Trump's Golf Club Employees Spill The Beans On Their Boss

Pubblicato il 7 dic 2019
Former employees of Donald Trump's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey spoke out this week about the bizarre tasks they undertook for the President, including laying out his makeup and refreshing his stash of Tic Tacs. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert
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  • Donald duck on cartoon network 🤪🦆🦆🦆🦆

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • 3:25 - Rudy is recording his meeting with that phone in his pocket? Blackmail material!

  • Replace stephen with Ricky Gervais.

  • and he makes a fit about a hat 🧢 what a dummy he is such a baby trump

  • yeah screw mike pence and his supporters

  • he says it was a perfect phone call what a buffoon

  • HOW Trumptards just cannot see the facts behind the dumpster fire that is Trump is just beyond me. It's either self-delusion on an industrial scale or a complete sellout and hypocrisy.

  • Well good news good news he has been impeached even though he could still be re-elected they just want to wait and let him hang himself a little bit more WON'T B HARD 4 HIM*#. ONLY THING I D MISS (STEPHEN COLBERT'S) COMEDY. Alas, ,I m NOT @ all worried as there be a lot of Laughs hearing 'bout him & Rudy in Prison.

  • Best thing about Trump is the laughs you get from him and that's about it. Stephen Colbert does his voice and movements of his fingers excellent. Keep it up Steven I love you. PS the cartoons are awesome you are number one night time talk show host

  • And now ROGUE POTUS is trying to start a war😒 That will get their minds off topic!

  • Colbert is a hack. He'll be obsolete in a few years(maybe less), thank God. TDS is real kids

  • Looks like dirt bag Dan Malloy's twin brother lol

  • If a white Idiot talk show host like this jerk talked about president Obama like he does about trump he would have lost his job by now and been called a racist.

  • Jerk

  • Was this guy ever funny?

  • I believe that who'd keep quiet about that creep and he's sick offspring.

  • It's funny that the ad I get is Big tobacco point fingers at Vape saying your stuff kills people... Only America where everyone else sh** stinks but your only that your eyebrows deep in... Smh

  • Rudy should be arrested as an unregistered foreign agent of Turkey, Iran, and whoever the fuck is currently paying Dmytro Firtash. The GOP is gearing up to call Rudy and other lying traitors as witnesses in the impeachment trial to derail it into a fake indictment of Biden. Theater is all these guys know. They've even called in Tiny Trey Gowdy to play his standard part. Will they bring charges against Biden? Of course not! Just like with Clinton, all they want is the airtime for their propaganda. GOP: Gaslighting Obscene Pedants

  • Hi Stephen, your heart is as beautiful as you from the outside. God bless you!

  • GOP is the biggest employer of illegal immigrants, so why do Trump base got a problem with illegal immigrants?

  • You all know who is responsible for Trump, yes that’s right, it’s Congress-I think that Congress should be impeached with Trump-! I’ve never seen such corruption-Mitch McConnell sold our Country to China 🇨🇳 and Russia- Pelosi is holding up impeachment articles pretending that she wants a ‘fair’ trial- This broad couldn’t care less about being fair- She just wants this Russian Spy 🕵️‍♀️ to stay in Office because she and McConnell are just as corrupt as Trump-We need new Leadership in Washington because the Congress that we have is too corrupt-!!

  • Nipple tweets. My new favourite phrase.

  • Colbert, we have decided Trump wears an over-length tie because it is equipped with a magnifying glass and we all know why he needs a magnifying glass.

  • Move on Coldbert, you should rename your show The Donald Trump Hour. He's about to be reelected so please get some new material.

  • We all feed off TWEEDLEDUMB. Regardless of what we say or think. Its reality trash TV 4 the masses. And it spreads threw everything like fire. Regardless if you hate or love your opinion is still there

  • How is hunter?

  • Always Applause very little laughter. This is what we call comedy I guess!

  • What the US seems to be running is a variation on a Ponzi scheme. PERSONS WITH funds are BUYING FROM EACH other at inflating prices. Manufacturing is down 11 percent and shrinking. Unemployment is down 3 pc . Approx. 90000. Canada of America needs 60000 skilled labourers and 20000 truckers immediately. Send them up and they also get tax paid medical.,

  • "The shroud of Turin"..He IS the "chosen one", after all!

  • Trump 2020, who wants to bet some cash?

  • Maybe this will be the final straw for Donald J Trump. haha, Trump 2020.

  • I’m

  • Don’t be fooled. All of these actors are apart of the same gang. We aren’t in it

  • What a great president! All are voting for his reelection

  • I suspect the Ukraine's are shaking down Trump for telling the world about his demands. What was Rudy carrying in his luggage?

  • dtrump uses tic-tacs to shake like the way a rattlesnake shakes its tail b4 attack. he is a predator. and he does it because he is depraved and it is his idea of fun. he thinks he is above the law and justifies why the women can't possibly accuse him.

  • Any BS Giuliani brings back from Ukraine is nullified by the 14% (MILLIONS of DOLLARS) Trump is continuing to withhold (in some "Top Secret - covered up - "fake" account) from the Ukrainian President. Just a little pressure there! It wasn't ALL RELEASED by the Sept 2019 deadline. With no excuse of an upcoming "deadline" ahead, BRIBERY is the WORD! Another Contempt of Congress Charge perhaps? Or maybe EMBEZZLEMENT? Or just pick another Article of Impeachment more applicable to THIS THEFT of US TAXPAYER $$$$!! HEY TRUMP WHERE IS THE MONEY?????? EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGED POCKET for PAY-OFFS???

  • When will late night get back to being funny...

    • I know right. He's just talking about actual things dumbass does. I guess when a normal person becomes president will the jokes come back.

