Trying STUPID Life Hacks

Pubblicato il 13 nov 2019
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  • Nobody: Chipotle if they did shakes: 10:39

  • Shit that cup is my whole life in 1 sentence

  • :)

  • Sorry Craig I still use CDs don't beat me

  • 16:51 but you are not cool kid

  • I did it to my dog and she looked at me like WTAF?!?!?!

  • Bro u actually made me die of laughter

  • Soyboy

  • Coce in Russia? He is western spy!!

  • I feel offended because I collect CDs

  • I dont understand why these vids gets loads of views

  • Life hacks dont help you it just makes you look poor and stupid

  • Yeah well I ain't cool so shit

  • gen z Karen's did you mean _spoiled children_

  • Omg your soooooo funny please make more videos like this

  • He didn’t even put it on

  • That Nutella thing fucked me up AHAHAHAH

  • I have 200 VHS My home :)

  • Why u talk shit About evan?

  • Nutella with milk what happen if I have peanut butter

  • O great Tina has an afro 10:47

  • This guy is so obese

  • Yo chicken little going strong out here

  • These people are stupid

  • 7:19 I feel attacked

  • Wtf, this guy looks like Mini Ladd!

  • I’d rather crochet blankets for an entire family of 8 than do any of these.

  • 12:53 we all know its true

  • 18:04 😂

  • 17:51 My mom does this except she uses saran wraps instead

  • 3:14 me and my collection of thrash metal CDs are very offended

  • Why does this guy look like miniladd 🤔

  • "Who has CDs laying round" Console players: -_-

    • DaMiniBeast I also mostly buy digital

    • fam we have this thing called digital download lol i haven't had disks in years

    • DaMiniBeast it’s still all digital...

  • Diabetes at its finest 10:34

  • 2:21 .. I thought I was seeing things 😂😂

  • Very resist with Russia an Russian ,😟☹️

  • nice t-shirt Craig

  • (1:40) well jokes on you I can’t tie my shoes or do boat knots... I wish I was joking :(

  • 2:43 bruh just use toilet paper smh