trolling swaggersouls in VR...

Pubblicato il 11 lug 2019
funny helmet man gets trolled BIG TIME haha
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  • Fitz: *shooting at Kryoz* Kryoz: HeLlO??

  • what headset?

  • They pronounced capri sun "capri sun" they should've said it like "capri sun"

  • 0:58 that is the most solid "fuck you" I have ever heard and its damn funny 😂


  • 5:26😂😂

  • What’s this game called homies

  • " Fuck You" , the funniest moment ever.

  • Guys no guys stop it reeeeeeeeee

  • Fitz:*look at swaggersoul* Swaggersouls:*shoot himself in the head*

  • 0:58 perfection

  • What game is it

  • Whats the name of that game!

  • 6:40

  • 0:55

  • 5:27

  • 3:40

  • What does he use for vr

  • 0:49

  • I believe Fitz admitted to being high while recording this on the podcast

  • Is this Pavlov

  • No snip gang amiright bois?

  • Swagger soles viewers also watch this channel

  • I really want a Capri sun

  • What game is this

  • I think that chest is cursed

  • 2:26

  • When did Howard stern start playing pavlov?

  • Fits videos are the only videos on you tube we’re I need to take a break from laughing to hard

  • 3:41 I'm dead 😂😂😂

  • 9:23 WOAH WOAH WOAH! I'LL BET MY FAMILY IS MORE NEANDERTHAL THAN FITZ IS! (Also, I take offence to that) Like, seriously. We did a DNA test and actually turned out being like, some percentage neanderthal.

  • Swagger killed himself over a Capri Sun.

  • Fitz was so fucking high in this video

  • i think your videos are made for stoners because this shit is 80% funnier stoned

  • How to deal with sexual harassment in Russia 3:23

  • Petition for Fitz to play TTT with the Yogscast so he can freak out about all the crazy mods they play with

  • When ur friends argue I AM ALSO YELLING

  • 0:58 *FUck yOu!*

  • I’ll show you yours if you show me mine... wut? 😂😂

  • Hey what website is this from also how much is it thanks 😊

  • 8:02 When you try to cock your pump action shotgun but it no worky.

  • Why he look like mrs loran from django unchained

  • OMFG idk why 1:55 was so funny to me

  • 3:42 I frickin died! XD

  • Can we see you using the vr also

  • I came here for swaggers reaction on fitz playing vr. What I get: fUcK yOu

  • Does anyone know where on what kind of console you can play this

  • Fitz :*Why dident we do this sooner* Swaggersouls: FUCK YOU

  • 3:41 London at night

  • *kryoz being shot at* Him: HELLO?

  • "I'll show me yours if you show me mine." - Mini Ladd 2019

  • I am also yelling !! xD

  • My name is kamren spelt like it is cause I’m special

  • 3:39 that fuckin SCREAMMMMM 😂😂


  • 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:58 0:580 :58

  • The beginning hurt

  • 8:00 mini: "I'll show you yours if you show me mine"

  • Fitz is illiterate it’s spelt ‘aggressive’ 0:46

  • Whats the outro called?