Trying TRADITIONAL Mexican Street food in Mexico! BEST Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork) in Michoacán

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
My first day in Morelia and my friend Carlos is taking me on a traditional Mexican street food tour. We're hitting up at all the best street food stands that locals serve handmade fresh every day. We're also going to eat some of the best-pulled pork Carnitas in Michoacán, Mexico!
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The places I went to:
✧ Carnitas Rey Tacamba "Gonzalez"
Artículo 123 21, Centro, 61650 Tacámbaro de Codallos, Mich., Mexico
✧ Huchepos & Chayotes (Market Tacámbaro)
Articulo 123 (half Avenue), Centro, CP 61650, Tacámbaro de Codallos, Mich
Tacos blandos
Articulo 123 (in front of the market), Centro, CP 61650, Tacámbaro de Codallos, Michoacán.
✧ Carnitas La Botanita
✧ Jugo de Caña (Sugarcane Juice)
Portal General Nicolas de Regules esquina Portal Codallos, Centro, CP 61650, Tacámbaro de Codallos, Michoacán.
✧ Chicken
San Miguelito Steak House
Libramiento Sur, Colonia El Aile, CP 61650, Tacámbaro de Codallos, Michoacán.
✧ Neveria la Pacanda (Ice Cream)
61600, Portal de Hidalgo s/n, Centro, 61600 Pátzcuaro, Mich., Mexico
Plaza Vasco de Quiroga
Colonia Centro, cp 61600, Pátzcuaro Michoacán
✧ Night Market Taco (Quiroga Downtown in the Main Square)
✧ El Rey de las Carnitas
Plaza Principal, Portal de Hidalgo 6, Centro, 58420 Mich., Mexico
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  • My mouth is watering 🤤

  • Thank you for loving and showcasing my home state's awesome food. Love your genuine appreciation for our Mexican food. Arriba Michoacan!!!

  • 🤮💩

  • I get depressed every time I watch these because yesterday I spent $13 on chipotle and he just bought a while feast for $5 and it's probably 100x better than chipotle lol

  • Me being happy he's not racist

  • foreign countries are so different from the us. 1 artificial piece of candy for 3$ when you can go buy a whole meal for two in other countries😔

  • Oh snap chucky chan went to Mexico oh my gooness 😂😂😂💪🏽🇲🇽

  • This brings back beautiful memories of my time in Mexico many years back. Mexico was my first love. Oh I love the freshly made icecream

  • Wow. Finally an asian that is well cultured and not ignorant about real mexican culture. Thank you for showing the real Mexico and everything that makes it great, despite all the negativity from American media


  • Love Mexican food and my people ❤❤❤❤ Viva Mexico !!

  • Unas carnitas con sus reatas tortillas su pitoria por un lado y sus chiles en la madre un delicioso manjar🤤

  • You need to come to Puerto Rico just to eat and go back home 😂

  • May i ask if this carnitas is same taste as filipino lechon???

  • I absolutely LOVE your reactions, make me smile every time! I’m sure they appreciate your positive feedback! 😊

  • What were you carrying. Was it a lunch bag for your leftovers?

  • I think u need to connect with taco bell and put some quotes on the fire sauce packets👍👌

  • Thank you for visiting my country and my beautiful state Michoacan😍❤️

  • Love all these Mexican food videos of yours! Pickled lettuce? You must mean pickled cabbage. 🧐

  • Michoacan is the most beautiful place and so lovely to visit 💖

  • My favorite part was one ate the chayote seed cause I freaking love the seed too, and his reaction made me happy

  • What passes for carnitas here in New York would probably make most Mexicans cry. There was 1 place that made it well but they closed down.

  • at 1:53 "OH MY GOD, BECKY LOOK AT HER BUTT, IS JUST SO BIG, I MEAN GROSS"............perfect timing for that OMG

  • Wow we have almost everything they showed but with different names

  • Right now I have a 10 lb. beef brisket and 12 lbs. of pork cushion thawing and ready for a warm smoke on my back porch. This unusual warm break will precede next week's snow and near zero temperatures. This is just in time for the Super Bowl Weekend (an American Indulgence) to be done before the winds and temperature make outside cooking impracticable. If you are in No. Colorado, come on by for a glorious feast and Super Bowl madness! Burnt Ends delicious candy and pulled pork. Can't beat it.

