Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2014
This is it, the list few of you thought we’d dare to do. Remember that in order to make this list, a game needs to have made at least Rank 4 or higher in our games per generation series. Join as we conclude our Top Video Game series with the Top 10 Video Games of All Time. Check us out at, and
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  • Gta San Andreas is game of all time

  • Baldurs Gate 2?

  • People need to realize that this list isn’t just about gameplay and quality, it’s also about how revolutionary the game was, which is why games like Goldeneye007 is on this list

  • Why half life 2 not half life 1? Half life 1 had beautiful graphics in 1998

  • Where's.... BATLLEFIELD 1942

  • This isn't a good list sorry

  • Yeah!!!! Ocarina of Time!

  • The cake is a lie

  • I disagree with 9 games being on this list. Is this video opinion oriented, or based on data.


  • #2:-tetris😶

  • the last of us clip at the end was really a kick in the face for me haha

  • People talking about minecraft. Not everyone likes Minecraft. Get over it. If you love it good, play it as much as you want. But when you say others too should because you do is dumb as Fortnite kids saying everyone loves Fortnite. Everyone have their own favourite.

  • I knew ocarina of time would be number one :)...... Please don't kill me. :(

  • Just saw the number 1 : OOT . Agree. +1 like

  • Stop being a popularity bitch by putting a Legend of Zelda game on the top. Because it's not even close to the top ten best games.

  • What do you think of my top ten and what’s yours? 10. The Witcher 3 9. God Of War 8. Skyrim 7. Silent Hill 2 6. RDR 2 5. Dark Souls 3 4. Re2 Remake 3. The last of us 2. RE 4 1. Bloodborne Every game on this list is a masterpiece IMO

  • They should've done 10 lists and took the winners of each list and put them in here

  • Golden Eye and RE 4 did not deserve to be at the bottom of the list. Seriously though, Tetris as #2? Lol...

  • Is it me or did Doom not even get honorable mention..... !! :(

  • Wtf all of these or fucking what they caused yet u call them best games ever?? Get over your nostalgia and make a real fucking list

  • What about Sleeping Dogs?

  • Umm... Where the hell is doom lol?

  • Super mario 64 wasn’t even an honoable mention!

  • Metal Hear Solid is just a honorable mention?!?! And Chronotrigger instead of FF7.Wowww

  • so glad that you guys put OOT at no.1! its my favorite aswell!

  • My list 1. Portal 2 2. Half-life 2 3. Minecraft 4. Pokémon Ruby 5. Bendy and the Ink Machine 6. Team fortress 2 7. Godzilla PS4 8. Rocket league 9. Sonic 10. Hello Neighbor

  • How is there not a single gta on this list? Gta 4 and SA are probably the greatest games of all time

  • Ye nostalgia is more important the actual game and where the faq is dark souls

  • Sometimes watchmojo should dont touch sensitive things like this specially when all they did was a google search and they play sudoko on phone

  • Did you ever heard of Witcher 3 ?

  • So according to WatchMojo, Super Mario World is the fourth best game of all time but Super Mario Bros 3 is the best Mario game of all time. Makes complete sense.

  • The best game in history is Bioshock: Infinite Can’t change my mind

    • tloz got me, can’t criticize that decision

    • well you included Portal, I’m proud

  • There’s so damn much wrong with this video. You cannot make a video, saying it’s the greatest of all time, but skip the care games that made the video game world what it is today. What About the firsts ? PAC Man, set the bar in the 1980s, then, the first, 1st person shooters, like Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke Nukem. Then, the legends. You can’t say a 2nd or a remake of a video game is the greatest. Half Life set the bar for all other video games. There’s so damn much wrong with this video. Story games, like Leisure suit larry, etc. no wonder that you have half the dislikes of the likes on this. There’s fact, then there’s sequels. Half Life 2 wouldn’t exist without the brilliant minds of Valve. They set the bar to what we have today. Please remake this video with fact based games that changed and set the bar. Sure, I love to play some games still, but the Atari games, like the Atari 2600 versions running silly games like Donkey Kong and Pitfall, really are the reasons all of this exists today.

  • resident ivillllllllllllllll

  • Here's our authoritative list of the best video games ever. Mispronounces the first place game. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Where's Dark Souls?

  • What happened to GTA 5

  • Mojo lost its mojo

  • My top 5 games: 5 cuphead 4 Undertale 3 terraria 2 minecraft 1 stardew valley

  • Diablo II not even in honorable mentions. Should have won the whole thing..

  • Link to the past? Super Metroid?

  • Humorous Games

  • Brave Games

  • Creative Games

  • This is so houest Games


  • 3 words: Last Of Us!!!!!!

  • I don’t think any agrees with WatchMojos picks.... Because... say it with me.... Everybody’s opinion is different

  • Ocarina Of Time is the Citizen Kane of video games

  • Zelda oot is the greatest game of all time and I don’t see that changing ever in life. Other favorites of mine though are legend of dragoon, tony hawk underground, bio shock infinite, tomb raider reboot, Pokemon soulsilver, halo 3, Witcher 3

  • Wheres COD? Greatest game franchise

  • HALF LIFE 2.... FUCKING NO. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣


  • Cs 1.6

  • I hate tetris. Skyrim was a great game but it kept freezing when there was more than one dragon. 10. Fear effect 9. Broken sword 2 8. Minecraft 7. Doom 2 8. Fortnite 7. GTA 3 6. Duck hunt 5. Command and conquer 2: Yuris revenge 4. Pro evo 6 3. Legend of Zelda Link to the Past 2. Final fantasy 7 1. Brian lara cricket

  • GTA 5?

  • How tf is halo 3 not on here

  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? Super Metroid?

  • Kenshi should have been in this list due to its ability to create our own stories and destiny and it is also atmospheric