Trump May Be Brought Down By Two Calamitous Phone Calls

Pubblicato il 10 ott 2019
After two problematic phone calls with world leaders, Donald Trump is in the worst trouble of his presidency. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert
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  • So where tf are the tax returns?! This was a month ago.

  • Stephen, please please please stop dying your hair. Middle-aged men with salt-and-pepper hair are so, very, very sexy!

  • What a asshole, he should be impeach from television, need to go after his phone calls and taxes information, 🤣

  • "Two phone calls" now? What has it been so far? Everything on Earth, globalist scum throwing it at Trump, and all of it has been BS for 3 years. This and hundred next things will be BS as well. You don´t like the result of the last Presidential election? Do not pretend to be a comedian, go to politics, do things better than him and win, that´s the politics. You can´t just keep lying and hope that is enough. It isn´t.

  • Trump needs professional help and a year in a mental hospital

  • Trump 2020 easy, smoothly, the DemobetaCrap will lose, forget about it already.

  • you dont have to , as long as you have "The List" (of all the dirt on the personal lives of Everybody who's part of the team prosecuting you)

  • The US must be pretty much the only country fixated on polygraph tests. They are bad science, unreliable, not permissible in court (not even US ones), only good for sensational entertainment shows. Don't believe me, I urge you read up on the unreliability of polygraphs yourself.

  • “ it’s not normal when I’m smarter than a president “ ……. Wanda Sykes ……. So true.

  • And getting frog presents for the rest of your life. Lol!

  • Colbert is a pedophile and so are his followers

  • Americans need to gain respect by doing the right thing in the next election.

  • They stevenspermlicking idiot

  • trumptards ..what a same

  • This guy is a douche. He thinks joe Biden is Vice President 🤣🤣🤣

  • Colbert the clown and his boring show.

    • but no uncool person here, all fine, all cool. No Problemo.

    • I hate him. Too 7896789 for me or something. Too less 789789798. No good. I thumbs down his videos. Let alone his stupidity, absurd guy working for the Clinton's money. It's a stage show overdriven by a bunch of freaks. Reserving the right to moderate my words, would be lot more 789789

    • he's hilarious

  • Improv part - clever! Colbert is great. My mom is now a fan, too. These are the best monologues in the history of talk shows!

  • *WF gasm, one big orgy of disgusting sickos*

  • "The idiod" Hahahahaha....

  • Where is Steven Colbert?

  • Mr Colbert, why are you promoting the Orange leader?? Want him to win?

  • 😂😂😂good way to improve the mood, with good laughs in the morning!

  • If I can only piss on the conald fondle sharpies head

  • What is Stephan gonna do after trump leaves the office, the man has no talent he's not funny, everyone just wants to know what the fake news he's spreading.

    • Colbert's is the most popular show in late night, and he has had his own TV show since 2005. You just can't spot talent.

  • My goodness, I thought I made up that joke: “times fun when you’re having flies”. I had never heard it before so I guess I did make it up but I’m not the only one, LOL😂😂😂😂

  • Hey panogoatsass I can see by your picture you visit Starbucks once a day you live with your mom and cnn is your only news source!!!

  • I honestly have a feeling that Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would be a better president than Trump. At least Camacho knows that a good leader surrounds himself with smarter people rather than sycophants.

  • my entire family is like the frog example. i keep on getting shark stuff and we keep getting one of my aunts llama stuff.

  • I don't support trump at all... but what is actually being done to stop him. Talk talk talk, that's all we do. Long drawn out hearings that he beats on bullshit technicalities... only to energize his base more. What power do we actually have to stop this abusive dictator? See you at the election, impeachment is a farce

  • You've got to love a guy like Trump; he's funny, affable and is straight as a gun barrel. Charming personality and a great humanist. He believes in making love and not war. Israelis love him so he must be special, just like themselves.After all they are the chosen ones.

  • Have people forgotten Merkel's stupefied regard for Trump after their first interactions? You don't have to like her, but you have to agree that he is way out of her political league.

  • I know many think the disrespect and low-brow humor toward Trump is bad form, but when have we ever had anyone in the office of which this much material is provided by the subject himself? NEVER has a WH occupant been this inept and criminal.

  • 1:14 Or, as all my fellow citizens of Nightvale know, "if you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget"

  • "Any time a polygraph comes within 10 feet of Trump, it bursts into flames." Great line. Sadly, he still has plenty of supporters who believe that it's all fake news, that the things he says and does are not what he says or does, or so much other garbage that proves that they're disconnected from reality to such a degree that the Trump Cult is even worse than flat earthers, creationists who are adamant that the Earth is only 6,000 years old...and white supremacists.

