Torino 2-1 Milan | Belotti Scores Twice as Torino Come From Behind | Serie A

Pubblicato il 26 set 2019
Andrea Belotti scored twice in the second half as Torino came from a goal down to beat Milan 2-1.
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  • Chelsea get Belotti pleeeaaasssseeeee. This guy is everything we are looking for in a striker right now.

  • carikan aku pidadari yang baik

  • what a terrible terrible video, how can you not add the fight after the first torino goal

  • #giampaoloout

  • that second Belotti goal though.. Not intended, sure, but wow

  • Belotti has aa legend

  • I think AC Milan needs Mourinho. Suso, Leao, Piatek are wonderful players. They just need a real coach like Mourinho or Ancelotti.

  • El Milán no esta jugando mal, pero le hace falta afianzarse mas en la defensa y en la arquería.

  • Coño, estuvo bueno el partido. Al menos eso aparentar en el resumen. Me gusta el nivel que esta adquiriendo la seria A. Mas emoción, verticalidad y juego de ataque.

  • Amazing partita

  • The Ivan Gazidis effect. 😂

  • Belotti is legit, been enjoying his highlights for awhile now. (Great goalkeeping in this game also)

  • Ac milan still dead

  • Rip Milan

  • Milan need new spartan defender

  • I am lucky because I saw the AC Milan of Shevchenko, Inzagui, Maldini, Kaká... Not this joke.

  • Milan should just be relegated at this point

  • Milan need to sell donnaruma.. He's overrated

  • next summer will be time for belotti to get his chance to play for another big team..

  • Oh how AC Milan have fallen from grace.

  • Bellotti is worth double what Harry Kane is worth. A much better striker all round.

  • Save AC Milan, Giampaolo OUT!!!

  • Belotti vs Milan 😁

  • Extraño a Gattuso

  • Rest In Peace Milan... just back to Serie B to learn how to play football... #sad

  • Love from Brazil .i like Torino fc too much.

  • Belotti must play in Top Klub in Serie A like Inter Milan or Juventus. Or play in Primer League like Manchester united or others.p

  • It should be 2-5 or something

  • AC Milan should sign Wenger 😂

  • Why are Milan so horrible I just don’t get it

  • Milan virou uma piada.

  • Piatek should leave this club

  • The goalkeeper most overrated vs the most underrated.

  • Milan 😣

  • That's an excellent goal

  • milan precisa urgentemente de um treinador, gatuso era muito melhor

  • Me da lastima ver al milan😥

  • Manchester United and AC Milan is dead ☠️

  • Polska siła czasami nie wystarczy

  • ที่จริงยิงธรรมดาก็เข้าแต่กลัวโลกไม่จำเลยแกล้งให้บอลกระดอนแล้วตีลังกายิง 🤣🤣🤣

  • Forza Torino!

  • Welcome to Serie B

  • Can we talk about Musacchio's defense? The stationary, planted thing he does that allows any attacker with half a mind to, get around or through him. It's becoming really annoying, really fast

  • Why every ball going to suso...?!?please stop suso be a first team. he is a greedy player. he will never be like robben... less run,less skil,cannot play as a family. always wanna made goals. FORZA MILAN

  • I'm okay when Milan lose, but the way they play is disgusting. Milan players always looking for foul. Like there is no passion in them for playing football.

  • Sirigu > Donnarumma

  • #giampoloout

  • Milan tá orivel

  • Change is number 9

  • Bench musachio smh


  • milan nuub wkwkkwwk

  • Lebih bagus Gattuso pelatih

  • Milan played well at the first half and created many chances to goal but the frontline doesn't let be.

  • This Donnadura is so useless blaming the defense in live coverage, who does it thought is he?

  • What a finish

  • That was such a Fifa Penalty

  • Sirigu is world class

  • где-то плачут мальдини и неста

  • lose again milan