  • Mexico is a good culinary destination but violence between cartels have ruined everything and people don't want to come for that reason .

  • Truly disappointed in you mikey. 10 percent tip? That's disgustingly low. Especially when you make money off eating there and some of these places feed you for free. To tip 10 percent only on foods that cost a fraction of what it does in America makes me really disappointed in you

    • You were in my top 3 food vloggers but now you barely make the top 10. 10 percent of a 5 dollar meal is 50 cents.

  • I grew up in mexico and this video made me so hungry! You just can't food like that in the US. I really miss the food you could get from street vendors. Some of the best tamales I ever had were from the street vendor who would come around in the evenings. When we heard the steam whistle the vendor had, that meant we were having tamales that night!

  • Hey Mike do you have the recipe for making the sweet tamales and how to spell it? Please let me know. I blog for Google as the Disabled Diner here in WI and would like to let my followers know where they can get it here. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

  • 21:03 When he said "Cabeeza" I had no idea he was trying to say Cabeza. Haha

  • I think if your gonna travel to different countries you need to learn how to say foods properly.

  • AYYYY!!!! The more I watch, the more.... Hit me up to go to TJ and Rosarito! The border towns, where only the best of MX has survived.

  • I recently got angry at “la capital” for not getting with you in Japan. I have to say the same for you. Regarding this MX tour. But it’s all LOVE!!! Some cohesiveness between the two channels I adore, would be nice.

  • "Tacos opened the floodgates" let's go get some carnitas 🤣👌👍👍👍👍

  • we love mukbang video. thank u

  • Try Mexican seafood from Sinaloa (Mazatlán), food from Puebla is delicious, or food from Yucatán. Mexican food is very diverse, extensive and delicious.

  • thats a corn tortilla compa

  • barbaro eres goloso como los mexicanos, saludos desde Tijuana.

  • why does he say "tatilla" instead of "tortilla". Can Chinese people not say the letter R ?

    • MYREALNAME maybe he is but it doesn’t matter it’s just language barrier

  • You should visit Oaxaca Mexico

  • Bro you should come to Bolivia se hace some crazy and good food

  • Last time I went to Michoacán, my uncles cooked a pig from their farm. By far the best carnitas I’ve ever had

  • Did u guys see that bug on the food at 0:27 on the right scaryyyt

  • 3:27. Had my volume low and I heard, Meat from a kids face. 😱😱😱. Had to play it back. 😓😓

  • Lol the chicken in Mexico is always on next level because of the chicken that are raised there. Mexican feed the chicken really good corn

  • And all this time I’m just thinking why didn’t they feed him corundas? It doesn’t get more Michoacán than that!!!

  • i'm triggered.. he took a bite out of both sides of the carnita

  • I really want to see all of Mexico because its really beautiful and I want to see all the native history but its really dangerous right now, I've only been to north Mexico like Nuevo Leon but I hope I get the chance to explore more one day

  • I’m from la Barca Jalisco I live like 15 min from Michoacán, bast carnitas in Mexico. In 3 more days I’m going to Mexico. Gonna spend a month or 2

  • This is the reason why I don't usually watch this channel...not because it's not a great channel, it's more like I get hungry every episode that I see aaaaand I get cravings. Not good for someone living in the backends of the Philippines. =(

  • Why do I always watch these when I’m hungry?!

  • Hello friend. U must come to Turkey and try some real turkish food. I enjoy ur videos. Thanks.

  • “Cabeeza” 😂😂 Man: cabeza

  • Do any of you guys visit Mexico every year

  • So I’m from Morelia and me and my family would go down to Janitzio right there by the lake Patzcuaro in Tzintzuntzan just for the pasta Icecream .best childhood memory. The last time I tried it was 15 years ago and I still remember the flavor like no other. Best Icecream I will ever Have.😊

  • Whenever I go to Michoacán my uncle takes us to Quiroga to eat carnitas so good.

  • I need more info on when and where this contest is ?

  • No se porq me castigo viendo estos vídeos , mientras tengo hambre y cero posibilidad de comer algo parecido 🙈😂😂😂😂

  • 5:28 Lol that lady behind you trying to imitate you

  • I used to love the chicken, we would go to the original spot were they made it la cabaña think was called on outskirts of morelia and to counter any dry parts of chicken you moist it with the super spicy sauce. The best barbacoa tacos I have ever tried was a stand behind the dominos by the main entrance to the city early Am they finished fast.