Try Not To Get Anxiety Challenge

Pubblicato il 1 nov 2019
Welcome to the try not to get anxiety challenge. let's all fail miserably together
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  • Did you fail the challenge? Like the video Did you pass the challenge? Like the video I don't make the rules!

  • Legends say that true gamers still didn't take the deep breath out just because Jack didn't say it... 2:42

  • At 2:45 what else has been on your face :))))

  • Killer whales don’t kill/eat humans when you know you didn’t exceed school

  • Yo Ive done the luge so many times its great

  • 4:11 F$!# NO!!! Idc if i have a parachute or not, im not risking that for fun and possibly die

  • Et No What So how JackZombie was I’m not sure 🤔

  • 3.48 Sean not mowing what an orca is 🤯

  • I thought you were a gamer from a minecraft gamer to another minecraft game you should play more gammmessssss i love games i epic gamerrrrrrrrr

  • 2:50 the other 2 times were Mark's floppy banana... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 1:18 thats the skyline luge in Rotorua. It's not particularly scary, 7 year olds do it. They've had a high volume of riders every day for decades. Great fun, I highly recommend you give it a go if you find yourself in NZ.

  • None of these made me anxious CAUSE IM ANXIOUS ALL THE TIME

  • 7:51 Wiggle wiggle wiggle

  • Boomer bored that's for boomers

  • This is try not to laugh

  • Same WHAT OF IT

  • censors sponsored by minecraft

  • Only smoke and idiots like high places Jack

  • Me scrolling down: "try not to get anxiety-" Me: *fails*

  • Jack doesnt have anxiety I take that back.

  • Yes

  • Love the minecraft sound edits

  • 3:47 I heard somewhere that one person has been killed by a killer whale and it was in sea world, I'm not sure though

  • ha ha anxiety relatable funny

  • ‘Not f*cking birds’

  • Haha I love it how like 5 years ago he was swearing and now he’s like holy coco fudge

  • Killer whales wont hurt you There has not been a single recorded attack of a killer whale on a human in the wild In fact theve shown to be quite curious of humans and swim up to them and just say hi

  • Me: *inhale* Also me: *internal screaming*

  • Oml I love the NZ luge with my life. But it's n o t h i n g compared to the OGOballs.

  • Actually killers whales are just like wasps they won't mess with you unless you mess with them Btw did you know that the first name was whale killers.

  • Jacksepticeye you have been doing amazing at making me laugh all these like 4 years and I want you to keep up the good work I support you A LOT.

  • I'm afraid of getting 360 no scope

  • Jack: Does weird shit with squishy Me: OH SHIT

  • Welcome to Chicago

  • 4:09 my anxiety went like real life and I never get that and at 4:14 I though I was gonna free fall dead

  • Ive done the nz luge it Is fun

  • Imagine if you watched all of these in VR that would be very terrifying

  • Me: is about to get test paper back My brain: title of video

  • (Jack swears) Minecraft noises!

  • Jack:”Im gonna throw my shoe at ya” Me: Shoe? Don’t you mean *chancla?*

  • Jack just for reference I live in New Zealand and I’m 12 and I did the go cart thing (the luge) and it’s gun


  • i thought that banana was a DILDO...

  • Jack: gets bottle of “ anxiety juice “. Sweaty palms reddit page: throws jack into a UNDERTALE fight with SANS. 5 minutes later... bottle: gone

  • my toes

  • well killer whales actually have ye to kill someone

  • Jack's camera at 4:34

  • 1:42 i live in NZ and i have been to that place and its EPIC!

  • Every cat is to op for heights

  • Fun fact! There have been no reported cases of a killer whale killing a human in the wild, there was only ever one incident with a bite but nothing more. I just thought that would be interesting to share ^^

  • Killer whales haven't killed anyone yet.

  • I went on Jimmys tour in Cyprus and only half of the wheel was on the road

  • My grandfarther ramed me off that track in rotorua

  • Don't be a goat bird

  • 0:01-10:02= sweaty palms

  • Yo

  • theres the same go cart hill thing in alberta, and dude, those guy have BALLS goin that fast

  • Sees jack: Me: closes eye's for the whole entire video I'm serious THE SPEED IS KEYYYY WATCHING FOR WHEN THE 1st happy wheels

  • when your friend says he is getting "anxiety juice" he goes to get some beer my friend: "I GOT THE ANXIETY JUICE" me: bro, that's beer not anxiety juice my friend: i don't care what it is it's still anxiety juice whether you like it or not, wolfy.

  • Love you