Tuner Evolution Philadelphia: Celebrating 10 Years of Quality | HALCYON (4K)

Pubblicato il 26 set 2016
It's been a long road for Tuner Evolution. First starting out with small shows in a small town of York, PA, each year has grown bigger than the last. Tuner Evo first made it's way to the Philadelphia Expo Center in 2013, and since has only upped it's statement in carrying the highest quality builds on the East Coast. Now hosting 3 events along the East Coast, from Philadelphia, North Carolina, and Daytona Beach. Be sure to keep your eyes on the expanded schedule for 2017 ;)
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    • @zuumy on IG if you are interested in more of the camaro!

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    • mostly shot in 4k 24fps with some 1080p 60fps

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  • I'm from Viet Nam and I really love all your video.. ! How do you do this color.. Can you show me what app do you use ?? We can talk via email . :D :D :D Hope you will .. My email : phamduydong97@gmail.com

  • Amazing video!!! I'm in love with this color correction, can somebody tell me how to do it?

    • Thanks mate! They works on After Effects pretty well, but i find em a bit more darker and desaturated than the one used in this video, but still good to see :D

    • i think they also work for vegas. magic bullet looks is quite awesome i sent you an email with 3 presets check them out

    • I work on Sony Vegas and After effects, to make color grading i use Magic Bullet Looks, if you can do it, you would help me a lot!!

    • i have a few that work with premier pro cc i can send them over if you want i paid for these ones but take em for free

    • I will search for it :P