Pubblicato il 27 ott 2019
In this video we breaking down Travis Scott’s outfits in "Highest in the room" music video.
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  • They forgot his Grillz

  • I need to know the price of white trousers?

  • Music production cost 150k Travis clothes 140k

  • 🔥🔥

  • 00:7 I really wanna know what that yellow jacket is called

  • this mans fr spend that much for a plain white t shirt

  • Theo sunglasses are not the same

  • who else came here thinking they were gonna match Travis style but then realized how it costed a lot

  • Or its just a Hanes tee

  • My dad has that liquid blue shirt but it’s the brand Hanes .. exactly the same he got it a long time ago early 2000’s

  • Forgot about his ice on his neck

  • What's the beat

  • You know you’re the shit if your plain white shirt costs $340

  • Production only thing good bout this song is the beat! So overrated. Can’t spit. This track is garbage!!! Clean your ears out. Real hip hop Mike Luch. DaBaby Remix just dropped. IT-tvs Mike Luch

  • Bruh its never that serious

  • *Ive had that same skull tee for years and it’s going for a few hundred resale?!*

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: *Royal Wrist clock: 135,000*

  • 0:22 its off white

  • Travis needs to do like his baby mama and get surgery ugly mofo

    • Lmaooo you probably ugly af so stfu

  • 0:41 in what world does calvin klein boxer briefs cost $47??

    • DylanPatersonVEVO it’s a 3 pack i guess... 3 boxers for $47

  • Ugly nigga

  • Did u really notice the calvin klein boxer ?

  • Price of the chain????

  • that first outfit is fire 🔥

  • $340 for a white t, okay boomer

  • im the highest in the room

  • 1:01 finally some affordable shoes that he wears LOL

    • KIDREAM 052 he wears a bunch of affordable shoes (vans)

  • Do one of these on little clout having rappers

  • Rick owens casual t shirt? Wtf looks like it costs 1$

  • Lol I think the ment 3.60 on the casual whit tee Edit I meant 3.40

  • Patrick is that you?

  • i have skull shirt liquid blue

  • he getting ripped off if hes paying $47 for calvin klein briefs

    • No hes not getting ripped off its because of his common knowledge

  • Hey you.. YES you! I want you to watch my video I really appreciate it if you enjoy it.. well if you don’t something creepy will happen.. in your room.. under your bed.. when your asleep someone will wake you up...

  • Calvin Klein boxers are like 20 bucks for 3 of those lmfao

  • A liquid blue skulls tshirt is like 30 bucks

  • That's a good one.

  • no way a white fucking T-shirt that I can buy from anywhere from the world for $1 is $340 from rick owens, people are so stupid.

  • Boyz please help me 1:00 what kind of nike af1 is that?

  • aye what about them pants tho