Traveling Cross Country Living In Our Tiny Home Van

Pubblicato il 9 dic 2019
In this video we traveled across the United States while living in the tiny home van that we built together. We were faced with extreme weather conditions and many other obstacles. Things... went down
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  • i'm saying, why didn't they just brush their teeth inside the van and the step out once they're done to spit it out lol

  • That began apple lmaooo

  • when the cop pulled them over and they were confused as to why they checked them and their vehicle was so funny😂😂😂 that literally happens all the time where i live, i guess it’s different for them in the city lmaooooo


  • Now they have to all that again because they have to get home 😂😂have fun ♥️😂

  • Okay but 'vegan apple'😂😂

  • “this is going to be my last homemade meal” “Pours cereal into bowl”

  • I’m just saying “ vegan apple”

  • The zoom tho.....

  • No one: Ethan: Why are these lights on?!

  • Did, VanDwellers don’t stay in Hotels... What Posers...

  • Sooooo hawwwwt like ooooommgfg 😎🌻😂

  • Am I the only one that gets super exicited when they mention the state you live in? lol

  • i live in minnesota and the road is complete ice. doesn’t surprise used to it:))

  • Tell Alejandro and mattia I said hi

  • I’ve never heard of vegan apples Grayson 😅

  • 25:21 “he was like, ‘are you transporting any large amounts of drugs?’ and i‘m like, ‘no, i’m just going to see my mom in new jersey.’”

  • I would have bought a van where I can use the bathroom and shower, sorry I don’t do nature like that. But then again they’re boys 😂

  • kyle is amazing at filming and ricky is doing a really great job with editing too!! i’m glad the twins found people who know what they’re doing and are fun to have around as friends too

  • dUdE i sLEpT LiKE A roCk

  • the place where they had a wash looks so relaxing lmao 😍

  • Another thought, since when is Ricky Dillon not his own thing anymore? When did he just become the camera man? Like, i think they have different camera men but he was in the last few so.

  • This is completely irrelevant to the video, but right now I'm at 0:56 and I have just come to a realization. These guys are real people. Ethan and Grayson have been on this vine/ IT-tvs journey for a while now and I don't think they have ever gotten a break. Now, i realise that we've helped them go on adventures and do cool things but they don't get any privacy, and the same goes for other social media stars. It sucks. For all we know, all they have is each other. I get that they're twin brothers and they obviously love each other a lot but sometimes you need someone you can share more with. I think they both deserve loving partners. Sometimes you'd rather be by yourself but I think we all need to be supportive no matter what. Stop being jealous and controlling because it sucks. If you want to get mad and be suspicious of anyone they be interest in, you're a horrible person. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

  • I live in Nebraska right nest to Colorado

  • Ethan: about to have my last home cooked meal Literally eats cereal

  • I like how they have a bed/couch and Grayson goes to sleep in a seat😂😂

  • It might just be me but…Kyle is hotttt

  • But I mean... Kyle is fineeee 👀😉👅💞🔥I see u, Kyle

  • 9:21

  • Good luck on the trip back

  • HOLY SHIZZZ! Van life content! Yes, I am so pumped!

  • same

  • They should go live with their mom because I feel like she lives alone because there dad passed away so...

  • When Grayson said "beautiful Missouri" and you live in Missouri... Hey Gray I'll show you around ;)

  • i don't freaking get wHY like eVErYoNE have their shoes on when they go to bed. i can't anticipate the crumbly feeling on my bed because of the dirt that fell from my shoe

  • damn we ant make that much fried chicken here

  • This van life adventure was craaazaaay and i love it 😊

  • That’s some good camera quality

  • I’m I the only one that got slightly triggered when he got on the bed with his shoes on 15:43

  • love how grayson is just so proud of his biobegradable sope [i know i spelled it wrong dont hate]

  • 26:50 well that sums up Illinois for you ( I live in Illinois

  • If you were wondering why you were pulled over in the south is be cause the are child traffickers the drive vans that look exactly like your van

  • I just noticed that I have the same yellow water bottle at gray 😂

  • I have a weird question maybe, but did you guys travel before earning a certain amount of money? Because travelling is LITERALLY my passion but like, i'm a student with a student job and i can only do so much.. Do you guys have maybe tips and tricks on how to save money for trips or how to make it as inexpensive as possible.. Maybe even hacking the system a little bit and finding loopholes that make travelling a cheaper experience :p

  • did i just hear VEGAN APPLE???

  • Camp USA is an app that you can use to find places to park

  • We all know the reason why Grayson didn’t get out of bed was because of morning wood lmao

  • did you go through Metropolis, Illinois?

  • They should buy a bus

  • Also, welcome to Kansas. The cops are paranoid because their neighbor (Colorado) legalized marijuana.

  • Kids wake their parents up all the time. Just saying.

  • i live in Colorado lmao

  • 8:13 I wonder where in the universe I can buy a vegan apple 🍎

  • They probably caught 10 snowstorms on the way back cuz it probably got colder💀

  • I live 30 minutes north of Nashville in Portland Tn, and it never snowed it just frosted the ground. We always get all 4 seasons in a week in December and January.

  • What song is at 8:02 ?

  • vegan apple? i thought- uh

  • when the twins come to kentucky where you live and generalize your state about making only fried chicken when there’s some really good vegan restaurants in lexington

  • Aren't all apples vegan 😂

  • They should’ve gotten an RV instead