trolling swaggersouls in VR...

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
funny helmet man gets trolled BIG TIME haha
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  • 0:48 Ah, yes. *They're groovin'.*

  • im a simple man, i see miniladd, i click off video

  • 0:55

  • Anyone know the intro music

  • 3:40 Actual audio of man frantically calling 911 as he is being chase by a mentally unstable man with a knife

  • Subscribe to callmecarson

  • You should make videos with reee kid

  • Hey this it also fitz😂

  • When fortnite is losing players so they start spreading the same ads over and over again

  • sounds like he's playing with howard stern xD

  • Jorden is not dead He is playing with fitz and swaggersoul

  • I like the 0:56i think its funny

  • You were correct good sir

  • Why did Jordan sound like an actual Russian guy?😂😂 5:54

  • Creeper

  • The payments due Chen

  • Are u friends with mini ladd

  • “Im actually getting really tired what do you guys wanna do?” Fitz- “hey hey.. im getting tired too i slept 3 hours but you know what.... I NeEd FooTAgE sO gEt BaCK tO wOrK!!”

  • sbeve

  • 0:55 😂😂😂😂 3:35

  • 0:58 that’s a good fuck you

  • :55

  • Anybody remember when fitz uploaded

  • TTT I I I

  • First thing I thought when you were getting knife rushed was Chucky from Child's Play 🤣

  • Why the fuck is this channel a thing As in also fitz

  • what game tho

  • 0:55

  • the mic he promoted they said sounds like shit haha

  • They should let you use your weapon as a club if you run out of ammo.

  • loool ay ..ay.. fitz get over here..*kiss* now we good :D

  • What game is this

  • I liked your old music better

  • negros

  • swaggers fuck you was so aggressive holy

  • What is dis game called

  • I have anxiety and i have been worrying a lot really badlly and watching your vids have distracted me from everything and made me happier,thank you

  • Who else noticed at 8:04 fitz tried to rack his shotgun with a side charging handle.

  • 6:48 smii7y's just wheezing off to the right XD

  • What is the first game?

  • Remove the hair from ur character to make him more like you :)

  • 2:24 Fitz has phantom sense

  • Creeper

  • Swagger sounds epic

  • Was he about to make a Cameron Boyce joke? 6:37

  • 6:54 this has meme potential haha

  • One minecraft cursed image is how the hell those planks are on the slabs on that map

  • Everyone seriously needs to watch this with headphones on

  • I wan't to see Fitz make a video, where he is actually being serious

  • i got the literal ad for this video as lootbear by swaggersouls lmao

  • This is main channel material

  • Which vr headsets i need to use for this game?

  • Anyone know what game this is?

  • outro?

  • Swaggersouls used to use fitz in the title 4 views but now is all the way around lol

  • I like how he complained about John drinking his Capri sun for 2min

    • @Elishiah Emambocus im german and it was Capri Sonne but now it's also called Capri sun here because _it sounds cooler_

    • For a British person hearing a Capri sun sounds wrong. 😂😂

  • epic

  • this is fucking cancer

  • Also here new logo but no new videos

  • mini ladd in a fitz video holly hell is this hevean

  • yeet, feet, meat....

  • 👆Alah-A meme who remembers it 👇👍

  • why does swagger sound like Donald trump

  • HIPPIDTY HOPPIDY...women are property I dont actually think this ok!!

  • we need more pavlov VR!!!!

  • Who randomly rewatches Fitz's videos because they are too good.... BTW did you realize that Fitz's channel picture change

  • What game is this

  • I woke up Fits uploaded Read it the other way around

  • This is really random but I just remembered a dream I had where fitz did a sponsered video with wtffast let's see if it comes true. Coping this on his most recent podcast vid

  • Honestly these are the best of the entire youtube🤧🤧🤧pewdiepie has nothing on these people +swaggersouls +raccooneggs +fitz

  • hey

  • 0:57 if I was swagger I would say the same thing because trying to invite someone for over a year and they say "why didn't we do this sooner?"

  • He just tried to pull a bolt on a pump action shotgun

  • Play Minecraft in vr😂

  • Changed profile pic but still no uploads

  • Very nice use of 'Sounds For the Supermarket 2' Fitz... very nice

  • 0:28 song name pls

  • 0:55 "fUCK YOu"

  • I like the new profile pic