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  • 8:19 me driving! Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Even a girl

  • Grey’s after he said brushing

  • The treadmill part killed me 😂

  • Since when is Gray left handed

  • Enchanting? Entrancing? Incomparable?

  • This was amazing😂😂😂😂😻 do moreee of this pleaseeee

  • ethan: "ew you just farted in my face!" Grayson: "ethan we're riding past garbage cans!"

  • It’s funny how I thought huh “but would they share the same toilet paper sheet?” and they address it within the first two minutes of the video. I swear....🤣🤣🤣

  • “The power is in the back of”.....WHAT?!?!? WHAT ARE YOU BEHIND?!?😏😏😏

  • If not sorry to offend you

  • Dose Grayson like James Charles???

  • 💩😹👅

  • Gray: TOOTHBRUSHING. at this moment Johnny new he freaked up.

  • Ethan: I not gonna blame him 1 sec later: blames him Love you guys ❤

  • They argue over everything

  • Any one else notice the duck tape body thing from like 3 years ago

  • 8:16 I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂😂😂

  • 8:30 "I'm just sitting here with my hands in my ass"

  • Y’all should do another video with y’all getting a tattoo

  • Why is nobody talking about the editing everytime a plane flew by, that had me in tears 😂😂😂

  • it's sad to know they were not happy here 😩😭💔 I love them hopefully there happy❤️❤️😭🤧💕

  • I have a twin too we dont share good at all.

  • Y’all act like y’all not twin brother and share the same saliva and blood anyways hell y’all shared your mothers womb for nine months togetherness what do you think Floated into you mouth in there

  • Im i-🥵

  • Grayson is litterly a dog and Ethan is the owner

  • You made my day❤️

  • Ethan: I'm not gonna put the blame on him but that's completely his fault he just flew it into a mountain! 22:10

  • i stopped the video at 2:15 and said their not going to make it🐶🐶

  • That treadmill scene had me dead 💀

  • hot back wash - ethan dolan 2019

  • “I’m just sitting here with my hands in my ass” - Ethan Dolan 8:30

  • Watching the intro and knowing what's bts makes me like I dunno... Kinda sad boi hour yeno

  • Gray:Why does my thumb pit hurt every time Ethan:Cause your a f*cking bitch Me:😂

  • hahahahahaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG you guys are so funny you guys are the best youtubers i the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • after watching their video with Shane and knowing how unhappy they were filming this makes me so sad🥺

  • You can just tell how much they aren’t liking filming this video 😢

  • Watching this, knowing that they're faking, is hard.

  • Hii

  • 0:24 haha look at his face

  • i died at 7:11

  • Y’all 13:53 omg

  • Grayson is hot= fax

  • JAJAJAJA 13:50

  • Ethan talking Grason oh look I see my foot Ethan are you even listening to me

  • how did they get to the mountain share the drivers seat?????

  • That smoothie is making me hungry

  • I definitely feel like Grayson is the more aggressive twin 😂 lol

  • When ethan fell off the treadmill 14:02 😬😂

  • Love that drone part😂❤️

  • Ethan: I hate bodily fluids ... every girl just died because Ethan crushed their hopes and dreams 😂

  • You are guys so stupid, I love it 🥰

  • I don’t think they understand what sharing actually is lmao .

  • You guys are so dramatic but your still the best IT-tvs's in the world

  • Ethan’s ocd was triggered when he had to brush his teeth 😂😂

  • They spent like 5 frickin minutes just fighting over a toothbrush 😂 typical

  • *Ethan gives me mingyu vibe for some odd reason!*

  • The amount of times they said “share” 👇

  • Grayson: everybody in the parking lot is looking at us Ethan:ya sitting next to our 2 person bike sharing a smoothie Me: maybe its because you are the DOLAN TWINS

  • The video is funny but u guys didn’t commit to it I mean u guys oredy share DNA any way