Top Catches from Week 7 | NFL 2019 Highlights

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
Check out the top catches from Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • I just realized that number 88 on the raiders last name is ateman as in eight man

  • the patriots and jets haven't played yet

  • 4:54 OPI

  • Eric Ebron's catach was pretty amazing

  • Ebron catch of the year so far

  • That catch by Aaron Jones was amazing

  • sub to sam Petrov plz

  • 6:00 why did number 65 on eagles and 60 on cowboys just kinda sit there?

  • The lions had more than one good catch

  • 1=Bengals 2= Dolphins 3= Eagles 🦅 4= Cardinals 5=SeaHawks 6=Titans 7=Giants 8=Cowboys 9=Patriots

    • Landen Weaver this video is titled top catches

    • Mario Hernandez who said anything about catches?

    • Landen Weaver the eagles catches were not that good

  • No Micah Hyde, No Scantling, No SLOW MOTION replays??

  • Stefon Diggs

  • Where was Darius Leanords interception

  • Ebron had the best catch

  • No kenny stills catch in the 4th against colts?

  • 1:26 slapped his ass 😂😂

  • the patriots and jets haven't played yet

  • Brandon Gaudin is so much more exciting in real life than in madden


  • Did y'all see micah Hydes onside kick return?!?

  • Wow, no Mike Williams toe tap catch? That was better than half the catches here.

  • Go Colts! Your catches were sick playas.

  • Get some replays in there damn

  • wilson makes plays so effortlessly.

  • One cowboys play Yall need to stop hating dallas had plenty of good catches last night

    • @GamaYT they are

    • They missed a Kenny stills catch against the colts too smfh robbing texas

  • You're all just hoping for second place to the Patriots

  • No jake kumero sideline tip toe touchdown catch??????

  • Teddy made more than just one good throw in that game, GIVE MY TEDDY HIS CREDIT NFL

  • nice

  • Michael Thomas is A dawg!!!!!

  • Falcons had nobody more to be mad at but themselves

  • Todd Gurley said I can run and be a wide receiver

    • Todd Gurley be like hol up let me get some of that osteo bi-flex

  • This video is diminished madly like this utube channe

  • 3:12 is packers Lazard catch in case any packers fans wanna see it

  • Why Ben Tate trying to be cold this year 😂

  • MJJ with the Fantasy points boost!

  • This is how many rushing yards Christian McCaffrey will have next week 👇🏾

  • Gurley catch was crazy. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • 6:00 The O line reminds me of madden

  • Damn that Amari Cooper sideline catch , NOICE 👏👏👏👏👏


    • Balokey playz I’m a raider fan....... but we had no chance The packers are good, and my second favorite team😂

  • Aaron Jones I didn’t know running backs could catch that good too

    • Yeah, he dropped one last week

    • HenrySims Vlogs you should’ve seen him last week

  • Thielen Catch most beautiful don’t @ me

    • Ur just a bunch of jealous viqueen fans

    • @Balokey playz That's a catch

    • TG ||| catch was the best

    • Balokey playz sure bro he had both down watch the Full Vikings-Lions Highlight Video

  • 49ers are 6-0

  • Go GB 🧀

  • 3:14 if you show your hand early aaron rodgers will know it. Nice block from the rb

  • Anyone else think Micah Hyde's catch from the onside kick should be on here?

    • Motatnema I thought it would be

  • Clicks on video expecting to see no Saints highlights, sees Saints highlight

  • Early look for next week- Seattle -3.5 if I had a big bankroll and patience I would lock that in immediately right now lol. If matty water is in or out don’t mater. Julio out there limping around which I don’t fukin know why. Just sit out the season will u

  • All games are decided by umpires .Fair play is not an option any more ! Follow the money !

  • Wheres the nzone catch from carr?

  • Praying for Thelien!

    • Go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers go Packers

    • @Balokey playz don't be toxic

    • Daniel stfu

  • Micheal Thomas catch was the best

    • Ebron catch of the year

    • IAMBATMAN yeah makes sense considering ebron made a one handed catch in the back of the endzone while somehow getting his feet inbounds

  • The one that MVS caught that was called back was niceee

    • Jackson Allison caught it

    • @Gyg Dchuy the one that was called back from the offsides

    • Jackson which one

  • 00:11 *starts up chainsaw*

  • What about the pass to tedd Ginn jr

  • Love these. By the way, first legal forward pass not exactly a glorious moment, too bad ... "Most sources credit St. Louis University's Bradbury Robinson from Bellevue, Ohio with throwing the first legal forward pass. On September 5, 1906, in a game against Carroll College, Robinson's first attempt at a forward pass fell incomplete and resulted in a turnover under the 1906 rules."

    • Gary Hawkins cool

  • subscribed

  • Nobody can cover Amari Cooper 1 on 1. I see him break ankles every week 😪

    • Oreo lmao we will see

    • Malaki Cowboys lol no y’all would be lucky to get into the wildcard

    • Nicholas Llamas he did lock him up but he just came out of an MRI hopefully we get to face y’all again in the nfc championship game

    • Very few can

  • Bruh you forgot the jets and pats game