UFC 241 (Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis): Reaction and Results

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
Here are my immediate reacts and results to the solid card headlined by Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic 2 and Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis.
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  • You sound like a nerd son!

  • I think Diaz looked great, his punches can look weak & slow to new people, but that's his style & boy, they are not weak

  • I would never trust a weasel but this guy can work for me il sponsor him but he gotta stay really far away

  • You say Ngannou has fought everyone, but he has not fought DC. I'd like to see that fight. Then the winner gets to fight Stipe. Right after DC lost to Stipe, the first thing I thought is that he and Ngannou should fight in order to challenge the title. If Stipe had lost, I'd say the same goes for Stipe, but that's not what happened.

  • Your right, greatest heavyweight

  • You're a fucking weasel.. quit the bullshit

  • I almost think Diaz does that sloppy style at times to get the other guy to get reckless and start a war

  • DC was cheating like CRAZY

  • Miocic & Emilianenko are both Slavs (Croatian & Russian genes).

  • Yoo weasel. It was actually stipe’s corner who kept telling that stipe needed to throw body punches. So stipe’s fight iq is actually very low. If it wasn’t for his corner, it would’ve been an easy fight for him.

  • you are the only person that iv seen that noticed what i noticed! the changing of his game as the fight went on! his fight IQ won some points with this win.

  • Does nobody remember Conor saying that Diaz checked his leg-kick and it fucking hurt so he stopped throwing em?

  • DC looked extra heavy coming into the fight even though he came in lighter.

  • 1. Dan got too cocky... - glad that he fell. 2. Nate is a humble cat...- glad that he won.

  • I don't understand why this makes Stipe the best heavyweight of all time. He is now 1-1 with someone who also is in that contendership. Francis Ngannou needs to chill until DC-Stipe 3 happens. then we can definitively say that stipe is the best.

  • TheWeasle - the (mis)title of ur post does not include/allude to the Cormier v. Miocic match....

  • See even doe i didn't like ur last video about Conor . i kno everyone is entitled to their opinion but i still watch ur vids ... Damn i was rooting for DC he should of gone to wrestling maybe would have got the decision...

  • Why the 1k dislikes

  • Hi Weasel! It is my opinion Romero won his last two fights. By points and by spirit. So my question is...do you think he's a case of corporate ageism? That they'll push the young fighters because Yoel's fan base is solidified and can afford to take a hit or two on his resume?

  • RDA would smush Pettis. Pettis can’t handle pressure fighters. He handpicked Wonderboy because he knows Wonderboy gives you space. He probably thought Nate would stand a box too.

  • Cormier isn’t fighting JDS or some other random HW. It’s gotta be the Stipe trilogy, the Jones trilogy, or some other megafight I’m not thinking about right now. Or retirement. I also don’t think we can definitely put Stipe over Fedor. I think that’s recency bias talking.

  • sucks

  • Seems Stipe had no defense he needs to train with the Diaz Brothers.. I like way Nate Diaz quards his head

  • Wtf you talking about Diaz was out for 3 years and comes back and beats a top fighter. You speak out of your *$$

  • Cormier didn't do any eye pokes. That's why he lost.

  • 11:06 Correct me if I'm wrong but takedowns don't score you any points in the new rule set. Only what you DO with said takedown. I belive Costa edged it, yoel won the 3rd

  • YOU Suck at picking fights you should be the next K Flo

  • So you are saying fedor didnt face good heavyweights? No competition? Get real bud.

  • These fucking cubans are made out missile fuel! Yoel grew up eating missile fuel and nails for breakfast!

  • I liked that dance move Pettis did during the fight

  • Costa was not gonna be woken up from a ko by Romeos wet kisses !! Il uuu juuuuu xD

  • i miss Tj

  • Yoel fought with such low fight IQ it was crazy to watch, could’ve taken Costa down at will chose to get backed up and stick his tongue out

  • Stipe vs DC 3

  • I DO NOT KNOW about this fight, The winner it's some one who hit older man around 60 YO Or to hit a person with physical disability, MAMAMAMAMA TAP-MACHINE The IRISH are scared of police who protect Conor, Cause conor is the real IRISH, all the rest of IRISH are fake.

  • Jorge vs Nate is gonna be YUUUGE! Then deport the loser.

  • 2nd round was clear Costa. One takedown in the last second doesnt't give you the round

  • They gotta run it back to see who the goat is. Jones would whoop em both as much as I hate to say it. I want to see Cain and Stipe too but I think he's done after getting clobbered by Ngannou.

  • Did he say stellar drug testing? Lol

  • Will u stfu

  • 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😭😭😭😭

  • I don't understand how people are scoring it for Romero? None of the takedowns really matter because he didn't do anything with them and didn't control Costa people just have a bias towards Yoel

  • Hmm I see Nate has been watching some of Tony Ferguson's fights to see how he throws the teep kick to the gut, followed by a punch or two. Old dog learning new tricks, apparently.

  • DC looked a little over confident to me, just looked like he didn’t respect Stipe.

  • Love your videos my man! And you were on point regarding Diaz vs Pettis BJJ skills. Diaz cut through Pettis like a hot knife through butter. So glad we got to see their skills on the ground as well as stand up! Anyway, looking forward to your future videos. Peace!

  • I really think that the wrestling exchanges on round 3, when Stipe rested on DC and applied shoulder pressure leading into a short takedown, stipe drained DC significantly. Both of them looked gassed after that exchange and DC never got to recover.

  • [13:54] That headkick screengrab is downright vicious, Weasle! And thanks again for another exceptional breakdown. Much appreciated, bud. Your content just continues to get better by the day.

  • I'm tired, get out !

  • Costa future champ

  • No question it would be a main even and you underestimate the $$ that fight brings.

  • More like a pink belt . Lmao

  • Here is an idea: Stipe vs DC 3 Jones vs Ngannou.

  • i am so glad diaz beat the shit out of this backstabbing rat. pettis talks shit about his team mates like he did to askren. such a piece of shit deserves an ass wooping.

  • Yoel can’t rope a dope in a 3 round fight not a good tactic in a short fight... Nate definitely looked sloppy I think he over thought it being a 3 round fight but I don’t think he lost a round.

  • EXACTLY! I agree about Romero-Costa Romero won IMO ! ad that's a great point about Romero acting hurt when he wasn't haah might have backfired

  • Why all the dislikes

    • @TheWeasle was so confused. This was a nice breakdown on the night of. Good work man

    • People think they can find the fights on IT-tvs

  • Romeo won? He got a last second takedown in the 2nd, but Costa pressured and landed more in the 2nd.

  • Man everything you say is exactly on point...!!!

  • Stipe is a super basic boxer/wrestler that likes to block punches with his face. Jones would run a clinic on him...

  • People underestimated Stipe's boxing and wrestling for this entire past year. This was a feather in my cap because I was Stipe's #1 defender during that time. Nate's clinch work impressed me the most. What a call out though. Nate has some balls on him is all I have to say. There were a few reddit discussions on how Colby v. Nate would go. My brain tells me Nate has the tools to beat Colby. What do you think?