Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

Pubblicato il 9 lug 2019
We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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  • Lol the doctor looks like one of Josh Nash's alter egos

  • I love how Ethan tries to hug Grayson once he comes out, but Grayson doesn’t hug him back.😂😂😂

  • *G O O P*

  • Jeez Grayson is hung

  • why does that doctor have horse riding bits on his tiy

  • it was really hard during trimester 3 to tell whos who because their voices sounded exactly the same and they looked the same

  • They’re so innocent. I love these two so much. 💜💜💜

  • Pea-can VS Pe-con

  • Is Grayson dating James Charles

  • The biggest question: Which one of them was unplanned.. [no hate I love you guys]

  • Has anyone noticed that Ethan was writing his notes with his right hand? I thought he was left handed 🤔🤔🤔

  • My baby sisters Hope and Faith are twins too, Hope was born headfirst and Faith was born the same way as Grayson it's called a breach birth

  • 22:43 you could see Grayson boner

  • did you know that when babys was in the womb they also can cry but they cant cry because they have no oxygen.......

  • This is how much Ethan and Grayson said womb👇

  • idk why this is so funny but the echoing of the ball makes it like 10x funnier

  • Ethan's "HELLO WORLD!" had me dead 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ik that doctor was like “wtf r y’all about to do with this information” 😂

  • that doctor is creepy af

  • lol i was born head first and my twin brother was born feet first 2 minutes later. he gave our mom a lot of trouble

  • “Grayson:Wait we freaked up dude” “Ethan:what” “Grayson:we forgot to ask him what babies wear in the womb” “Ethan: babies are NAKED, you freaking idiot” “Gray:oh that is true babies don’t wear clothes”

  • That’s probably why Grayson didn’t come out first because he was claustrophobic and was too scared to come out

  • I think that the person you talked to kinda thought you were stupid😂

  • We were goops

  • 22:41 mmhh

  • Twins seem to argue a lot. Its prolly cuz they are salty that they split

  • “He’s always been a little thicker than me” i died😂

  • 0:22 😍😍😂😍😂😍😍

  • I swear the doctor lost half his brain cells in this video

  • “I wonder if it’s gonna be slimy?” Ethan ~ 2019

  • I swear Grayson toenails were painted when they were inflating the “womb”

  • “..BRO Stop disrespecting mom.. sorry mom.." - DOLAN TWINS 2019 -

  • Ethan and Grayson should do a pregnant for a day challenge

  • The way they say goop is so funny

  • When they were talking about personal space in the beggining it made me think of: "Do you not understand the concept of personal space?" "As your twin, l fell it's my duty to remind you that we gave up the idea of personal space the moment we both decided to be stuck in the same small space for 9 months." "If you're refering to when mom was pregnant l had no say in that."

  • That guy seems scared

  • I have 9 y/o twin daughters. They love sleeping together. So adorable.

  • This doctor is like these guys are stupid AF

  • The doctor looks so weirded out and confused and it’s making me uncomfortable and I don’t know why! 😂

  • Intro: me and my sis every day