Torino 2-1 Fiorentina | Zaza and Ansaldi on Target in Close Encounter | Serie A

Pubblicato il 8 dic 2019
A late goal from Martín Cáceres wasn’t enough to stop Torino who beat Fiorentina 2-1 at the Olympic di Torino | Serie A
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  • Torino

  • Sou do brasil torso pa fiorentina

  • Saudades quando fiorentina éra equipo grande.. boms tiempos de batistuta,lucatony mutu ... Agora fiorentina viro lixo

  • Zaza and bellotti are a underrated partnership

  • Empty league

  • Torino e Fiorentina, 2 times clássicos.

  • where i can see video with italian commentator?

    • In Italy. If you have a foreign ip it goes directly in english

  • E io che pensavo Zaza stesse ancora finendo la rincorsa

  • Ansaldi!!!

  • Ex Lazio players are better than Roma's as a coach/ manager...

  • Montella out

  • Montella out. His tactic makes zero sense

  • Forza Zaza!! Uno di noi da Valencia.

  • 4 consecutive loss for florence is embarassing, what are u doin mr president ? #MontellaOut

  • Congratulations🎉winners💞👍👏

  • again Fiorentina. the club have massive support around the globe. known around the world of their history and tradition loses AGAIN? until when? sack the Manager and GK

  • We need Batigol or Di Livio as a coach.

  • Would love to see players like Chiesa, Castrovilli in bigger clubs... perhaps the premier league

  • Why fiorentina why????


  • Montella has no clue to mix and play up his players. A very bad performance by 4th successive defeats. Fiorentina is now out from the magnificent 7. They're not a big team anymore.

  • That second goal was embarassing! No defenders giving pressure on Ansaldi. He's doing straight, horizontal run and no one stop, or even less, try to tackle or hinder his run before making the shoot. Whaaaat is happening with this Fiorentina team????

  • 0:12 he knew exactly what was going to happen. Bad form continues

  • Forza Juve

  • Montella outtttttt

  • #Montella out

  • Matalda tamata.

  • Montella TAMAT😂😂😂

  • What is the matter with Rocco Commisso? SACK MONTELLA NOW! You should have made the change in the summer.

  • Feysal boyka

  • Forza Toro! From Ukraine.

  • Rincón 😏👊🏿🇻🇪

  • Walter Mazzarri looks like a hybrid between Dustin Hoffman and Alec Baldwin.. 🤣😂🤣


  • keep losing, very, very embarrassing. replace montella now😡😡😡

  • Fiorentina player very poor, why they have to continue with montella?

    • @J04ck1M 26 agree. They will continue to lose i think

    • do not have money to pay great coach. Montella is cheap

  • Montella has to go

    • and the sporting director, Daniele Prade

  • Go Torino

  • where is Ribery?

  • what is wrong with Fiorentina ???

  • BRAVO Torino!!!!!

  • Fiorentina the most inconsistent team in the league

    • @val vincent The last 29 league games - 15 defeats and 10 draws. Just 4 wins. I'd describe that as consistently bad.

    • This is what happen when you have Montella as a manager

    • @El Indio not consistently bad.. once they beat milan then held juventus

    • ada apa dengan fiorentina....

    • @Pro-bot08 injured

  • 🔥🔥🔥