Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2014
This is it, the list few of you thought we’d dare to do. Remember that in order to make this list, a game needs to have made at least Rank 4 or higher in our games per generation series. Join as we conclude our Top Video Game series with the Top 10 Video Games of All Time. Check us out at, and
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  • Fortnite should be #1

  • Minecraft

  • Why is this the mother of all lists whilst being one per franchise?

  • Where's Minecraft at??

  • RDR2 has left the chat

  • I agree with this list except for Tetris.

  • What about street fighter or mortal Kombat

  • Goldeneye has aged worse than a dog turd left in the hot sun

  • Call of duty: mission failed we'll get em next time

  • SKYfuckingRIM

  • Ocarina of Time doesn't deserve #1

  • This is out dated

  • Not eve a mention for Demon Souls/Dark Souls, pffft SLACK

  • Tbh the reason games like Minecraft and Cod aren’t on this list is because the people who made the video played these games more and that makes them more biased to the older games

  • So Tetris is better than any other game except loz ocarina of time? *seems legit*

  • Halo 3

  • Minecraft?

  • You need to update your list because red dead 2 came out

  • Where’s minecraft

  • This list is stupid.

  • Warcraft???

  • My all time favorite game ever is AC4 Black Flag 🏴‍☠️

  • WTF is crono trigger and why is it higher than R E 2?

  • I’m so tired of Ocarina of Time being the best game. Just because you played it as a kid, doesn’t make it the best one ever made.

  • bro u missed prince of persia series(GOAT)

  • Just because your favourite game didn’t make it on this list dosent mean they didn’t explain it very well why they chose these!

  • I agree with this list for the most part

  • I personally am a bit disappointed a subnautica didn't make any of the lists

  • Minecraft would’ve been my top pick...

  • Please don't judge me for saying this, but I honestly think that the greatest game of all time is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team. I just think the story is amazing. 10/10.

  • My top 3 Favorite games 1. Super smash bros ultimate 2. Dragon ball. Xenoverse 2 3. Ocarina of time

  • DUDE what about earthbound

  • But where is undertale.... And Minecraft

  • Am I the only one who was expecting GTA 5?

  • Where is plants vs zombies?

  • No super metroid?

  • GTA SA

  • Ones you forgot... 1. CS:GO 2 Minecraft 3. Terraria 4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • My personal list ^^ 10) Outlast 9) Super Mario Galaxy 2 8) GTA V 7) Red Dead Redemption 6) New Super Mario Bros Wii 5) Red Dead Redemption II 4) Team Fortress 2 3) Half-Life 2 2) Mario Kart Wii 1) Minecraft

  • I'm not agree with this,GTA San Andreas should be number ONE!!!, Who agree with me

  • My top 10 favourite games are: 1. Fable Series. 2. Legacy of Kain/ Blood Omen Series. 3. Half Life Series. 4. Tomb Raider/ Lara Croft Games. 5. Halo Games. 6. Resident Evil Series. 7. Perfect Dark (N64) 8. Goldeneye (N64) 9. Splinter Cell Games. 10. Killzone Shadowfall (PS4)

    • My honourable mentions: 1. Quantum Break (XB1) 2. Shenmue Games (Xbox) 3. DOA series (excludes the volleyball)

  • No Sonic or last of us what kind of top ten is this

    • Last of us sucks.

  • Super Mario 64 is number one!

  • One question... WHERE IS MINECRAFT!!!

    • Maybe its in the fuckin buttom of the ocean

  • This list is so outdated 😆

  • *Do you agree with our list?* No Because..... HALO 3 WAS NOT ON THE FCKING LIST WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

  • my 10 *LEGEND NEVER DIEEEEEE* games minecraft roblox mario sonic smash ultimate pubg undertale deltarune *and there are no more because no other game is worthy*

  • *HEY!!!* WHERE'S SUPERMAN 64???

  • Banjo-kazooie and tooie are the best tho

  • One word DOOM

  • PvZ

  • Tetris at number 2?....

  • Fallout 3 last of us and final fantasy vii

  • Skyrim has no place here.

  • How is halo 2 ahead of halo 3 or halo reach??

  • Wtf list ...I game I liked in this list in president evil 4

  • Update this list

  • What about Pong?

  • 10. Metal Gear Solid 9. Mass Effect 8. Tekken 7. Crash Bandicoot 6. Sonic The Hedgehog 5. Call Of Duty 4. Mortal Kombat 3. God Of War 2. Street Fighter 1. Killer Instinct

    • Jack Jerry Ocarina Of Time is the best

  • Another Nintendo fan boy!

    • Actually most games on this list were not nintendo games only 2 .