Two deaf teenagers struggle to earn respect and love | Short Film: Midnight Sun | K-Crush

Pubblicato il 28 set 2019
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About ‘Midnight Sun’ (미브나잇 썬):
Two hearing impaired high school students struggle to find love and respect in this poignant drama.
Seo Ye-rin
Kim Do-jin
Ryu Jun-yeol
Directed By:
Cho Yong-Won 조용원

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  • Tittle?? I Can't find the movie _-

  • The reality of this

  • That's not fair that he took the blame for everything. I'm also glad that he kept standing up for himself

  • my mom kinda lived that... my parents are deafs, my dad can't work (his shoulders and his knees are destroyed) my mom worked for +20 years as a cleaning lady (but cheap version) in a school. she's been so much dragged down because she's deaf. and the other women that had to clean the school were having fun and talking (gossips) so my mom did all the work then she was fed up bc literally no one helped her, she left this work and now she's struggling to find another job bc south of france doesn't want a deaf being. it sucks


  • This short movie hit me so hard

  • )(العرب هنا )(

  • This is the ugly Truth. People see and treat disable person differently . Many people treat them well but still some just take advantage or bully them . What if that person was you , or your family or your love ones. Be kind , try to be in their shoes . If you are not gonna Help them , at least give respect.

  • Anyone who can explain the ending to me?;(

  • 영화 분위기가 조커같다

  • This is funny. A complete bullshit hahaha

  • I like this I just subscribed

  • I don't know but to me deaf people are the cutest I'm fascinated about the way they communicate through a sign langguage and speak with an odd tone or pronouncation they're just really adorable❤

  • Damn feel sorry for deaf kids really :(

  • I cried when he hit himself. That's the only thing he can do to help himself. His manager knew the truth but didn't say sorry to him. He had worked hardest and didn't make any mistakes but he didn't recieve any respect. What a cruel world

  • Wait what happened at the end i dont get it

  • That broke my heart❤️❤️🌈🌈💯💯🇦🇪🇦🇪😭😭😭😭

  • 8:00 RYU JUN YEOL??????????

    • Omg I was about to say. They both hella look alike 😂😂 more like a twin

  • 류준열이야?ㅋㅋ

  • Being hearing impaired is not a disability, it just means you cannot hear like most people. People with hearing loss need to stop being treated as though are disabled, or stupid, or whatever. First and foremost, we are all human beings and need to be treated with kindness, and respect.

    • i agree with you im hard hearing aswell

    • When you cannot do what most people can because of physical limitations its called a disability. Yes i agree 200% that you shouldn't be discriminated because you cannot hear/see/walk/talk like most people but denying disability because it's "dsicriminating" is like denying that you are born black because the fact that black people receive a lot of discrimination.

  • More pleeeeease

  • I kinda know the feeling when you can't hear anything. and when she said "I wish all in the world can't hear" me: then it is gonna be a really quiet world

  • OMG!! When was this movie? Ryu Jun Yeol looks really young here.

  • I wish it was a long movie but it is just a short film But I was so good

  • He is so cuteee

  • He's not disabled he's not deaf he can talk he can hear he's talking before i heard his voice. See? Same as the girl thou

    • @아멜리에 레이소니아 It's not uncommon for some deaf people to be able to speak. It just shows that they've been through a lot of speech therapy. He's also meant to be reading lips. It's not as easy as the movie makes it out to be, but it's not impossible.

    • @Zoe Tran I'd say so...

    • Souper Army it’s a lot hard than you think.

    • Deaf people can talk and read lips but it's difficult

  • D+👌👍

  • Are they sibling

  • love this. good movie

  • They are not disable they are normal like others beside they are doing something special we r not doing that example is scientist Stephen hawking ☺

  • Touching story but this is the reality in many parts of the world.

  • so sweet

  • 😭 Beautiful What a beautiful message

  • 😱😱😱

  • This is the problem with big companies hiring people who are differently abled. They show them off as trophies for people to see that they care while treating them as second-class staff. They also have a habit of making them scapegoats. This isn't okay!!!

  • Çok anlamlı 🇹🇷👍

  • Wow