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  • I want to see Flynn next

  • Where did she love before New York???

  • I've seen _houses_ that weren't as spacious as that apartment!

  • 1:48 is me trying to get shampoo in a towel

  • before you shove the cookies in yo mouth

  • So lipstick is the only thing you need to transform into your Miranda self? Amazing.

  • This baby mana duo talking is everything , I want a whole conversation with Flynn video

  • She needs to do an interview with a 2 year old I loved this video with a baby Mateo and replayed it a 100 times, love watching little bubu balls talking nonsense and being cute

  • Now it makes sense why Miranda left home. The puzzle fits perfectly. P.s. if youre reading subscribe to me or ill always win you on fortnite

  • flynn! 😍💜

  • I hope this gets through the clutter! I do the insurance for a bunch of people in the Broadway World (Our IT-tvs channel pays no Insurance is really my artwork, IT-tvs is a passion. An apartment like that comes with some serious insurance issues. If you don't have someone in town who you really trust we should talk... I can give you some great endorsements about my work, people you'll actually know. This is Doug BTW. Niki is the travel goddess.

  • I love the subtitles

  • I'm pretty sure this apartment belongs to the Grande's.

  • $50K a month ?

  • I now your Broudway show is over now When are you moving back 😀

  • Your new place in NYC look so nice Enjoy it 😜❤️

  • I never opened the microwave Me: can’t relate

  • COLLEEN i am still watching

  • Flynn is so adorable baby

  • Ur apartment is bigger than my house congrats on moving!

  • this whole video is your mum having some sort of breakdown

  • Wait,you guys live in new York

  • Ok Colleen is doing big things her apartment is bigger than my house

  • did she call rachel a he ?

  • Is she living here like from now on

  • I love seeing Gwen's shadow while you're on the rooftop playing peekaboo with Flynn 🤣

  • Did anyone notice that it legit looked like the microwave was about to hit flynn

  • flynn’s sideways hat is EVERYTHING

  • That apartment is bigger than my house

  • LOVE the show Waitress!!!!!!!!!! Would die to see u in it

    • I saw it when Katherine mcphee was the guest lead

  • Whyyyyyy are you coming to Richmond after I move 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Is that your baby

  • Is Colleen staying in NYC forever or is she going back to Los Angeles after her Broadway run is over?

    • she's not staying there forever she just needs an apartment bc she can't fly all the way across the country every night lol

  • 😂😂😂really obsessed with cookies 😂😂😂

  • I am your father

  • He sooo cuteeeee😍😍😍😍

  • This called me poor in so many different languages..😂

  • Your weird

  • Arrived here for the tour, stayed for Flynn... he needs his own youtube channel

  • Are you related to Miranda sings

    • Daniel Lindsay she is Miranda sings 😑😑😑

  • Also your mom is perf

  • His dad's twin!!!

  • I am so happy to be able to say I was a few feet away from colleen and got to se her on broadway

  • You should do a Day in the Life of your day in NYC!

  • I was pretty shocked she was coming to Knoxville cause noone famous comes down here only ig dancers & a few rappers😂

  • Flynn is getting so big this isn't supp- I don't like it- someone stop him. 😡😭💕

  • 9/11 twin towers

  • Microwave: opens automatically Me: did Colleen take her family through a time machine??🤯

  • Flynn is so cute


  • That day before she recorded that video I saw her in Starbucks she was so nice she’s an amazing person

  • "are those songs royalty free" CRYINGGGGGGG

  • You have Madonnas face in your bathroom. Iconic.

  • I was pretty close to Richmond Virginia your girls going to be there

  • i love you so so so much but i can,t come any where like your celabrechen i wish i could come

  • Flynn has the teeniest tiniest lil lazy eye which means he's gonna have the teeniest tiniest lil glasses and I just can't cope

  • Are you Miranda sings??I love youuu!!!!!😍😍😍💖💖💖

  • Ninja mom moves really fast. 😂

  • Ok price estimate thread: im saying 10-20 million

  • Alyzah I know you probably won’t read this. I miss you so much. New York was your dream when I met you.. hope your dreams have just gotten bigger. -Carlos