UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos Recap

Pubblicato il 8 lug 2019
See the highlights from UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos recap after Jones defended his championship belt for the second time since regaining it at the end of 2018.
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  • jon jones is the best mma fighter. whos agree?

  • Olá

  • I know that Thiago would have one. You have to think He was fighting the best of the best with one leg and still gave Jon Hell.

  • Power is not everything strategy and technique is also needed..

  • Jones vs Miocic

  • Jhon jones vs israel adesanya

  • Its dumb on the trainers to ever have their guys injured before a fight. If you cant keep your fighters healthy then your not doing your job. Work smarter not harder.

  • he literally tried to injure the guy.

  • Honestly I had Santos winning which is just insane considering he was on one leg the entire fight against one of the greatest fighters of all time

  • El bicho ai normal to riqo puerti riqio💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • jon jones forever legend

  • You lose all respect when you cheat

  • Waste of time. This wasn't a breakdown. It was a commercial after the fight. You learn nothing.

  • honestly i still believe santos won this fight but he did not. i think if santos knee was fine then he most likely to win and fucked up jones

  • Is Thiago got his injuries before this fight or during their fight?

  • who's NEXT, for bones? stipe or ngannou?

  • samtos IS a Knockout machine. if he gets a good shot at you, youre going to sleep, without a doubt. shout out to bones, for being able to evade those HAMMERS!

  • From a GOAT like Bones I do not expect just to win but to fucking destroy his opponents, something which he does not do... Come on, when was his last KO??? And I do not mean ref stoppage... This guy does not go there to kill, he just want to maintain his record...

  • He’s too advanced for Adesanya

  • What a shitty video edit

  • For the 3rd opponent in a row Jon's destroys their knee

  • Jones vs cain

  • Santos winned that fight!

  • jones is not one dimensional fighter he has everything,adesanya on the other hand is good stand up fighter,jones will destroy adesanya!

    • @Jordan K. jones defense is light years and galaxies ahead

    • @Jordan K. will see

    • In terms of striking, the nigerian is on another level. Btw Jones lacks something - it's called boxind and he also lacks KO power.

  • JON JONES IS TOOO ExPLOSIVE LOLOL Good for him i guess hehe

  • John Jones is the PED goat just like an old game rooster at the chicken fight that has had a little bit of that juicy liquid steroids put down it's beak

  • He lost. How could he ask for a rematch or even think he won. People who scored santos as winner. Just hate on Jones

    • Thats casual hate) Santos did nothing and lost

  • My line phone very stupid bad slow

  • Stamina jone jones very powerfull 👍

  • Jone jones strong men very agresif and fast..👍

  • To bad he's an asshole who has been getting away with shit that would put MMA fans in jail. 15 x's worse acts than Nick Diaz. I have never paid to see any UFC fight card with his name on it. I get tired of his continual eye pokes, and his opponents possible careers being ended with what should be the illegal oblique kicks. Hit, and run with a pregnant women in the other car he was on ice for 1 year. Drug problems, and testosterone concerns.

  • Don't need to hear you commentating over the video

  • I would say without a doubt Jon Jones is 100% undefeated, i don´t care if he got diss qualified, he still won big time.

    • I don't like decisions

    • @Jordan K. So whats the nagging about missin the K.O´s? You just said what i tried to explain all theough the message.

    • @Cheadder Puto Well he is a top talent and he's a champ for a reason, but it's his style...

    • @Jordan K. Ahh you dont like that. Thoight that was the issue, not the fact he is the most gifted. Guess i was right. Find him an opponent that got a chance, untill then he is the best.☺

  • I used this same background music for a tour of a real estate property video I don't think it fits here as well hahaha

  • Fuckin snake robbing clips wasting our time terrible . Disliked fuckin hated it an the funny thing is I've watched it typing this now I'm the arsehole . That's how they get ya sneaky twats

  • Santo's knee injury was VERY severe. Lots of surgery and a good chance it will hinder him from now on. Fucking amazing competitor to stay in the fight and try to keep winning despite being in pain the whole time.

  • This was a joke of a fight and Jones knew it. Respect to Santos but he knew once the round began, Jon is on another level.

  • 3:05 to 3:15 - What? Who was what? These are some unclear, unfinished sentences... The wording is misleading

  • Hai cao thu gặp nhau