Trying the Best DIY Halloween Hacks

Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
Trying the Best DIY Halloween Hacks! Just trying out some do it yourself life hacks! Who else is excited for Halloween? Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment if you'd do this! Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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  • helllooOooo sPOOky friends I have some more halloween vids for y'all

  • in your big fan

  • You you my wallpaper

  • 3:53 the holy mummified lia

  • Have you ever watched Mr. Nightmare? If not please whatch and make a video of you reacting to them

  • *WHO’S THAT POKÉMON?!?!* *ITS..* lia in plastic wrap

  • wham bam.. *yes ma’am*


  • Aye aye Og’s out there?

  • Yesica became hellyesica lol 😂

  • YESICA.😋

  • Hi

  • thats why you put coats of face paint on

  • Yay Jessica

  • Why did you change your IT-tvs name it’s so post to be SSSniferwolf to Little lia I’m so sad 😭😭😭

  • Snipper wolf:oh shut that went down my butt *snipper wolf 2019*

  • So technically Digital scissored Lia's butt-

  • O m g I f ing love sprinkles

  • Lea: hey give me my hand back! I need it to finish you!! Pumken :No yo hand yum yum he he he }:-)}

  • The pumpkin will last i know because i did it one year for halloween

  • Love diy

  • sincemwhen were pumpkins nawt vegan lol

  • Love these Halloween hacks 👻👺🎃

  • "this is the hardest part of pumpkin carving" CARVING the pumpkin? hahaha

  • yessica is the best and i love the ice cream look

  • Bigger the pumpkin it has less stuff in it

  • The scariest part was when the screen went back and I saw my face

  • 0:04 Why Fid She Sound Southern For a Second LoL 😂

  • I love ice cream girl/unicorn ice cream girl

  • I’m sorry but I got so mad when you said “only ogs remember Yessica” NO you started doing “Yessica” at like 7 million. I STARTED WATCHING YOU AT ONE MILLION! AND I DONT EVEN CONSIDER MYSELF AN OG! I haven’t watched you since you started with the wigs because you changed. I don’t like it at all. It’s like fame got to you.

  • Hello lia I can make you a intro if you want

  • yessica we missed u

  • The jay walk

  • How did she keep changing places like for the ice cream one she is at the old room??!!???

  • Who's the woman ??????!?!!???

  • litle lia is ssniperwolf

  • yay Yessica is back :D

  • She posted in my birthday omg!

  • Robby and lia sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  • No one: Literally nobody: Lia : LEND ME YOUR BALLS

  • I can't be the only one who thinks Barney is creepy? Bcuz I screamed when he popped up...

  • Any Mha Fans See her version of the ice cream one and think of dabi and his scars XD

  • omg yasss yessica

  • 0:08

  • 0:8

  • omg YESICA

  • Yass gurl yesaca :;)

  • If you make the mouth small it wouldn’t be that much work🤓😇🧐

  • 7:47 The hardest part of carving a pumpkin is carving a pumpkin-SSSniperwolf 2019

  • You do know it's duct tape and not duck tape right lol you crack me up, hope you hada blast in Japan!

  • Wait how did lia just go from her new house to her old house

  • why is your paint brush so big

  • 👍

  • I’m og

  • VSCO girls should now say save the mermaids.

  • soooooooo cute

  • Were they talking about Danielle Cohn ? 😂

  • Cute

  • Cute

  • You're wigs name is yesica my name is Jessica