TOP 10 | INCREDIBLE High Notes in The Voice

Pubblicato il 11 gen 2020
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🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Luke Swatman sings “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera” by Andrea Bocelli
2. Hanna Czarnecka sings “Diva's Dance” from The Fifth Element
3. Yahto Kraft sings “Never Enough” by Loren Allred
4. Patricia van Haastrecht sings “Rise Up” by Andra Day
5. Louise Du Toit sings “Nessun Dorma” by Giacomo Puccini
6. Mia Reba sings “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
7. ShezAr sings “A Deeper Love” by Clivillés & Cole
8. Emma Boertien sings “My Way” by Frank Sinatra
9. Hnin Eindray Shin sings “Think Of Me” by Andrew Lloyd Webber
10. João Palma sings “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith
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  • I'm off to watch 5th element now

  • Without a doubt I love the second performance, what a tough song and what a range of perfect pitch! Dang she is good! (and no turns?) ...

  • Estes júri idiotas se acham

  • That's not a good compilation of INCREDIBLE high notes.

  • Corbin man man. super green

  • NO WORDS..just respect from Croatia..

  • Some of this judges are no genuine. Total crap.

  • Esa es la cancion del 5to elemento Bruce Wills 2nd singer

  • Last singer so off key. The girl who sung My Way was absolutely amazing

  • Where is Dorota with „Calling you“ from the Voice of poland???? 😐

  • OMG......

  • most od them didn't even touch the high note... title out of nowhere

  • Well you know what I a, going to say - quite extraordinary - wee don’t stephenx

  • the girl singing Rise up just took the Morissette Amon’s cover (she has an incredible voice but that’s not her version)

  • She shudda wore the actual dress the artist wore in the movie lol (2nd performance)

  • Only UK?

  • El que iso este top esta loco el último no debió estar hay

  • Subtítulo español

  • Essa é música é do filme " O 5º elemento"

  • By far holland #1! What a voice 🙏 Greetings from 🇷🇸

  • 4 10 8 waren sehr gut

  • Me cargan los jurados que esperan a otro para voltearse, no tienen iniciativa propia y eso habla mal de ellos

  • Canta como los angeles

  • 1:56 How to basic - diva dance

  • These judges are biased . These are better than them honestly😂

  • That first fella was absolutely incredible! I'd only ever heard the song by Andrea Bocelli, but he unquestionably nailed it. Beautiful version. MsG

  • I loved the second 😍 girl

  • Anyone that can nail fifth element shouldnt have taken so long to turn hitting those notes. Beyond incredible.

    • i thought that too... buuut i think the judges think, people with that kind of voice are far beyond these kind of programs, and should be looking for a different kind of enviroment, could be, or because they can hit notes the judges can't xD

  • So the talentless fools did not turn for Plava Laguna.

  • opera singers are scary for the judeges they only know about pc mixing pop crap ;)

  • Rise up!

  • Holland is the best!

  • The first guy has me in shock

  • Laaaaawd, why must this Lira (South African judge) always act like a total FOOL! Ugh! So annoying & embarrassing!!

  • 5:00 ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО! Ты супер! (Speak Russia)

  • Wow,that is wonderful! Beautiful moment!

  • The first contestent ....... He is worthy of turning even before the high notes. And he doesnt need tons of blubber to sing opera. Its about years of training and building strong flexible vocal cords to withstand range , control and volume .

  • For the 5th Element song, she was too many keys lower than the original and it drove me insane! Still good though.

    • Is dimash version higher?

  • Donde.estan.los.latinos😉❤

  • Judges' reactions are so natural.

  • Ol girl hit that fifth element song😂

  • I am really suprised that a lot of people here don't know that the song the 2nd girl sing was from the movie The fifth element, and originaly that song has been made by computer to make it really hard almost impossible to sing in real life... That girl killed it!

  • omg, they are all soooo goooddddd


  • That's really wrong a judge ask another one if he can turn around, that's not correct, everyone should have own point of view and besides those competitors are better than judges

  • Eso está muy mal q un juez le pregunte a otro si se puede voltear, cada quien tiene q tener su propio criterio, me gustaría q pongan una división oscura entre ellos para q no se consulten, son participantes q cantante mejores q los jueces con voces increíbles

  • Esse ruivinho primeiro e ARREPIANTE. Que vozeirão Linda música.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🌹

  • Ни одного таланта не увидел..

  • a para....só dois viraram no primeiro, sacanagem

  • The fist person is the most

  • Probably the worst Diva's Dance I've heard.

    • That argument is stupid. One doesn't have to be able to do something in order to give an opinion on it. Try again.

    • No prob - simply do it better. Looking forward to your own performance, thanks in advance!

  • Warum gibt man hierfür einen Daumen runter? Ihr habt doch alle keine Ahnung von so einer Mega Stimme.. ❤️👍👍

  • He has a voice of angel I usually don't listen to opera he brought tears to my eyes

  • Rise up girl is Captain Marvel.

  • Lmao you can hear the raw vocals mixed with the post-mix vocals in the 2nd clip. About 1.57 How awkward

  • The Rise up girl kinda looks like Brie Larson

  • Soy el unico que habla español de acá ? .

  • 7:30 perfect

  • Quando é ópera percebe-se que dificilmente alguém vira,talvez pq seja demais pros jurados pra treinar ou a maioria não sabe direito sobre ai acontece isso

  • the tenor (first to sing) is extraordinary. The follower are only good