Top 5 closest finishes in MotoGP™️!

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2019
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  • Yes no f@#&ing music only awesome sounds of Revving...!!!!

  • Emezing zusuki

  • new very close finish

  • Rossi in his prime was the best.

  • 10:04 Crazy person standing on the track. If they hit, he will be slaughtered by those bikes

  • Moto gp ❤️

  • Monoton,,

  • Toni elias won so many epic races A shame his carrer was more average

  • Lorenzo vs marquez mugello gp ?= 0.019s

  • The only rider to win head to head duel with Marques is Dovi ie 1 Marques 5 for Dovi

  • Casey Stoner knew how to properly ride a bike faster on straights and turns

  • absolutely awesome @2:05 !!!

  • Marc markez harus merubah cara balapnya terutama dilintasan jika tidak dia tdk akan pernah jadi pembalap sejati

  • Elias cost Rossi the 2006 championship ,5 points where is he now.2015 Marquez ,pedrosa the puppets played games another championship lost by 5 points Rossi could of been on 11 .

  • Believe it or not.. But redbull really gives you wings ✈

  • Turkish people like soo much motorcyicle race

  • I want this race coming Turkey

  • This can't be real.. (o.o)

  • Moto gp Italian grand Prix 2016 Jorge Lorenzo And Marc Marquez

  • MotoGP sucks. Fed up of manipulated game. Watch this:

  • Battle of Japanese brand Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha glad to see that suzuki nailed it, Suzuki👏👏👏👏👏

  • Is Rossi like the Schumacher/Hamilton of MotoGP?

  • отличная подборка, автору спасибо

  • 20 years and Rossi still there giving us the best of MotoGP


  • 졌어 병신아 신나하긴

  • Rins is on fire this season on that gxsrr holly fuck that thing has some serious power

  • Those 2 strokes tho. How many cc was that? So cool so classic. Nice vid!

  • Rossi is twice these guys age and still killing it. Dame there is a legend.

  • Die Rins-Nummer war 🔨

  • If I were them I'd have the other guy stand with me on the podium, there are 2 1st place winners that day 😂

  • 3:10 Well, Karel Abraham *was* already in the MotoGP back in 2011. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Watch this also


  • Asli cerdas

  • Dois grandes pilotos 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • I need youuu

  • Mike doohan win

  • great to see 2 stroke era


  • I love you MotoGP

  • Awesom and memorial battle 🤯🤯🤯thanks man thanks 2019 marquez rins

  • Mick doohan try to cut the line of the rival

  • wow my favorite is win good job alex rins

  • Catalunya 2009 dai le basi

  • I just need to say... the first clip with Marquez and Rins...I wached that race and I'm a Marquez fan but what a race... Rins did an amazing job...some of the best racing I have seen in a long time... well done Rins

  • Lorenzo and Marquez muggelo 2016?

  • Wah mantrap

  • Video ini dibuat karena deja vu marc di last lap secara berturut turut.

  • I can smell the 2 stroke from here! 😤❤💛💙💚🧡💜


  • Elias di merda

  • Precision time...

  • I think yamaha is lack on acceleration

  • You could show us some slow motions....

  • 🙄Where are the legandary battles whit kevin, lawsson, schwants and the others?

  • Ternyta mamakek menang motr doang

  • I love watching this..☝️

  • F**K u Marc

  • Love the current commentators. They feel as passionate as Italian commentators, and they're very passionate.