Top 5 Formula 2 Moments | 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 6 ago 2019
For the first time in 15 years, a Schumacher stepped on the top step of the podium in Hungary - but plenty more action happened around the Hungaroring in Formula 2!
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  • 1519 pga tour

  • 1518 pga tour

  • 1517 pga tour

  • 1513 pga tour

  • 1512 pga tour

  • 1511 pga tour

  • 1510 pga tour

  • **alonso joined the chat** *GP2 ENGINE*

  • We really need an F2 IT-tvs channel!

  • Mitch Schumacher's victory cheer is like an off brand Verstappen cheer

  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • He has got father's chin


  • where are the race highlights??

  • Schuemacher wins the Hungarian GP.. heard it 8 times 7 for his father 1 for him

  • Was that Schumacher win on merit? I didn’t see the race.

  • Good on the young Schumi first year first win lots of good performances bright future

  • Formula 2 need's an own IT-tvs Channel

  • I’m so so happy Schumacher won his first race in formula 2 fantastic and at Hungary 🇭🇺 too a track where his dad Micheal won 4 times including his magnificent 3 stop strategy win in 1998 and his record equaling 4th title and record equaling 51st win in 2001 that is just incredible I miss Micheal a lot keep the flame alive mick get well soon Micheal

  • Why there is so much audio quality difference between f1's radio and f2's ? @formula1

  • Another lazy 2min video! Can you please do a more detailed F2 highlightgs??

  • I have made an F1 2019 first half of the season highlights video check it out!

  • 1:00 Looks like someone was in need of a good _whappin_

  • 1461 pga tour

  • 1460 pga tour

  • 0:59 hahahah that slap tho......

  • Congratulation too Mick Schumacher his first win in Formula 2 Championship!

  • very cool to see that Mick has got a mix of the helmets of his father and his uncle

  • I miss a lot of news coming from f1 for f2 info

  • He looked like his dad right at the end

  • Can we get subtitles for the F2 on-boards? I couldnt understand a word!

  • 0:18 Hmmm... Both drivers have DRS wide open 😂

    • @Miroslaavi matshu had a guy infront of him, resulting in DRS for him aswell

    • @Filip Strandfelt No. Only the guy who is under 1sec behind the car front of him at the DRS detection point is allowed to use it. In this case Matshushita should not use it.

    • thats because how drs works, there was a guy ahead and he got drs, both 2 got drs

  • Is the engine noise being drowned out but the commenary/music...or is it really that quiet...seems rather underwhelming. They should front back V10/12s to F1, that would be cool

  • Nyck > Mick

    • Rick Bloemers but was Nyck as good as now in his first year? I wanted to show you with that example that he need time to improve

    • @Champ so? Leclerc is better than Russell whilst it's Russell's first year🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Rick Bloemers nyck is in his 3. year an Mick in his first

  • I feel sorry for DAMS

  • M S C !

  • F2 ?

  • Mick is a really good driver. Still bloody young, but very talented! I hope he can step up to his father! Even if he is not, I guess only seeing a Schumacher on the grid makes everyone happy again!

  • 1:41 Mick sounding a lot like Vettel

  • Seeing mick at the top of the podium makes me so happy

  • Mick and Nobu were showing amazing battles.Go on competitive!

  • If u see formula 2 so why u not show us the boom engine is was and the formula 1 practice 3? Is crazy!

  • Will Mick Schumacher get into F1 Next Year

  • Great job mick!

  • Is there any way to watch the Formula 2 races live in Canada?

  • I guess you could say.. Rainmaster Schumi

  • Qatar air ways

  • Excellent job nasser Qatar Dakar rally in

  • Can we please get subtitles for the radio messages? It is nearly impossible to understand when they're talking through that WW2 tech.

    • Don't insult WW2 tech

    • I find it really weird that their mics are so much worse than F1s

    • They are talking in codes, so that the opponent teams can't extract their strategy. lel :v

  • 0:53 it reminds me Webber's last crash

  • F1 Cars got small

  • Best drivers in F2 = Most of the people dont know. Mick, upper midfield driver = everyone „knows“ and hypes the hell out of him.

    • Jimmy Definitely will be fine on sponsors imo

    • Yup, this is it. And Mick is an average driver, all he got is the name.

    • @Duval In The Wall Ain't because Lawrence Stroll that he gives the money to his son?

    • Upper midfield? He isn’t even in the top ten.

  • 0:53 They touch Martin! They touch!

  • Are the formula 2 and formula e presenters the same? They sound pretty much the same

  • Nick De Vries wins heaps of races proably won't get a F1 drive. Mick Summacher wins 1. Instant Ferrari drive thats what im guessing will happen.

    • @Stephen Bachman de Vries is in his third F2 year and was never really impressive. edit: I somhow thought that de vries drove for carlin in 2018, which is incorrect

    • @Stephen Bachman endurance i agree f1 i find for him no if you for instance look to gasly he cant adapt to the red bull car nick is not know for adapting

    • N E P O T I S M

    • @random t-rex de vries still deserves a drive in a F1 team. Either that or get him into a serious Endurace team like TVR Rebellion for a whole year. Toyota got Hartley so to even the playing field Rebellion could get De Vries.

  • I was hoping to see the engine blow out that caused the cement dust.

  • Still Faster than Williams

  • F2 doesnt crash anymore. Something's wrong 🤔

  • Thumbnail looks like the video game lol

  • Please make the music even louder the next time, so that I can't even understand what Mazepin is saying! Thank you! Does anyone even know what he said? I didn't understand a thing.

    • Sounded like: DUUUN DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUUUN DUN DUN DUN, *squealy guitar noise*

    • Didn't understand a thing.