Pubblicato il 10 feb 2019
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  • Funny how family friendly you became

  • I'm 4

  • 0:41 i’ve never heard MARKO cuss before


  • Omg he used to curse SO much

  • 1one is my friend when he wears his yeezys

  • Never thought you said bad words... Shame in you

  • Qias Omar????

  • Wats the song in 2:47

  • I love how he ended the video

  • Bruh I forgot Marko did skits lmfao

  • There was no battery’s in the controller

  • I’m the first one but not that dramatic lmao

  • I have never heard him cussing

  • Me: Watching this video casually- Marko at 0:25 Me: Wth? Did I heard that right?(rewinds)

  • I’m the one who has to wear their shoes even if it’s raining I have to😂😂😂


  • Number one was like blues clues

  • I’m the first one

  • Watch the language plz

  • this is the first time i heard mark curse

  • I’m so happy you don’t swear any more

  • Woah 4:02 look at the hat it lands perfectly on the bar

    • Farah Ahmedy not really

  • i just heard marko cuss for the first time

  • u lokey copied @qiasomar

  • I may or may not be the kid that wears running shoes. I mean they comfy. Ok? Ultra boost is mad comfy, dog.

  • 1:21 where the batteries at my g

  • I’m watching this after watching all his new vids and I honestly can’t imagine him swearing

  • It was so hard to watch the vans get dirty

  • 1:43 dandruff

  • 2020 anyone just hearing marking cursing for the first time

    • Has anyone heard of someone as illiterate as you

  • Lmao the nerd with shoe game had me deaddd. I see them around all the time and it just looks so wrong. Sorry y’all but if u got a nerdy look, stick to the asics 😂😂😂

  • Bro the guy who has to wear new shoes it literally me, when I have new yeezy and I want to wear them it’s always muddy and raining !

  • 3:58 the dog is prolly like “wtf is happening”😂

  • I’m the person who wears white nike air forces and walks like a penguin so I don’t crease them

  • 1:21 The batteries are not even in the controller😂

  • The controller have no battery’s 😂😂😂😂

  • I am number 5

  • Number three is me

  • 0:26 killed me😂😂

  • Qiasomar has 7 f these

  • This man just sacrificed a new shoe. Rip

  • And then me with one pair thats all fucked up🥺

  • when marko didn't have a little kid fan base...sad btw i love marko

  • Copy of qias

  • 3:13 that painful moment tho

  • Not gonna lie I did that what the guy did for the HAS to wear his new shoes

  • The sauce on the vans makes me cry

  • I used to wear running shoes everyday in school 😂🤘

  • He took the bagged shoes one from qiasomars video “sneaker heads be like 2

  • Never knew you cussed

  • When did he start cussing

  • It was so weird he cursed

  • OMG old marko 😂 use to cuss!

  • I can’t sleep

  • 2:23 what’s that song, I should know it but I forget

  • 0:25😂

  • 0:19 is legit me when I get a pair of trainers I'm on my killing mode if anyone gets close to them lol

  • Do you keep your dog outside?

  • This is so different from what he posts now