Two Loops Model

Pubblicato il 8 dic 2019
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The Two Loops Theory of organizational change is a model of change that tries to describe nonlinear emergent processes of change within complex organizations. It is a model inspired by looking at the growth and decline cycle of living systems.
Margaret Wheatley & Deborah Frieze from The Berkana Institute first pointed to this model in their paper entitled “Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale.” Frieze and Wheatley demonstrated a key dynamic at the heart of every organization transformation, how "as one system culminates and starts to collapse, isolated alternatives slowly begin to arise and give way to the new."


  • peek != peak

  • Hi all. Beautiful explanation. Thank you. Enjoy the ride.

  • That's how we must proceed to transition from this unsustainable capitalist system of ours to a sustainable communist system.