Top 5 Best Da Bomb Reactions | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 29 gen 2019
Da Bomb hot sauce seems to always get the best reactions out of the guests.
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Guests that appear on the show and the link to their full interview~
Kevin Hart:
Charlize Theron:
Gordon Ramsay:
Rhett and Link:
Bill Burr:
Ending Song:
TheFatRat - "Fly Away feat. Anjulie
This video was just made for fun and I'm not hoping to monetize off of it. All credit goes to the Hot Ones show.


  • 7:14 *link doesn’t wanna be left out of the “cool kid Rhett and Sean club”* 7:53 *link realizing he can’t hang and he regrets everything*

  • Around 6 years ago I ate a tablespoon of this stuff straight on a dare, not knowing just how bad it would be. The heat was a killer, but within about 15 minutes I had the worst stomach pains i've ever experienced and I was slumped over the toilet, eyes streaming and trying not to throw up as my friends laughter turned in to genuine concern. To this day it's the worst food memory ever and I cringe up thinking about it, but hey, it made me love other spicy food as nothing i've tried since seems spicy in comparison.

  • “DA BOOMB! That’s trying a little hard.” -Charlize “Foot-in-Mouth” Theron

  • Bill is just the best

  • Charlize Theron is "Da Bomb" 🚀😍🔥

  • It's CRIMINAL you didn't put Key and Peele on here.

  • “Put your hand in your pocket” 😂😂

  • yo did i just hear jou mase poes??? wtf..

  • It's kinda stupid that hottest sauce isn't hottest according to show so you end up being disappointed bunch of times by "hotter sauces" bunch of times until figure out which one is actually the hottest sauce.

  • Its not even bad Its actually really nice😂

  • I tried the sauce and man, it shouldn't be called a sauce dude. They're right when they compare it to battery acid. That's why I use it now to spice up the sauce / dips that I mix up.

  • "Fuck your question!" Lmao OMG Bill Burr, and he was looking like, wtf did I just do?!

  • do part 2

  • it's not even the hottest sauce, yet people seem to crack on this one more than the hottest one.

    • @Taloscal I don't think taste should take away from the amount of heat or spice a sauce has.

    • I think it's because there's no taste to take away from the heat... it's just like taking a bit of pure magma.

  • Bill burr turned around and looked for God like wtf is going on here 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • 11:33 "Fuck your question!"😭😂

  • Kevin Hart was a great guest!

  • Chris D'Elia's reaction will forever stay my favorite

  • "Fuck your questions!" LMAO

  • Gordon is disgusting I definitely wouldn’t eat anything he made! 🤢

  • 9:18 "Link.. what's your favorite swear word that yo- OOF!"

  • Ramsey is such a tit. Type of guy that tries too hard and in life everybody wants to avoid. Nobody likes an arsehole.

  • She had to give herself a hug......😂😂😂😂

  • Funny thing, Beyond Insanity is the least hot hot sauce they make at Da Bomb

  • The last guy is hilarious 🤣

  • Someone should count all the fucks Gordon's thrown at the host.

  • Biil 🤣🤣🤣 fuck ur question I don't give a fuck wat pple eat 🤣🤣🤣 so me

  • The two guys w/ the hiccups! "ShiEt!"

  • i bought this sauce... they are notttt faking it!! is just horribly hott and weird flavor.

  • I’m a simple man. I see Bill burr I watch

  • I apologize Kansas

  • I've never had Da Bomb, but I have had Burn Or Bliss chocolate.If its in any way similar I salute every single person on this show who got through it.

  • I ate this at school and holy crap it was soooooooo spicy

  • This battery acid you slime

  • Miss Theron, you make me blush. 😆

  • Just had some a few minutes ago. Hottest shit I’ve ever tasted. Torture!

  • Oh my god bill burr was losing his mind lmao

  • I bought a bottle of Da'Bomb Beyond Insanity, and I am a spicy food lover and, I can personally say......Its like getting the Xenomorphs blood from the Alien movie franchise, in your mouth.

  • Rhett & Link weak

  • It's fun to try once with some friends. I'll probably never use it again. Maybe to poison somebody.