TRAIN To Taipei - ARRIVING Taiwan Airport (Vietnam to Taiwan) 🇹🇼

Pubblicato il 7 set 2019
How is Taipei metro train like ? Wondering how to get from TAOYUAN AIRPORT (TPE) TO TAIPEI CITY CENTRE, TAIWAN ? This is our First Time arriving at Taipei Airport in Taiwan (Taoyuan Airport: 桃园机场) You will find this video helpful for getting an idea on how you can get from Taoyuan Airport : 桃园机场 to Taipei Main station as we show you how to get to the MRT section of the airport, the process of getting metro ticket, how we catch the train to the Taipei City Centre (Taipei Main MRT Station) and also we show you how it looks like along the way to Taipei.
Taoyuan airport is not actually in Taipei; it is around 45 minutes west of Taipei, in Taoyuan city. There are numerous modes to reach downtown Taipei from Taoyuan Internartional Airport at different price range. A taxi from the airport to the city center is priced around NT$1000-1200 ( $32.06 USD - $38.47 USD) depending on the traffic and a travel time of 45 minutes. The Airport MRT is currently the fastest way to reach Taipei city centre from the airport and it is cheap as well. We pay 150 NT per person ( $4.81 USD )
Airport Metro: Airport metro also serves as an ideal way of commuting within the city of Taipei. The airport metro provides an easy way to commute from Taipei and Taoyuan by shortening the distance. From Terminal 1, it takes just 35 minutes to reach Taipei Main Station. Whereas, from Terminal 2, the train ride to Taipei Main Station takes around 50 minutes to complete. This is the fastest and best way to commute from the airport to Taipei city for travellers, especially the international ones.
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