Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

Pubblicato il 21 mag 2019
Looking back at old photos and videos of yourself on social media is hard, VERY hard... so we took that to the next level :)
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  • Lol there still siting in there same spots from 2014-19

  • I like how they sat on the rock and remembered their old selves❤️

  • 💙❤💗👶🏻

  • Who misses skunk boy

  • if I did this the nostalgia would just hit me like a train and I would literally just wish for the past because hey who doesn't want that.

  • Someone tell me why he pronounced barramundi barramoondi 🤣💀

  • I love it the best beautiful color s 😍💕💜♠💙❤💕in your hair Ethan my favorite lovely person your where sexy hot 🔥💋baby my favorite lovely person real true love you baby 💕💜blue in your hair colors yellow my first love remember everything about falling in love with this everyday God bless with the hat Grayson in Ethan 😎😃😎💕💙🌹💙❤💜❤💜💕❤💕my love

  • My first love always been dolan bother s 😍💕💜🌹💙my sweet heart always beautiful smile always lovely person real true love you baby 💕💜o cause remember everything about falling in love with this video 😍💕👑💙🌹💜my sweet heart ❤always been thanks above everything about your 😍💕💜

  • Like your videos so much your the best

  • the old dolan twins look like they were mixed kids.

  • Dude, that "thinking spot" part got deep in a way... Bro, I feel like I'm a cry now...

  • This was adorable

  • Lmao i literally used that greyson's vamp's look as fanfiction story on wattpad XD

  • AND I JUST REALIZED ONE FOOKING THING. Young version of ethan has been used for catfishing people on kik lmao. That's why i was asking myself i feel like this guy looks so familiar and then i realized its ethan but well XD

  • I couldn’t remember I was here since the beginning... I remember watching those videos right after they came up. Time goes by so far and it’s been 4 years damn

  • I’m glad that I was there when you were a fish 💙

  • Well Ethan, I'm sorry but it's E-tee-wee-tee time

  • So hot

  • Can I say how did they look so handsome for a 14 year old like when my brother was 14 he was playing with dirt on his ugly face..... *realizing* I wish I have brother like you two :(

  • 21:06 gray looked like Justin beiber 🥺🥺

  • 4:25 ethan looks like the popular indian actor from "every child is special"

  • i fucking LOVED the red streak

  • Is it just me or do the Dolan twins look cute when they are “ cringy “

  • I found old gray and Ethan when I was about to watch "types of students"with Ethan purple hair!

  • There old background looked like Gabbie Hanna’s background

  • Ok hear me out (I’m hear after their “it’s time to move on vid” ) I’ve been rewatching their vids and Ethan does kinda seem like he’s being fake happy :(

  • This is how many tishs we got the twins | | |

  • They were kinda cute back i the 2015 but WAYYY too cringe

  • I honestly love Ethan's red streak hair... it's like really boujeee XD

  • For some reason, i felt bad when they were laughing at their old videos. Lol 😂. But omg look at ethan face at 12:27 Also, 2019 ??

  • from 4:42 to 4:49 is me and my sister arguing 😂 *grayson:* yes, that wasn’t my style... *ethan:* ok gray *grayson:* it wasn’t my style *ethan:* no, ok gray *grayson:* it wasn’t bro...

  • 10:26 rare footage of me every morning

  • "Dude our 'thinking spots'" those are just called smoke spots

  • Why does Ethan know so many types of fish 😂

  • please don't stop making a great video

  • 11:10 I thought that was an old video 😂😂😂

  • not cringey cringier

  • They should totally grow out beards, I love beards.

  • Idk how Grayson is more sexier than Ethan 😂😂‼️idk how

  • maybe james charles should have come in and put some makeup on ethan to make him look more like a fish anyone else really think "winky tounge out emoji" as Grayson called it was adorable

  • 🤢

  • Ethan evolved from Fish boy 🐠 to turtle man 🐢

  • What they see: ⬛️📷⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️ What we see: 👋😄🤪✌️ 👕👕 *new video❤️*

  • Grayson: *shaving* I HAVE A GOATEE! Ethan: shave that off right now... Grayson: 😢

  • 15:09 😂😂

  • It’s amazing how they can just shave their facial hair and go back three years

  • Hey those videos entertained me when I was 15

  • Some things never change Graysons hair ya


  • "who's tryna get bit?" With Grayson looking like that I volunteer whole heartedly

  • Gray in the background lmao

  • I literally fast forward that's how boring it was for me

  • 6:49 I- uuuhhgg- pink is hot now and oof

  • am i the only one who started crying when they went to the thinking spot and started talking about all their memories 🥺

  • Graysons laugh is so funny

  • 4:25 that sweater action lmao

  • 1:55 its called "regressing"

  • Yas look better when u shave xx

  • grayson, dont you mean our grandkids.

  • This is how many people think it’s irritating that everyone is doing these 👇🏻