Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
A new Halloween themed Fifa 20 Discard Challenge... AND I PACK MY BEST PLAYER EVER!!! Fifa 20 Trick Or Treat... #Fifa20 #DiscardChallenge #PackOpening
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  • Wouldn't recommend clicking this before watching the video But if anyone wants to question if I'd fake this video (even though I've discard 750k of stuff in the last 3 days?) then watch this -

    • Billy Gent 2 sync did that

    • With all due respect andros, why should it matter? Does it affect other peoples lives? No. So y they getting butthurt, even if u did whats it got to do wi them 😂😂😂 just cos their best pack pulls like gundogan haha

    • You pack mane and I pack koulabaily😠😠

    • That proves nothing lmao, there’s other ways of him letting you know, don’t believe you faked it anyway

    • Just had a good idea for your squad builder showdown series, you should play the swaps friendly mode and the 3 players that you and your opponent get swapped are the players up for discard so let's say you play itani and you win the 3 players that was swapped over from your team itani puts into a 433 midfield and you get to pick left, middle or right. Something a bit different and sounds fun

  • You can just tell oakelfish just didn’t want to be there😂

  • Defo fixed

  • Okay nice vid yeah but are you that broke right now you had to put scream Mane on the thumbnail when if you put normal Mane it would have been a perfect honest video. Shame on idiots like you.

  • Flemme,za

  • Andy has played so many games on this account 😂

  • Could’ve been jovic

  • 2:28 netherly

  • 9:15 he is checking his watch He can see the screen

  • Where was scream mane

  • You didn’t discard the pack if you guessed wrong man

  • Kramarić is bundes liga not laliga😂

  • boring

  • In aus I got a 1$ coin trick or treating

  • The cut on 07:33 seems suspicious ..

  • At 9:14 he looks at his watch even though he has a blindfold on. Lol.

  • rigged

  • 7:09 save your time

  • Get homelesPenguin!!

  • I’ve packed 3 walkouts this Fifa

  • 6.59 he didn’t even discard him 🤔

  • You sent pereira to your club cheater

  • I had £10 when I went trick or treating and ended up having £50 because they had no sweets

  • Oakley looks like the Ox if he became a fifa IT-tvsr

  • I packed him as well

  • He didn’t actually discard them I realised 🤔

    • EqL CREAMY you’re pissed that he didn’t discard an Ozil. Is that really how sad ur life is

  • Totally fixed

  • Sooo rigged wtf

  • This video is so bullshit son firmino kane salah mane 20 percent chance and he had it 😂😂😂 unsubbed

  • 7:00 he didn’t discard the pack lmaooo

  • As for trick or treating in the scottish highlands its quite common to get fivers and tenners, one year i ended wi a bag and a half of sweets and like 80 quid 😂😂😂

  • oakley looks like tolisso

  • How many premier league goals have u scored aj3

  • I’ve packed tradable mbappe. Untradable mane and Robertson.

  • Is it only me that finds his accent annoying

  • Is your new soundtrack based on Get Hyper by Droideka? It it is I rate that 😂😂

  • Oakelbitch

  • Why are u click baiting a scream mane

  • Why didn’t you discard the packs ?

  • "Salah or Mane... do I have Sa..." oh for fucks sake. "...dio Mane"

  • Rigged

  • A proven goalscorer scores 15 goals a season mate

  • Clickbate

  • Oakley: packs Tim Howard who scored one goal in 2011/12 Oakley: He’s a proven goal scorer!!!!!

  • H

  • 👏👏👏 well done. You won the World Cup. If u want to win it to then like this post I I I I I I I I I

  • Boo

  • Best fifa pair on IT-tvs! Keep it up Andy and Oakley!🎃🎃

  • My best friend packed zidane while I haven’t packed a walk out yet. Should I delete his club now or later?

    • Anthony Ramirez never you bitch

  • مستحيل مانى 88 فقد

  • I love your video

  • Does anybody else notice that he has bulbasaur, squirtle, and pikachu but no charmander ??? Please Explain???

  • I wonder why the video cut when he packed mane

  • 7:30 it cut? Sus 🤔

  • I haven’t even packed a walkout

  • N

  • Do they realise that Liverpool and Tottenham aren’t the only team that have played in the champions league

    • No Racism he said champions league final mate

  • This video has been one of my favorites 😂

  • This was confusing

  • Low key he told u when he packed it and you just pretended to guess