TYLER1 VS POKIMANE In League Of Legends (With Chat)

Pubblicato il 11 gen 2018
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  • Who also heard the n-word at 2:45?

  • 28:48 wtf was that yooo

  • That guy told Poki that it was his B-day tomorrow and she didn't even bother wishing him. Just out of good manners.... This is just so sad..

  • it says its in 720p

  • Looking back at these comments y'all really need to relax LOL you don't have to hate everyone that doesn't want to sleep with you it's okay

  • Tyler win

  • The blitz was actually so bad lmao

  • *Pokimane's bitches have invaded the comment section!*

  • The toxicity in this comment section is disgusting.

  • Correction: Tyler1 vs Boosted by role Pokimane's team

  • No one gonna talk about how poki did less damage than blitz?

  • c h a d

  • Pokimane and tyler would make a good match tbh

  • What is this, the I hate pokimane chat. jeez

  • i think i want to violently stab pokimane in her liver

  • Tyler mad poki chose draven

  • Pokimane is an embodiment of cringe.

  • Autism V.S. Cancer

  • In sexiness and thiccnes we already know who wins

  • Where is pokimene

  • I feel like pokimane picking draven, even if it was ironic was a huge mistake because Tyler knows that character so well. He even says that he's not fun to play and constantly comments about nuances of the character pokimane doesn't know. Him knowing draven so well is what helped him farm her so hard. Not to mention poki sucks.


  • Fuck dude that Starboy is such a fucking autist

  • This is back in the day T1 I miss these days

  • I saw a comment "hi dad"

  • 21:26 that’s how u put down a cat

  • Lots of hate comm to poki whats that for? Just curious

  • this is the real Tyler haha... behind of all his autism and rage this dude right here is the man behind all that.. alot of people dislike Tyler because of what they see.. like the memes his rage and autism.. I like Tyler because of this reason.. he really is a sweet guy and it makes him THE BEST STREAMER!


  • he kept saying because she picked draven it actually makes alot of sense to do the jg ganking because draven can 1 shot later in the game if you give him leverage earlier in the game .

  • pokimane is honestly just a thot that pretends to be a nice little innocent girl gamer,still is shit at lol

    • @el_rey2002 cringe kid

    • Yasuo Main345 how is she a thot tho, she’s good at lol u can’t cap and she has improved in fortnite

  • *plays ranked "i was trying to meme with draven" Dumb fucking bitch this is why i hate this game

  • is there a poki view

  • That is the cutest cat ever

  • Now I'm no expert in the field but ... Shouldn't Tyler F'ing Pokemane be on Orrnhub or something.

  • Who's Thiccer? Tyler - Like Pokimane - Comment

    • Tyler obviously, not even a competition.

    • @Wizard Syndicate yo, did you lose your virginity yet?

    • @Machine Gamer that's illegal sir

    • How about both ?

    • What the fuck are you talking about

  • 11:50 someone know the song???

    • @AnthonyMojO92 wrong song stupid

    • RUBI Rodríguez jo Cohen we are

  • I thought he was saying (in bed) 😂

  • 9:31 nice

  • why tyler is so calm in this video????

    • Because you probably just watch IT-tvs clips, this guy doesn't just scream for 4 hours straight lmao

  • i can just hear her high pitched screams of "i didnt mean to guys!" as she instalocks draven

  • In PH Poki means Girl's HOLE if you know what i mean 0.0

  • Look at his kitty at 26:49 :D

  • F

  • No longer a butt virgin, T1 alpha as fuck

  • whats the song ın the background 9:09

  • Not a butt virgin anymore, that's for sure.

  • I hate her

  • What is the remix of swimming pools at the beginning

    • Typical Person castle city by hucci

  • I thought IT-tvs classified people who use misleading girl pics for thumbnails as gay fuck boys? They must of let this retard slip by.

  • But who the fuck cares about a plat e-grill boosted by spineless retards?

  • lol posted ion my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  • watching chat answer with the clutch F9 to save T1 and then congratulate itself was the funniest part of this video

  • 9:40 weird play

  • Autism vs thotness

  • Alpha male vs Boosted e-girl

  • I hope to be good enough one day to be reported by Tyler motherfucking 1

  • Poki twitch thot

  • Poki is a bitch tbh

  • Explain this FEMINIST