Top 5 SHARK Close Calls

Pubblicato il 29 giu 2018
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Yikes! Next time I go swimming i'm going to be thinking of these sharks! Today's upload is on the top five shark close calls.

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  • The guy with the fucked to friends lol!!

  • 4 looks really mad

  • So boring

  • That last shark is a rapper “I got an entourage of fish so deep you couldn’t see my fins until I bit your feet and then my teeth slip in and make your lips go shriek and then I see your end and then I get 2 eat” Ok I’ll leave now

  • 1 video The shark is just playing with him If you wanted tl eat him The human will be dead

  • We have swimming pools for a reason...

  • Why don't sharks attack black people, they look more like the seals??

  • 9.25

  • Prădătorul suprem..

  • Stop saying shit like "they got attacked by the shark". No one in this video was attacked so stop promoting that bullshit. Sharks are in the water all around us, all the time and rarely is anyone bothered , let alone attacked by a shark. Ive been in the water near sharks and they leave you alone.

  • I have great respect for sharks and that's why my butt stays out of the ocean.

  • Why women live longer

  • That’s why I don’t swim in unknown water dude

  • Years ago, for the first clip in the video, there was a similar case, with a diver's head bitten off by a white shark while diving for abalone. It wasn't until two weeks later that the head was found again and miles away from the spot...

  • Just because of the movies, sharks became evil to human

  • sharks mistake people for seals. that’s why’ll they’ll bite you not eat you entirely

  • Mick punch the shark

  • The size of that great white shark at the end tho....I'd shit myself

  • Sharks are not aggressive unlike movies Shark only observes people And the shark approached the cage with curiosity After confirming their identity, the sharks left without attacking

  • Sharks

  • 3:40 if that happend to me i will be like "bye my Beautiful life"😶😬

  • Lol

  • Moments like this it’s ok to cry and sht your pants.

    • 😂😂😂

    • And make the sharks eat that? Have some class

  • That's why i hate oceans

  • wooow 10 min

  • Number two is in accurate...shark got caught on his least not bit the board... No thanks for the boring filler to give u ten minutes...

  • Ppl act like they're sympathetic to humans . They're beautiful animals.but you don't need to tell urselves and others that us sharks and humans have a peace treaty saying they think we're seals. 😂 Stupid. They can smell too.

  • I can't believe ppl still say that sharks just attack cus they mistake you as seals. Yea a long time ago Aquaman himself made a deal with the sharks not to attack humans. It's a wild animal ppl... It doesn't know what the hell u are . Yes they attack sometimes. No the don't give a shit if ur a person. Sharks eat all kinds of shit . OMG Becky he thinks your a seal get out of the water 😂😂😂 what if the shark knew your not a seal Wich is pretty obvious?? Same result happens to u dumbass.

  • ahhhhh,aahhhh, como grita el #4

  • Fools.

  • Close calls ...Half the video is of a Great White with no compunction to attack the people in the shark cage it was just passing by seeing what the hell is going on and more than likely attracted by the burly these clowns use ....Christ, this channel REALLY sucks !!!!!

  • the guy at 52 seconds...….. roughly... balding guy

  • I know that dude, or one of them..... random.... but I THINK I AM RELATED TO HIM.... Please send me info

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  • Somehow I'm glad I have thalassophobia

  • Amazing

  • If I will ever enter shark infested waters I'll do so butt naked, so that when I get scared by a shark I will distract him by shifting myself, kind of like a squid

  • 3:41 shark was like " oh crap "

  • If attacking???? It was just curious doesn't mean it was ever going to attack them. I've free dived with counless of whites and tigers and bever onced was attacked.

  • More sharks die a year by humans than humans actually dying by a shark

    • Funny thing is that during most years u dont even need two hand to show how many ppl got killed by sharks.

  • Sharks doesn't eat humans, olny when they're very hungry

  • Number 4 wow what shit mates, no one even helped him into the boat

  • Amature people immature behavior perfect

  • 3:38 ay bro watch yo git

  • Why do all those small fish swim so close to the shark's body in the last one? 7:42

    • Some fish are actually helpful to sharks by cleaning them from water mites. So sharks font eat them.

  • So it's like 4 minutes of related content, then six minutes of a docile shark swimming to make the video over ten minutes, so the dumbass can make a couple bucks

  • Boo

  • Don't waste your time, video is stupid

  • Amazing video buddy Watching from Dubai

  • Paris 08/10/2019 Is it horrible to see such a beautiful animal get killed? Humans are the beasts. Monsters exist we are monsters!!

    • Shoaw me u pusy

  • 4. He have not most worse frens ever but he have the most cunning frens.after that incident he should not be friends with them in his remaining life

  • Fact: people who film in vertical deserve to be eaten by sharks.

    • Feanaaro I’m saying that no one deserves to die that way, and tho we all die u shouldn’t wish death on anyone. But no one deserves to die in a harmful or purposefully wishing way

    • @I love God We are all going do die (incidentally, you are implying that your loved God is evil by saying that no one deserves to day while everyone does die). The only question is how.

    • Feanaaro umm that’s mean, no one deserves death

  • I love how sharks have an entourage,lol

  • That first shark was just playing tag. “Boop”

  • it looks like the last shark was just posing for the pictures, it almost felt like humans and sharks were/can be "friends".

  • ketemu hiu malah bahagia:')

  • 3:22 wow

  • The last sequence with the shark swimming around the cages surrounded by his little fishes is very beautiful...

  • In the last cilp me: WAS THAT A NAKO SHARK?!

  • The last shark was just curious and wanted to see what it was