Pubblicato il 22 apr 2018
Hey guys! As prom is just around the corner for some of you guys I thought I would try on wish prom dresses that I bought under £10! Some of these were as cheap as £5 which is too good to be true! I hope you guys enjoy my little review of these prom dresses! Don't forget to subscribe for more videos like this! - Roxi
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Red Hare
Somerset House
*What camera do you use?
Sony A7s ii
*What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro
* What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
Blonde - I get it done at the Salon.
*Where are you from?
I am living in the United Kingdom.


  • Hope you guys are enjoying today's video!! When is your prom!? I'd be interested to know! and do you know what colour you want your Prom dress to be?

    • you look like Amy Jackson and she hails from the UK as well ohhh my Gawwd so much similarity 😊😀

    • Roxxsaurus very nice

    • Could you possibly provide the links of the dresses maybe 🙈 except for the white ones haha

    • Hi there! Such a helpful video 😊 Could you possibly give me the link to the 3rd dress?

    • My prom was 2015🤪

  • Can u do a clothing hual on SSS store it's street style store

  • I just what to know how people wear backless bras.

  • Just to let you know when you show clothes that are white we see nothing, its too bright i feel blinded

  • The 3rd dress is so fking gorgeous.

  • Love dress number 3.

  • The background clashes with the dresses and you cant really see the dresses properly

  • The last red dress would make a great nightgown or a devil or sorceress Halloween costume.

  • 🥰😍

  • Background are also white.

  • This is the link for the third dress. I think you'll like Women Extraordinary Fashion Women Tassel Shiny Gold Sequin Maxi Dress V-neck Backless Long Evening Party Dress Clubwear Sleeveless Dress . Add it to your wishlist!

  • 🌻tpbylzl🌻 código até 80% de desconto da wish☺🔥⏳

  • 5:18 it doesn't look good because its extremely high up so it has no shape

  • do keep in mind most of the pictures they use for the items have filters so... that's why the items aren't always the same color okay accept for the red one cuz... that one was just a miss aaaaallll the way

  • I'm in love with the very first one! The white one!

  • Dinasaur family

  • In my humble opinion, throughout my life, I came across many guys who complimented me on my simplicity and that is the reason why I never go too crazy with my makeup or do anything outrageous to change my appearance and the majority of times, I prefer simple yet chic and elegant clothing that does not draw too much attention to it and believe it or not, you can't believe how much guys are so drawn to me for having this innate quality. Your channel is great, keep up the good work. I believe you are such a fancy luxurious girl. 💕

  • Copy of Holly H

  • Why does she never show her feet?? Like we want to see the bottom of the dress too 😌

  • My wish code : vrqqtyr

  • 8:52 i choked on my water🤣🤣🤣

  • What is the nude color dress called

  • I'm surprised they were delivered I have never ever In anything iv ordered from Wish delivered

  • My senior prom is on May 17th the greats day of my life

  • My prom dress cost £400🙃

  • Lmao ur so funny I'm subscribing 😂❤️ just found you too

  • O.M.G you get more and more superbeautiful WOW!!!💋💖🌹💕😁 love your accent,my dog Rocky said hi too.,

  • واو

  • Nice and affordable

  • 26th june

  • Mine is in May😇

  • I am wondering why they use that cheap materials. These dresses need just a liiiittle bit more to be stunning💫🔥

  • I have prom in May I can’t wait!!

  • My prom is April 13th. Next weekend.

  • I wish she kink the dresses

  • Who liked this video

  • Omg it is so much fun I ever seen 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • That pink dress with the sequins all over and the high slit is absolutely beautiful on your body!! Can you link that dress? I'd love to look it up!

    • U can order aliexpress. I already order, it s so nice

  • I found your video a little late but my problem was a week

  • WOW

  • Follow me on ig please @puapuaa_

  • Wish you did side by side photos


  • Does that third dress come in different colors?

  • I lovveee the glitter one supper cuttte hope they still have it 😍

  • Hi Hi...I like your videos very much.. new subscriber from Myanmar.

  • 6:11

  • The only dress that would work for prom out of those 4 was the 3rd one but white at prom with lace meh

  • Thank you... Now I know that I should never order from wish. Terrible

  • Can someone drop the name or link of the third dress I can't find it anywhere on wish

    • Fuck it's a nazz colection dress for 60$

  • She's so cute 😘

  • I could lowkey see her panties through the lace white dress

  • What school or parent would allow a girl to wear a dress with slits that high? You knew how high they were in the picture, why feign surprise?

  • The last dress you showed, the red one. The image used on wish is actually a screenshot from a video game, IMVU xD

  • Add some wings and a wand and that short dress would make you an absolutely adorable fairy! Love the glittery top one and the beaded one on you. Have somebody tailor them just a bit and they would be great.

  • Who started whatching the video and the wish add popped up?


  • Too much lighting

  • Love you Roxi#dinosaurfam

  • The short pink prom dress looked kinda cool. I love watching you buy and try on clothes.