Trying To Get DOLPHINS Back To Ireland In Minecraft - Part 14

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
Is it possible to get dolphins for my own amusmenet and joy in Minecraft
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  • 12:38, that's a pretty accurate description of how people in the medieval times thought lmao


  • The dolphin did not died it might have escaped or it despawned

  • Padraig

  • Lol 10:24

  • Outro

  • Don't you just love the outright if that's how you spell it.

  • im re watching this and jack you should make an efficiency 5 diamond shovel. best thing ive done in minecraft.

  • There’s a mod in Minecraft we can get coffee and I last more than one sip

  • Jack: My cassle is my greatest achievement don't tell Sam Me:SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM

  • It's funny how Jack started off just trying to figure out the odds and ends of minecraft and is now kidnapping animals and tying them up against their will. Going so far as to kill a mother to steal her cubs, murder a villager and steal his alpacas, stealing a dolphin from the ocean and confining it to a small pool. Trapping a fox in his castle, taking free range sheep and locking them in a pen for wool, repeatedly dying their wool. Luring cows into a pen and using them simply for leather. Jesus Jack PETA is gonna have a hayday with you.

  • Don’t You have to feed the dolphins?? So they live??

  • "It's underneath the freedom flag" *Has kidnapped a polar bear, killed a llama and the owner to kidnap the remaining llama, a fox, and as he says that, puts a leach on a dolphin and literally drags him to an enclosed space to keep forever for his own amusement"

  • You can do roofs with the stairs instead!

  • They’re not dying they’re desponding

  • no one: nothing: the stable: -◾️-

  • Jack you are actually better than me at minecraft like so Sean can see

  • Who's Mike Hassle?

  • you can use stair on the roof of the stable to get it to a point


  • Jack: *building stable roof* aw man, it's not even. Me, whispering: *Stairs, Jack... Staaaairs..*

  • You could use stairs on the roof of your barn and it would create a centered point

  • It kinda was your fault cause they fell cause they couldn't jump the bridge but it's kinda there fault, rest in peace doggies

  • 9:09 drinking potatoes????

  • 32:06 anyone else see that speeding dolphin?

  • That time were jack says to the llama I you keep drinking potatoes 😂😂🤣

  • Brown Alpaca: You killed my dad! Prepare to die! White Alpaca: (Oh my gosh. He's dead. He's gonna take us captive. I guess I live here now.)

  • 32:02 Hey it’s that dolphin.

  • If a captured mob can freely move 20 blocks in any direction without obstructions, it can despawn. The exceptions are tamed and tagged (has a name tag). This is Minecrafts way of mob population control.

  • Me:Jack doesn’t know that he can use stairs to make a roof...😂

  • Sheamus must've warned that Dolphin of this sick Irish madman's abusive relationship with his pets. therefore he bailed the moment Jack looked away.

  • When I saw in the title trying I'm like *sigh* he's not gonna do it

  • 1:11 *Jack:* "that one goes out to sershia and unknown child" *Trader:* "mhm" *Jack:* "you're just trying to be me at this point" *Trader:* "huh?"

  • Ireland IIIIII am coming home

  • he despawned

  • Fence cow + water sheep = council of beetroot MIND BLOWN

  • use stairs back to back on ur roof and u get ur pointy bit

  • Jack:i will name you al. Me :Alphonse Elric

  • "This may be my house, but it's also gonna be your grave." A fuckin raw line if ever there was one.

  • Irish Blackfish!!!

  • Jack: makes pool with high walls so dolphins can't escape. Also Jack: makes water level higher and wonders why dolphins keep escaping.

  • Yes we should keep drinking potato. For Ireland!!!

  • "Video games are making me do a heckin violence"

  • "We have to go up and ring our Irish bell... uuh... hello?" Hello there, would you like to browse my wares.

  • 23:55 Yo, my cousin Patrick is supposed to be by soon. And my cousin Sam!

  • *drink potatoes*

  • Rip padraig

  • Jack: its really nice here and it's going to be better..... Pigman:NOPE!

  • It looks like a face the too open window eyes and the roof is the head and the door is the nose

  • Y don't u just put a carpet on llama I mean AL

  • U never read loading screen tips

  • COOKED fish or chicken to TAME a cat, rather than just capturing one.

  • In today's episode Sean ruin Ireland for every animal

  • it sounds like he says right here at minute 21:13

  • Jack: "You just want to be me at this point." Travelling Merchant: "HEHHHHHH?!"

  • Jack: loses pets Jack: I want more pets

  • 29:22 it's a barn spider!

  • If you asked me to rate MINECRAFT IRELAND I would say....... 9\10. -1 for stable

  • Drinking potatos?

  • He's slowly turning into Felix, I can feel it