  • hey everyone!! go to the video where Colbert had Trump on his show and LOVED him!! True story!!! and ten realize what a hypocrite this douche bag is!!

  • Lol everyone is trying to get their 15min of phoney

  • Rudy and Trump make the mafia look like a bunch of buffoons. They are ruining you guys image. Future mafia movies and going to be cartoons if you all don't do something.

  • Punk!!!

  • My stepdad used to gold with Donald Trump. Thirty years ago.

  • I bet you have a wall around your home and security so that makes you a hypocrite!

  • Remember Detroit Baltimore san fran democrat rat hole district run by democrat rats instead of hanging a president that has put employment strong borders strong defense strong the dollar strong sounds like we need another democrat like pelosi queen of her rat hole district or Butplug Who always gets it up his wine cave from his husband

    • Chicago a war zone Atlanta drug city Philadelphia Demotards wish for America

    • You forgot Chicago

  • This dude is a total lier Trump is leading over pelossi.

  • But, but I thought he is the son of god...isn’t that what they teach in church today....that Trump s the son of god and it’s a god-given right to own AK-47s. Learning to read is the work of the devil.

  • It’s pretty pathetic ppl listen to this nonsense just to make themselves feel better because they didn’t vote for trump. Look in the mirror ppl all of this “news” is garbage

    • Dark Star idk if you are a man or a woman but I’m not denying that trump is an easy target I’m just aware that he is constantly being bashed because it makes ppl feel better because they don’t want him to be president. Why don’t I see anyone bashing the previous ppl I mentioned. It’s all propaganda to not like him even more. has he said stuff that’s offensive yea sure does he say shit that’s stupid yea sure, but is he the worst guy on the planet? no he’s just a guy no one is perfect, but at least he is honest all these other politicians are liars and the reason this tool won’t make fun of other politicians is because the media outlets are controlled by more liars and that’s what I’m trying to point out. You don’t think AOC or Biden are super easy targets their both so stupid and Biden is such a big pervert I rather an asshole as my president than any other of these politicians they are rats who play this sympathy card for other ppl to trick ppl. These politicians use a thing called “identity politics” they don’t give a fuck about you, me or anyone they just trick you that’s why they all sound the same it’s like watching robots talk and why they constantly stir the pot by talking about racism or sexism or feminism it’s pathetic

    • Anthony Urso yes, it’s anti trump because trump is president right now. Did you not follow that point? Whether you like his politics or not, just speaking on a human level, the guy doesn’t respect himself and he knows people laugh at him. He’s a wreck emotionally, and empty inside. This isn’t a political observation. Yes he’s funny and charismatic, but people aren’t laughing at his scintillating wit. He’s a boob. Most people wouldn’t leave their children alone with the guy. He’s certainly not a role model. Yes, objectively he’s in a category all his own as far as being an easy target. Nobody laughed at FDR or Reagan, they weren’t failures as human beings like trump. And he postures himself as the best at everything, which only makes his shortcomings more hilarious. He’s a cartoon man. If you can’t admit that, you’re not looking at him with clear eyes.

    • Dark Star if that’s what you think but it’s not Bill Clinton, AOC, Killary, Pedo biden, Warren, Bernie, etc are wayyy easier targets than trump. Ppl watch this because they can’t stand he is president and can’t even fathom the idea he will win again and that’s why they have been trying to impeach him for the past 4 years the entire thing is a joke

    • Anthony Urso first, there has never been an easier target than trump and that’s not hyperbole. The guy is a boob and that’s not a partisan statement. Even if you like his policies he’s still a clownish man. Of course you can make fun of anyone, but trump is the president. Late night comedy shows have always targeted the president for satire. I don’t find Colbert very funny personally but he’s witty and he does often point valid criticism at trump and his administration. Most importantly though, I reject your original assertion that people watch these clips to make themselves feel better for not voting for trump. What does that even mean? For one thing, you think they wish they had voted for him now? Huh? Regardless people watch political comedy because it’s funny, not necessarily to try to recover from personal regrets, lol.

    • Dark Star I watched a bunch of these it’s all anti trump bs their isn’t anything funny other than him imitating trump which anyone can also do to most of the democratic candidates and would be funny because they all are easy targets

  • Cant pee wee talk about something other than the president every night? Better question, how can misinformed people be entertained by the same repetitive topic. Oh yeah... theyre called sheep. Its past time to wake up.

  • Guys like these are so stupid. They aren't even funny anymore. They are just paid mouthpieces for the dishonest media and corrupt Democratic Party. This show is meant to be about jokes. Now it's just fake political propaganda. No wonder nobody watches this stuff anymore. These shows used to have millions of viewers per episode. Now they have tens of thousands in a country of three hundred million. To be honest if they weren't broadcaster propaganda material and were proper shows they would have pulled the shows years ago because of abysmal ratings. So fake.

  • Won't get past the Senate, just sayin

  • He is employing undocumented workers? I did hear that correctly? Is he still?

  • First lady paying a high price for being with Trump. Some money cost too much

  • Melania Trump: doing the job Americans won't do.

    • William Zabel I think your comment isn’t getting any likes because Colbert just made this joke, but you didn’t present it as a quote, as some others have done, and receive hundreds of likes. Not that getting likes was your goal. I have no idea.

  • Meanwhile Rudi Julianne is selling popcorn 🍿 in the Ukraine 🤣🤣🤣

  • They need to throw Rudy in jail!!!

  • So Trump’s Latino staff haven’t watched The Help. 💩 just saying.🤫

  • Trump is the biggest evil idiot around. VOTE BLUE OR GET SCREWED!

  • Trump makes good joke material..Thank Putin for dumping this joke on us !