UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge Masvidal talks record fast KO over Ben Askren

Pubblicato il 7 lug 2019
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  • Love this dude no homo

  • I love Jorge Masvidal.

  • Jorge: but my job thank God i could punch my coworker in the face Everyone else: i wish we have that job hahahaha

  • Much better than mcgregor oriented with what the rules and ethics but all about business

  • Ghost busters. Lol

  • Carressing is good. 1 only

  • Hell no 😖

  • You so Mean 😊 not really 🐌 lol. Ha Ha I did 😄 Slow snail not that slow soft touch ❤

  • Crotch ain’t for dudes jaaaaaaaa it was very necessary

  • Thats a badass dude right there straight g

  • super necessary

  • That fat fuckin idiot at 1:35 asking Jorge stupid questions needs to be chin checked

  • No longer with us clavicle 😂😂😂

  • CLASSIC - smartest answers - Best MMA Interview Ever !!

  • If you didn't like him then that is personal your luck about to get cut u gonna fight someone real not till lol or askren hahahahaha or out of shape Nate you about to fight a real Cat!

  • "His face is a magnet to crotches"

  • i want see jorge and colby fighting this two duds was good friends and now are both big rivals,hell what a fight that can be.

  • Super classic interview!!

  • Hey Jorge You a good guy Hope you dominate more and baptize all these disrespectful mfkr

  • One of my favorite interview's from Masvidal.💯🤣🤣🤣👍👍

  • This dude something else I fw him heavy

  • Does anyone have a full translation of the Spanish dialogue from this interview? I'm curious what that reporter asked him and what his response was?

  • LOOOOL what an interview, get fucked Ben

  • they asked him the same question about 7 times jesus

  • These media people are either asking the same questions or asking questions he's already answered

  • Mgm buffet to the face

  • Reminds me of Joakim Noah's press conferences/vibe. Love or hate him - he's a unapologetically 100% real.

  • I love this guy little MAZZY coming up in the game

  • "His face is a magnet for crouches"😂

  • He is definitely in my book he is a goober diber....💯👊💪

  • Who’s here after ben retired. Jorge actually ended Ben.

    • If I had one win where I pretty much lost then I talked mad shit and got laid out in 5 seconds I’d probably quit too.

    • Who could blame ben for being done, mf got knocked out in a scary way lol

  • Dudes talk shiet on the internet but in person they pussys and get beat up

  • Hitting either the Cuban power 🇨🇺!!proud of you baby 305 4 life

  • These interviewers are retarded. They always ask a question that he just answered in his previous answer.

  • I fucken like this guy!!! Awesome...masdival fuck that reporter, you a gansta!

  • “I thought he was gunna get up 😼”

  • MGM Buffet to the face meing!

  • Super Necessary.....

  • Love this dude!!!!

  • His talk is just Real 100%...The Notorious one's r just fake like all the Baywatch t..s-When Jorge talks it's just language from thr streets,Conor's talks shit from a dude 20yards behind which wrote him all down to the paper...Jorge is pure violence...Would like to see him against Instagram Colby...😂😂😂