Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #152

Pubblicato il 26 ott 2019
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  • thin people are just twinkies with the inside hollowed out

  • I thought you had to be freinds with someone to bring them on a podcast

  • hila is my spirit animal this whole video

  • dude trisha is so weird

  • Listening to Trisha paytas talk I feel my brain melting.

  • Ethan is a bit harsh but only because certain people need to

  • This hurts to listen to. But I can't not watch.

  • crazy mother f-er HOLY CRAP! we've been known but this surprised me how much she doesnt know! about youtube, religion, sexuality, gender, or to have a logical conversation. she didnt even know what circumcised was!!!! wtf

  • Do those eyebrows ever get a break?

  • 1. She sounds like she's just spewing out the most stereotypical things trans people say and really only seems to have a very surface level idea of what gender dysphoria and what being trans is like from watching a few videos about trans people. Real trans people would be able to go into more detail and have specific examples and stories from when they were young and at least try to convey the feeling of dysphoria to whomever they're talking to. 2. As a trans person (mtf), it kind of hurts when she says that she has just gotten used to showing her chest. That's not how gender dysphoria works. I've spent my entire life with a flat chest (obviously it the opposite problem but the same feeling arises from an mtf person having a flat chest as an ftm person having a large chest) and people seeing a flat chest, and trust me getting used to it is simply not possible. I always at least attempt to cover it with baggy clothing or something like that. You can't just get used to it because that's not how gender dysphoria works. Its a physical difference in your brain and in order to "get used to it" one would physuically have the alter their brain structure to be more like that of their birth sex. It really hurts to hear her talk about these things when she is clearly uneducated on the topic at hand.

  • Wow the squid story was so dumb and fake and such a lie

  • At 12:20 pretty much sums up why I adore Hila an Ethan.

  • trisha:im a chubby chick, i can make fun of fat girls because i am a fat girl me:but you said you were trans-

  • 1:11:36 Hila's face in reaction to "I used to swallow goldfish"

  • 1:01:58 is the best moment. Ethan totally clowned her and Hila was the only one who recognized it lol

  • Trisha’s just got some hardcore personality disorder. Her opinions of others and views of herself flip flop constantly

  • What makes me sick is that Trisha is talking that Hila deserves better man than Ethan, but then says she's attractive to him. If Hila would leave him, Trisha wants to be with Ethan. Wtf Trisha you're acting like a whore!!! And I don't respect her on any woman like her. Don't get me wrong, but society sucks sooo much. Women gets offended when they're treated like objects, but they're acting like objects. Society doesn't know that confidence isn't showing skin. Confidence is when you know you're great, but you hide your body, cause you don't need to give anything to the world. Dressing modestly is hottest, being modest is self-respect, dignity....and seeing what Trisha is posting....there are perverts, I wish women respect herselves more. We are all beautiful outside, but we must be smart and beautiful inside. We all have boobs and ass, show your mind instead. Brains are awesome, I wish everyone have one...

  • Whatever happened to natural beauty? This person looks like a ghetto version of Pam Anderson.

  • i'm actually kinda siding with trisha

  • That sounds like being straight with extra steps.

  • So if "SHE"identifies as a man does that mean i can hit him?

  • I’ve lost so many brain cells

  • Trisha: How do you have contact with the VP of IT-tvs. Ethan: already cutting her/him. Shiiit My guy I see a female with female personality why she gotta be like that making my fucking head spin🤢.... 1:03:46 Anyways.. Ethan: Because fuck. Because I'm CONNECTED! 😄 said it like a G😎👌

  • Lol Ethan wears that beanie to hide his forehead wrinkles.

  • Even an Alzehimer's patient isnt this contradictory and indirect as this woman.

  • I never knew she was a Kaufman fan. Everything makes sense now.

  • Stop trying with trisha...she’s genuinely too stupid to reflect honestly on herself and her actions; this conversation is pointless...

  • Yall should get her back. This was an impressive one. Shes interesting as hell being broken down by yall.

  • she got excuses for everything, try to change the subject when there are unavoidable evidences, and she bullshts on the spot. dang its like me when Im trying to be smart with my mom

  • The whole Jewish tangent is so cringey

  • for me she’s not even a bad person, i think she’s genuinely delusional and needs professional help,, a very interesting personality regardless??? i don’t know

  • This host is unbelievably horrible! :(

  • Alright 26 mins iv heard enough from this lady onto the next one for me. Lol

  • This chick spends to much time alone or somethin

  • Trisha is so right here. It annoys me how the two others defend their rude behaviour. 2 against 1 type of thing going on

  • I get the feeling (from the explanation that she gives) that she is a pansexual and gender neutral woman, but she hasn't realised that that's what she is?

  • As a straight man, I find Ethan vastly more fuckable than trisha

  • I don’t think Trisha knows what a Jew is

  • She’s the poster child for mental illness. My brain hurts.

  • This was the most excruciating podcast to sit through.