Tree House

Pubblicato il 8 ago 2017
Quick video nothing special. I thought I'd do something quick since I haven't made a video for a bit to get back in to the swing of things. You know how things swing? Yeah I want to get back in to that. So yeah dream tree house. I pretty much just want a glorified elevator. Now that you've read that you don't even need to watch the video. Look at that. Just saved you like 1 minute of your life. You're welcome.
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  • Tbh the defining features of my dream treehouse would be a rope ladder (which can be pulled up to prevent invasion) and a pulley system of sorts to aid in getting things up.

  • Best tree house doesn't have any kind of stairs or ladder or lift. If y'all can't climb, y'all can't come in.

  • I want a treehouse ☹️


  • No heating!

  • man you're gonna love Treehouse Masters then!

  • Just think of a rainy night with all your budies in the treehouse but then you need To fucking get down to go to the bathroom

  • Use trampoline to go up and down to the tree house

  • Why not just simply do all the things you mentioned inside your house especially considering that's where the AC is

  • Instead of a plateform lowering down the house lowers down and the plateform stays in place... I know what I want for my Bday.

  • elevator wit no walls

  • what is the outro music called?

  • Could you please make gif from that dance

  • Don't you hate it when you make a house tree instead of a tree house?

  • Your forgot mosquito netting They've killed more kids than falling off a tree house has

  • 1:24 made me laugh so hard, my phone slipped through my hands...

  • subscribe to Aidan Chan because i only have 2 subs :(

  • your videos always end on THE MOST SURPRISING NOTE EVER LOL I love it

  • Your neighbours do- phdsgdfgddf

  • Get me in the house or *Reload tec-9*

  • 0:04 IM LEGOLAS BITCH!!!

  • 0:42 and your trees on fire since it's raining and wires outside

  • you could do a solar panel and a biggish battery instead of an extension cord

  • You can use solar power for electricity or buy a ton of car batteries

  • heh, *looks at tree, filled with ants and spiders*

  • 0:52-0:53 playback speed 0.25😂😂😂

  • Me:Wait... there has to be windows?!

  • I told my mum the plural of house is hice and she disowned me

  • Why do tree houses always look like a house in a tree? now that i think about it that was a stupid question i just asked

  • heh

  • dont you hate it when your treehouse falls on you?

  • Floor wall wall wall wall roof window door

  • Ice cream sandwich: "I want a platform that raises up and down!" (Or something like that) Me, an actual intellectual,: "What if it was raining?"

  • A house in a tree

  • When you are in an asian person and you need 1500 for one dollar and you want all the cool stuff of the decade Me and probibaly you:im a turtle who gets tortured every day buy amiricans The one russan freind:жвдхз зидди зорщд щмщл. Щаьь ok

  • But If you put the wire out side won't the rain blow it up???

  • Mark Rober Could Do This.

  • No one: No one ever: Not even he misplaced deck on your tree: Neighbors dog: cRaShHhHhHhHh

  • Make sure that platform is made out of metal :)

  • There has to be two cylinderic? Beams to actually lower with the gears and motors

  • Thank you for watching a movie with a dvd. That’s awesome. DVDs are underrated these days.

  • #TeamTrees

  • Instead of the lowering platform I would make a pully machine to go up and down

  • My kids didn't have one so they built one it was very scary and wasnt safe at all

  • Best treehouse I’ve seen is in hsm and home alone

  • Discord still can't stop laughing at the end of the video. On the upside, he's laughing to much to hate on your video. -Lefty

  • how do you get / make such perfect sound effects for your videos ?

  • 🌲🏠

  • mmmm string lights

  • refigeratir

  • I am waiting for him to hit 1 million subs😆

  • Dude the end nearly gave me a literal heart attack but something like that would be expected from you

  • on that rainy night description thing, i am missing one aspect of it.... *friends*

  • I would just full on build The Treehouse Of awesomeness from The last kids one earth

  • Make longer vids plzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😩😩😩😩😩🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😧😧😧😧😧

  • If this was publish in 2017 and the Nintendo switch relied in 2019 y do u have a Nintendo switch in your hand

  • if it is raining what about the extension cord

  • “Your friends, your family, your neighbors , your neighbors dog-“ *Literary gets crushed by the platform*

  • me: *pushes button to go down* Button: *dosent work* me and everyone in there : oh f r i c k

  • 1:23 with a mexican family is way more