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  • Gets you used a different drone

  • Ethans too dramatic

  • 5:53

  • Greyson is the hot 1, 😝 Ethan is the fkd up, fun one one (like me) ... I’lljust take both🤭😂🎉

  • HHahahahaaa, the fkn. Bike , bro....!! stop it..... “the power’s in the back. Get your hands off my ass “ 🥳😂

  • Eles são doidos kkkkk meu deus do céu

  • The treadmill got me 👇😅😂😂

  • If you put water on it first that’s still technically sharing it the toothbrush and when you said brush you should’ve said hair teeth

  • Ethan: "Aw a scrape. We have to share scrapes now." Grayson: "No we don't." Ethan: "your turn"

  • 8:20-8:36 tho..... They r try bros

  • My family always share a smoothie because ww can never affort more then 1 my parents income in very low (they make 1200+) together

  • I have to share my room with my bro and he stinks

  • Good night or morning God bless all y’all in ur fams in friends jesus in god loves y’all you are worth something don’t forget that😊🙏❤️

  • oh E&Gray.. u guys are so f*cking cool!! .I laughed so hard. Love you , thanks for giving happy mood. (with

  • You killed the toothbrush!!!

  • Ethan or Grayson(because I can never tell them apart)said "THE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING YOU DO IS BRUSH YOUR TEETH" Me:The first thing you do is wake up ._.

  • grayson your being unfair ethen has got the short straw for everything

  • 22:57

  • 2:16🤣🤣 the face

  • me watching the video truing to focus on what there doing: also me: god they are HOT

  • 0:51

  • Watch Anna and Lucy the identical twins lol they do everything the same

  • I literally laughed this whole video !!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Watch from 13:48 to 14:00

  • I am late but I guys are so lucky to be twins I wish I had one and I wish I was a dude lol this sounds realllly funny

  • Ethan:“I’m not gonna like u know,put the blame on him” Also Ethan :”but that was completely his f****** fault”

  • I can’t even watch any of their old videos anymore without thinking about how much they were stressing theirselves to put out content for us. It’s sad 😔

  • 22:12 "I'm not putting the blame on him but it was all his fault". At that moment I died laughing because it compares to me an my siblings haha😂

  • who else died laughing when he fell off the treadmill right after he said we are pretty good at this LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • but when it comes to the play button they be.....

  • "you are the root to all of our problems, Grayson" 😂


  • I was crying 😂 at 13:44

  • They didn’t wash their dicks ,

  • Omg my heart melted when they were in the shower.

  • The treadmill part had me rolling I stg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OML lol this is great

  • 25:24 of the dolan twins fighting 😂

  • What doing

  • ethan “i think i’ve been the better sharer this whole video” him illiterate complaining the whole video about not wanting to share. 😂 sorry i’m so late i lost my phone for 3 months