Top 20 Worst Things Ever Done to Meg from Family Guy

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
These worst things ever done to Meg from Family Guy still have us cringing. We’ll be looking at some of the most awful things suffered by the eldest Griffin child on Family Guy, Meg, who always seems to get the short end of the stick in the worst of ways. Being told to shut up is the least of it! WatchMojo ranks the worst things ever done to Meg from Family Guy. What do you think is the worst thing that has happened to Meg? Let us know in the comments!
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  • this is the first time i have ever seen her face lol

  • Shut up meg

  • Shut up meg

  • I would be Meg's friend for life if I got to meet her, nobody deserves the abuse and lonliness she gets.

  • They should start making episodes where Meg is treated normally

  • me thinking my life is horrible Meg


  • Poor meg

  • Why meg she so nice her family is abuse ing her

  • :()

  • You don’t see a lot of lists more than 10. You know it’s bad if it’s 20 things

  • Why doesn't Meg become Hitman or killer like John Wick?

  • There needs to be a top 100 now

  • Meg gets treated like this because Seth mcfarlane and his writers say they don’t know how to write about a teenage girl.

  • 1 like 1 DEATH for peater

  • No one cares about meg in the show and in real life

  • Erased by God is one of the baddest to happen to her. Who agrees?

  • I dont like pettir griffen

  • I wonder if Lois started treating Meg worse because Meg acted like a bitch to her after her makeover.

  • Squidward or Meg?

  • Meg deserves so much more.

  • We know that meg is the butt of all jokes but this is downright cruel and idk how the family doesn’t realize that

  • Poor meg

  • Anyone else feel bad for Meg? Even though she's just a cartoon? I don't even know why I clicked this video since I don't watch family guy.

  • So here's the reason why Meg is the butt of the house, the creator of Family Guy had trouble giving Meg a normal teenage girl life😂

  • Megan is the punching bag of that family. She would be the nucleus of mine.

  • I don't think it's being funny anymore what they do with meg, because it's always the same joke "oh she's disgusting" "oh she's ugly" "oh no one likes her" actually I never thought that funny and somehow, even if it's a cartoon, they really don't have a good reason to hate Meg so much. I mean, I don't hate someone because they are ugly and she try to be nice to them and they just want her to die for no reason.

  • Fuck Meg

  • At this point I'm not surprised if they will make an episode of suicide and abuse PSA via Meg commiting suicide and then her family celebrating her death via getting everyone they know for a party that is ironically more full of life than Meg's actual birthdays

  • Yeah I make those always seem to want to get the short end of anyhow Happy Valentine's day everybody ❤️

  • Meg doesn’t even look that bad Edit: you notice that peter was nicer in the earlier seasons? That’s weird.

  • Meg just sucks

  • I feel so sorry for meg this family guy show had gotten out of hand And so what if meg likes older men so what if people think she is ugly she does not need to be treated like this

  • Me: Barley touches my sibling What he tells to mom: 2:17

  • This entire video is you hating on Peter, it’s a show for comedy and you seem to be less empathetic of Meg and more aggressive to Peter

  • Shut up Meg.

  • Meg is my lest favourite person in family guy she ugly

  • What about the farts

  • Shut up Meg

  • Do one like this but with Klaus from American dad, please

  • Meg is actually not ugly. Chris is uglier but people don't seem to point that out

  • Meg is amazing the griffins don’t deserve her

  • (No comment).... *Shut up Meg*

  • I would love to see her massacre all of her haters. Starting with peter.

  • What is it with dumb fathers in cartoons such as Stan, Peter, Clevland, Richard, Homer, and etc.?

  • It should be titled 100,000 worst things ever done to Meg Griffin

  • I know this probably would break the normal Family Guy plot formula, but I badly want an episode where things work out terrifically for Meg and it is not reversed by some dark joke at the end. The humor could still work just as long as the story is written with enough attention to detail, and no one stays out of character. It would be a nice break from the normal episodes we get from Family Guy lately, and be something we could all enjoy.

  • South Park: Kenny

  • Shut up Meg.

  • Which of these 8 characters is the most tortured in your opinion? Meg Griffin Candace Flynn Squidward Tentacles Wile E. Coyote Timmy Turner Dr. Heinz Doofinshmertz Morty Smith Tom the cat

  • That's why family Guy is funny 😂

  • Shut up rebecca

  • Poor Meg. Like the joke is funny when it's just a simple shut up or something but the stuff the the Griffin family does to her goes too far.

  • I don’t care I hate meg

  • What about the time Peter shot her in the head in the cut scene that deserves to be up there

  • Shut up meg

  • well if they put it that way then it doesnt sound as funny

  • POOR MEG😥😭💔

  • Worst thing that’s happened to meg: being born into a hypercritical, inconsistent family who cares less about her health, life etc

  • I love seeing Peter in pain I laugh and feel good as he cries in pain I feel happy I could watch Peter cry for an hour and laugh If ever meet Peter I would cut off his dick if his even is long enough to cut it and feed it to Brian as he bleeds an just let Peter bleed out