassures on your own. It's so fun and lets you explore the map, find many "interesting spots" (called like that), "accidents", "graves" where stuff is hidden, you find hunting spots in woods that are very usefull for many hunting side missions which are very profitable and increase skills. This technique in the video is a choir and you hate the game when you do this.

  • Sadly none of this works anymore. No matter how sneaky you are eventually you automatically get the icon showing you committed a crime showing up on your screen and then inevitably the guards catch you and when you die even if you reload a previous save you come back with a crime icon...

    • Jacob Scott that happens to me too

  • You can sell stolen stuff just not for full price so haggle and take less for the stuff you stole

  • This guy turned the game into 'Henry Scum: Apocalypse'

  • “This game is brutally immersive, really adheres to reality....kill EVERYONE and steal EVERYTHING!!!” Kingdom Come: Kleptomania Honestly, is this much assault and theft necessary to enjoy the game? “Choke the entire town, and loot EVERYTHING!”

    • There's an observation on player's psychology to be made here, probably. Is it making a fantasy true? Is it playing with how much the given world can be exploited? (Testing the limits, like children do) Is the excessive looting stemming from wanting to get your money's worth?

  • Wait are we gonna choke out our own mom?

  • This makes me want to restart the game

  • The ultimate best way to disregard the point of the game entirely and follow a illusion of joy which ultimatly only takes joy from an experiece which you have payed 50 euros for. If you happen to see this way before having played thru the game i woud highly advise from NOT doing what he is displaying here.

  • What an amazing video. The tapestry that went making this happen bravo sir .

  • Just got the game, this is closest thing to a new game plus, and I salute your tenacity

  • Does anyone know if this still works or has it been patched?

  • I guess you can "cheat" in KCD.

  • why all people play this game have british accent? WTF its because in UK this game was so popular or something?