Pubblicato il 12 ott 2019
Wind down your woofers, folks, I heard you loud and clear! By ginormous popular demand, these are The Basics on Autobot cool cat, JAZZ!
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  • "Jazz to moon base 2! Jazz to moon base 2!"

  • I want someone to count just how many time Cosmic Powered Starscream has been brought up.

  • I might be mistaken but I didnt see a basics on Hotrod, he is my favorite ever since I saw the transformers movie in the 80's and I would like to see basics on him

  • Munka Spanka is a clone of jazz created by shockwave while trying to create a undercover decepticon assassin to assassinate Optimus prime but before shockwave could perfect his programming his lab was ambushed by a cybertronian rebellion group freeing the clone of jazz activating the clone he was unable to speak but joined the rebel group and they ventured off to different planets even solar systems the kidnapped clone was later named munka spanka and later munka and his crew cans across a planet that they explored the planet then began to speak asking who dare disturb the great and powerful unicron which they said in shock unicron!!! I thought it was just a legend but unicron just answered with you fool!! How dare you underestimate me a god!! Fleeing to Their ship they two rebels were killed by unicron whilst he was transforming munka and one last rebel survived years passed since then and they find themselves on a planet participating in the galactic Olympics munka wins and later is killed off screen by someone else who was partaking in the Olympics who won second place.

  • I'd love it if you did the decepticon Barricade

  • Why don’t you do one on mirage

  • Hey, since Halloween is coming soon, why not do an episode of Ectotron from the transformers and ghostbusters crossover from IDW comics even if it’s not lengthy.

  • Do a history on lugnut from transformers animated

  • the basics of mirage

  • Can you please do sideswipe

  • Can you do cliff jumper next

  • Jazz are way cooler in Porsche 934 than in Pontiac Soltice

  • Do the basics on the Elite Guard.

  • The basics on Optimus prime do it next do it next year already dead bumblebee

    • The basics am Optimus prime


  • You can't pick just one single version you said it yourself he's unchanging.

  • Would you do the basics on scorponok?

  • thundercracker when

  • DO Knockout next!!!!!!

  • The pilot episodes were the best in the series I think, they really did show most of the characters as best as they could with the time that they had for them and they really did show Jazz's character the best, he can cool down a pissed off Optimus Prime that really did show the right hand man that he is

  • Jazz will always be my favorite Transformers and the only bot(besides Magnus and Prowl) to be worthy of the title Autobot Second in Command!

  • As is always the case, the Fall of Cybertron incarnation is my favorite but really as stated in the video he's pretty much the same in every incarnation which is great as I can't imagine Jazz not being a smooth talkin' music lovin' cool bot everyone loves.

  • Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus Primus please

  • Arcee Cliffjumper, Bulkhead, Sideswipe, the Aerialbots, the Protectobots, Warpath, Optimus Prime, Megatron, or the Onlined series

  • Recommendation. Do The Basics on: The Aligned Continuity.

  • can you to the basics on dead end please?

  • Do you think you could do the basics on the constructions? I just noticed that you haven’t done a basics on them.

  • Have you done a video on some of the obscure Transformers? When I was a kid I got either Jazz, Prowl or Wheeljack for Christmas, but his waist joint wouldn’t hold up (can not remember which one). Mom & Dad exchanged him and being that they didn’t know the series that well they got me Camshaft. This G1 toy was tough!Most of him was die cast, try as I might I could not destroy him. Not sure what happened to him now but he was a fun toy to play with and I played with him for several years.

  • I have been waiting here sine ( insert long numbers --> here

  • PLEASE do Alpha Trion

  • Maybe next basics on hardhead?

  • Can you do a Basics on the Humans that have worked with the Transformers? Maybe an Autobot version and a Decepticon version?

  • Cosmos?

  • Do the basics on Angry Birds Transformers

  • Wow! The whole thing is extraordinarily interesting.

  • Did you do Trypticon? If you didn’t, please do him. Trypticon is like the cybortronian Godzilla.

  • DO THE BASICS OF BLURR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can you do the basics on warpath for my birthday

  • released in the Transformers Alternators line the name Jazz briefly went unliscensed and he was called Meister

  • My gods how I dislike the UK comics art.

  • What about Onslaught

  • Ya like jazz

  • Prime and The Cybertron games can't be connected. Shockwave dies in Fall of Cybertron.

  • I love all versions of Jazz, even the live action version, but my favorite would be G1. You did forget to mention that time he tired to Make Autobots Great Again, which totally got blown out of proportions to the point that he was forced to censor his new paint job. lol :p

  • What did make jazz love earth culture what was he favourite type of music?

  • I had that action master Jazz....god those were stupid figures.

  • Do Cosmos!

  • Can you do optimus prime

  • Do The Constructicons please!!!!

  • RW:Yo Man G1 Jazz has always been the best , that no one can top off with the one and only Scatman Carothers ya dig?;8-)

  • Please do these next Optimus Prime,Megatron,Smokescreen and Brainstorm

  • I've been waiting for Jazz!

  • a small correction, in the aligned continuity, Jazz appeared in War For Cybertron as an Easter Egg in the prison area thing/

  • 6:06 Worth noting that Jazz is one of the very few Bay-era movie transformers to resemble his G1 counterpart in anyway, which can be seen in the head design. Very few other Bay-era designs do, it's pretty much only Optimus, Long Haul, and Jazz

  • People, lets beg and scream to make chris do the basics on the seekers. Still, great vid dude.

  • Dang, I was really looking forward to hearing McFeely say "Munka Spanka."

  • I just want a Porsche 935 Jazz :c


  • From watching the first season of TF, I thought I knew ,Jazz, was Primes second in command. Thanks for the verification. As the show progressed those duties went to Prowl and ultimately Ironhide. And on the Decepticon side, wasn't Soundwave and Shockwave next in the chain of command? In the first season, Starscream just claimed that title long enough for everyone to begin to believe it, and Megatron allowed it to happen

  • Jazz was always my favorite and I am disappointed that he doesn't get more love. Brief cameo in one of the movies before getting killed, and he doesn't even have an official Masterpiece figure!