Types of Students

Pubblicato il 15 dic 2016
It is exam time, so that means you have suffered an entire semester of school already. While in school you may have been faced with different types of students in your class! Whether it is in university or high school, some of the types of students you have in your class can get either really annoying or really weird. So while you get ready to study for your exams, see if you can relate to this video of the different types of students in your class and tell us which type of student you are and see if you can spot any type of students in this video that you had in your class! Enjoy Types of Students!
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  • Which student are you by the last digit of your like?: 1)Late one 2)Relation ship 3)cheerleader 4)A student 5)F student 6)jock 7)smelly one 8)Best friend 9)bully 0)teachers pet

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