Turn your drawing into whiteboard animation with Auto Whiteboard | Tutorial 1 | Step by Step

Pubblicato il 5 ott 2017
Auto Whiteboard turns your own drawing or graphics into professional whiteboard animation easily.
Instead of building a template that provides limited amount of graphics, I created this tool to give you the flexibility and infinite power to create whiteboard videos in your way with your own contents. You can easily install the tool on you computer and use it for different projects. No plugins required. No templates used.
00:00 Introduction
01:06 Installation
02:31 Basic example
05:45 More tricks
Download: videohive.net/item/auto-whiteboard/20608476


  • what about a vector format of an illustration? like a sgv format? can the hand trace without making the mask?

  • Love it. You can guide advance tour.

  • Is there a free software to do this ??

  • Does it support 4K or just 1080 for the composition? Thanks!

  • how much it cost

  • Se tivesse como mudar a cor do pincel ficaria perfeito.

  • is it free?

  • Just a reminder to everyone, official support is NOT provided via IT-tvs comments. If you have a question or need help, message me at 315791599@qq.com

    • Hi Francisco, do you have a videohive account? If so, you may directly leave a comment on my page to ask any questions.

    • emails to 315791599@qq.com are undeliverable. do you have another email?

  • man... this plugin will be perfect of all time if it able to change the *HAND!* preset I want to use my own hand with watch.... ohh godddd... imagine the possibility!!

    • Hi dat boi, a quick update: in version 2.0. You can use your own hand presets now .