  • I wonder what will these late night shows be doing without Trumpf.

    • Talking about Pence or Hillary or Biden.

  • Lie detectors: Exist Trump: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, I'M BURNING, I'M BURNING!!!! OH WHAT A WORLD!!!🤣

  • Greetings from Erdogan! His buddy Trump understands him and he is learning from him phone call by phone call! “Who are the Curds? In my milk? Never! In WW2? Oh NO! and I never saw them fighting on our side in Vietnam! What a shame, nice people!

  • #Trump2020

  • #fakenews

    • Yes 4chan is fake news. CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, they are more credible than a wannabe Trump state sec channel.

  • You will bow down to me and beg for forgiveness


  • Stephen how dare you spring that jingle on me it’s going to be stuck in my head forever.

  • "chocolate cake" is probably a code-word :) Like covfefe! :)

  • Let's just keep our young people over in the Middle East forever. After all, the big war machine and all those politician's that get big kickbacks from them, need constant bodies, that way we can keep importing foreigners because "we don't have enough people". Colbert, you sound like a two year old.

    • And is that dummy spit supposed to be what adults sound like? Well given the Gillette tears I guess this is what grown up talk is these days.

  • Who else really wants that apron?

  • WHEW! I just got back from a comment section on a FOX news video and what the fuck is going on over there? I guess the main audience for those videos is Trumps base and the rest of the world doesn't watch FOX videos. It's the only place on the web where all the comments about Trump are positive. They believe every word that comes out of Trumps mouth and it's difficult to reason with people who think Jesus makes the weather!


    • Just gonna post this to trigger the Trump trolls. Yeah Obama just pwned Trump same weekend he interrupted The Apprentice. Still sore about that huh?

  • Y’all must not know nothing about anything

    • Just gonna post this to trigger the Trump trolls. Yeah Obama just pwned Trump same weekend he interrupted The Apprentice. Still sore about that huh?

  • again with "allies"... these are a kurdish terrorist group and a gun-for-hire. why the fk u defending them???

  • Learn how to drive a truck easily and efficiently with this tech forward video By Jonathan Sherman

  • And trump may have called xi to investigate Biden too. And all of sudden he made a partial deal with China....

  • Caught with his pants down, each time, American's see their hero willing to breach establishments for their cause. Flagrant, even arrogant, posturing is righteous, because he's got what we dream of. The media criticises a man. We defend the symbol and spirit of our cause. When you have to, take what you can get. The media talk of justice, but we see injustice. Our injustice is recognized by a leader who will fight establishments, and global encroachments that increasingly bear on us. One by one establishments topple and the media broadcasts about the rattle. Trump, we, are winning. Making America great again is a vision that any American who is identifying with their losses rather than their gains will choose to follow. Trump is America's Robinhood. The American media plays its role too. The best way to rally support for a spirit of justice is to have another criticise it. But feathered arrows, fictitious facts, indictments, impeachments and the rest are elements of the same story. In this iconography a symbol of injustice prevails because the counterforce names it unjust. So you'll have to be more clever than leaving this to the media. You can't defeat a symbol, but change its meaning you can. Fiction precedes fact. Apologies for the Trump in tights image. (MG.04.10.74.YOW)

    • @abbsnn cose his flagrant self serving behaviour doesn't have to be justified by him - that is how he's successful. He took on a symbolic role that a massive percentage of Americans believe to justify his behaviour and their needs. The fact is, expecting him to justify his behaviour builds his support.

    • no reasoned thought put forward to justify his appalling behaviour.

  • HE THINKS ISIS will end up in Europe. our allies I am sure, have an issue with this.

    • I am disappointed to see the supporters of the "The Pussy Grabber" aren't putting forward any kind of argument to support their hero,................ Abuse for his critics of course b

  • The Kurds will stain your name as long as D-Day made it shine.

    • percentage of illegal abortions in all industrialised countries), only the sky is the limit. Of stupidity.

  • Stephen, it must suck to have peaked 15 years ago.. ☹

    • Just gonna post this to trigger the Trump trolls. Yeah Obama just pwned Trump same weekend he interrupted The Apprentice. Still sore about that huh?

    • Polygraph? Is that still a thing in US justice? Well, in a country where teachers are forced to teach "Intelligent Design" alongside evolution theory, where MPs spend up to 90 p

  • Including financial support or intelligence gathering

  • According to American law any attempt of interfering in a presidential election by a foreign power must be met with a declaration of war.

  • The Russians May have given the Turks a copy of the Golden Shower video, which was described to Trump., and scared even more pee out of him !

  • _The Idiod_ hahahahaha