Try Guys Drunk Vegan Fast Food Taste Test

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
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  • 3:20 zach, i totally agree w/ u!

  • McDonald’s fries and hash browns are vegan... they aren’t even vegetarian... McDonald’s uses beef fat to fry them...

  • actually pizza with no meant is good

  • Wait so why can't you eat cheese? I mean Cows and goats get serious pains if they aren't milked....also why not eggs?...I mean not all eggs are fertile so otherwise they go to waist....veganism is confusing.

  • I live in sweden and have never eaten: Dominos Wendys Candy corn (Trigger Warning BTW) Your welcome ;)

  • McDonalds fries aren’t vegan😭

  • Pizza hut do the best vegan, gluten free pizza I have ever had. (I have gluten intolerance, veganism is so much easier)


  • I love hove ned and zach are completely drunk and ignoring the ratings and then theres keith and eugene taking everything very seriously

  • The way Ned got up and looked at the pizza tho 🤣

  • Great job you guys!! Really appreciate the drive to promote veganism. There’s nothing our planet needs more, right now.

  • How can the US be so far behind? Even in Norway we now have vegan McSpice, McFeast, veggie nuggets, Veggie Homestyle Classic, Veggie hoisin, hashbrown, and the fries are vegan and have only 5 ingredients, as do the sweet potato fries. That's like half the menu.

  • When I saw that the fries are not suitable for vegetarians I got really worried because I have had them this entire time! But I did some research and they are vegan In the uk

  • free will doesn't exist but destiny doesn't exist either. please gods what's up with this?

  • Is the Audio in this video off, or am I just nuts?

  • McDonald's fries and hash browns aren't vegan, they are fried in animal fat (at least in America)

  • keith: *cries in no guacomole*

  • The girl wendy is not dead he rather did name it after her she is 58 years old

  • That hash brown throw tho

  • I love that Ned is the most voracious meat eater but Ariel is a vegan

  • “Does everything give you diarrhea?!” “YESSS!” Same bro. Don’t feel too bad. 💕

  • It's myyyyyy favoriTE BIRDDDDD

  • I really felt that “step the fuck BACK” bc who tf says that about cheese 😔

  • Honestly Keith and Eugene singing the pizza song is a fucking mood 😂👏👏👏

  • Keith’s English accent is amazing 😉

  • zach and ned are a power duo and no one can convince me otherwise

  • keith's guacamole summoned an ad


  • wait.. does Keith says sandwich to burgers.............:(

  • one time i went to mcdonalds and asked if the apple pie was vegan and the worker said “uhm let me go ask” came back and said “yeah im not sure” soooo...probably not vegan

  • *N O G U A C A M O L E ! ?*

  • I fucken died during this whole video 😂😂😂😂

  • They not drunk enough. The video of them eating Popeyes and Burger King is still one of my favs.

  • I love how Eugene was so concerned about Wendy and Wendy’s dad at the beginning xdd

  • at 0:25 i think ned’s code was “why not” = views please😂

  • The fries and hash browns aren’t vegan because they are cooked in beef fat. That’s they can’t be classified as vegan

  • The try guys are childish and annoying

  • LOL the Try Guys drunk are HILARIOUS

  • Most fries at fast food places aren’t vegan because they are fried in the same frier as the meat is

  • Hey Zach I’m Irish potatoes are good

  • mcdonalds french fries are fried in animal fat so they are def not vegan. there was a whole law suit over it because they claimed they were vegan and when people found out they weren't they sued because they tricked them into breaking kosher/halal. No bueno

  • At 10 million subscribers Keith and Eugene should make out.

  • I think y'all failed the concept of vegan and did vegetarian instead vegan means no dairy products or meat products while vegetarian is just no meat but still a good video 😂😂😂

  • Is Keith going vegan permanently

  • This makes me hate vegans even more.

  • i love the videos where you guys are drunk. they always make my day.

  • I mean there are certain delicious vegetarian and vegan foods ... but if someone tries to give me a vegan spinnach lasagna, I tell them to get out of my live. That was the worst thing I ever had when I was forced to live in a vegetarian/vegan household for a week xD

  • Give Keith his guacamole man

  • “We are not eating salads, why ned?” *fuck salads.*

  • why was Keith gripping the taco bell burrito like that 😭😭😭

  • What is Keith doing at 10:39

  • McDonald’s stuff is fried in beef oil so they’re not vegan

  • Eugene getting away from Keith scared that Keith'll kiss him

  • I’m not vegan I can’t I won’t 😅

  • “The thick crust has meat juice in it” -Ned

  • Now wait a minute... Are there tomatoes in the Big Mac in the US ? There sure aren't in french McDonald's restaurants O.o I'm so confused right now

  • When your drunk you’ll eat ANYTHING 😂

  • My sister is Vegan and she doesn't eat the McDonald's fries because they are fried in meat juice.

  • I want to try a burrito I didn’t know they existed

  • McDonald's fries aren't vegan- they're cooked in beef fat jsyk all you vegans out there.