UA:LA Part 1 -- My Hero Academia (Mini-Mini-Series)

Pubblicato il 21 giu 2019
UA:LA -- A Mini-Mini-Series
The famous Tokyo based superhero academy "UA" has opened up a branch in Los Angeles, California. We follow a student who's decided to step up and do the right thing.
**These are all original characters based in the My Hero Academia Universe**
Shot, Edited, VFX & Action Directed By Christopher C. Cowan
Featuring Gui DaSilva
Featuring Nathan People
Special Thanks to Kellina Rutherford!
Music Featured:
Hero A by Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia OST)
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**On a personal note:
It's been 4 years since I last shot something for myself... I'll make sure to never wait that long again. The industry can really drain the life out of you at times but it feels REALLY good to remind myself how much I love action filmmaking.
Excited to further put to use how much more I've learned since last uploading.
#PlusUltra 💪🏾


  • Who is comin back here after the first episode of season 4 ?

  • when is part 3 coming ?

  • that's more like Minato throwing his kunai and performing the flying raijin

  • The action is actually really well filmed! Good work!

  • Awesome work!! Hope you can produce more video like this :D

  • Flying Raijin no jutsu

  • phenomenal work!

  • Oh fuck that quirk would be fuckin amazing

  • If they do the live action movie of MHA, I wish it would take place in another country with different characters (making small references and cameos of the main storyline/characters) because if there's anything we learned about Dragon Ball and Death Note, Hollywood would ruin it.

  • This is shot so well!

  • Hahahahaha nice

  • I have watched this atleast 30 times and i still get goosebumps

  • Why do I feel like this literally happened in the show.

    • It kind of happens in the manga at least on a basic level. Deku runs into a criminal on his way to school and kick his ass.

  • Is this really only 3 months old? I thought I saw this a year ago wtf

  • This is lit

  • I was not expecting it to be that damn good🔥

  • 개성 :특정 물체를 이용한 순간이동

  • Flames

  • Deku no es negro

  • Quirk:sasuke rinnegan Hero Name:sasuke rinnegan

  • Awesome Video!

  • Yo i fricking love this💖

  • this is beyond amazing

  • That is freaking amazing owo!!!

  • The backpack flash of UA High School.

  • Me: expects a comedy skit. Video: Are you sure about that

  • Whose here after Corridor Digital?

  • A todas las personas que critican el vídeo diciendo que los que aparecen no se parecen en nada a los originales: 1.-El título dice: "UA:LA Part 1" es decir, lo que pasaría si UA abriera una NUEVA escuela en Los Angeles, California (LA). 2.-En ningún momento se afirma que va a ser canon, así que no influye en nada a la serie original, no hay motivo para criticarlo por "arruinar una serie". 3.-Por lo anterior, pocos aprecian el arte y esfuerzo que pusieron para ofrecernos una buena secuencia de batalla, y buena calidad de vídeo. 4.-Se ve que son NUEVOS personajes, con personalidades y poderes diferentes, decir que sus poderes no son buenos, no es correcto. Ni siquiera Izuku tuvo tanta destreza al principio, y es porque ambos son ESTUDIANTES aún tienen mucho que aprender en su camino a ser héroes. 5.-Se ve la creatividad que le colocaron para los vestuarios y el poder del que parece ser el "prota" de esta Mini-mini serie. Algo que hace referencia al estilo original del mangaka. (Sabemos que todos los poderes de BNHA no destacan por ser los "más poderosos" sino por la creatividad y variedad de ellos, sin mencionar que cada don que existe viene con un cierto límite imposible de romper, pero si de moldear. (Con mucho entrenamiento, como es debido) Así que si hablas o entiendes español, por favor lee los puntos que presento arriba, y no critiques algo tan rápido otra vez :D


  • that was epic

  • Wow!!!

  • So Minato

  • LOOOL my man throws a backpack 6 times😂😂😂

  • i watched it 3 times in a row.... thats amazing what you've done there O.o

  • This is so dope

  • Damn it's so detailed and beautifully crafted I'm loving it

  • In my head, they were screaming Japanese at each other the whole time.

  • GOD DAMN Them edits bruh this is some Hollywood shit

  • Hero Name : Backtrack!

  • The guy with the book bag has a cool quirk

  • Is there a tutorial for these affects?

  • song in the beginnig plz

  • เจ๋ง

  • When you fight for a living but go to school in the morning

  • Quirk: Objewarp(allows him to warp with an object he throws)

  • Warp-pack Man

  • Can i get the link to this background theme..i really love it

  • thats a super creative quirq

  • Naruto dad ie Minato can do the same

  • Flying ruyjin 2 copy 😂😂😂

  • I wanted to contact with you guy. How can i do that.

  • Hi guy this video is so nice. I have share this video to my friends.

  • DAYUM This is so dope I'm literally screaming

  • That's how live action made

  • 🔥holy heck this is so well done.👏👏👏 i love it🔥

  • I would watch this movie

  • Feels like Namikaze Minato's Flying Raijin Jutsu☺

    • Robert L’anti-pd but sasuke’s only allows him to change places with objects , so I feel like it is more like minatos as well

    • Noooo its not teleportation its item teleportation like sasukeee

  • So Almight give his power to black panther? I can accept that 👌🏻😉

  • Where can I get that keychain @1:37 👀

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