Top 10 Epic Man v. Food Challenges

Pubblicato il 28 mar 2018
Top 10 Epic Man v. Food Challenges
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The craziest Man V. Food challenges can be found right here! We're looking at the most impressive, epic and over-the-top challenges that Adam Richman or “Man v Food” nation have taken on, such as the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger Challenge, the Fire in Your Hole Wings Challenge, the Kodiak Arrest Challenge, the Spicy Phaal Challenge, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Epic Man v. Food Challenges.
#10. Big Texan Challenge
#9. Travis on a Silver Platter Challenge
#8. Southwestern Exposure Challenge
#7. Classic Whale Challenge
#6. Spicy Phaal Challenge
#5. Absolutely Ridiculous Burger Challenge
#4. Kodiak Arrest Challenge
#3, #2 & #1: ????
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  • Why did Adam leave? I stopped watching after that.

  • The phal my best curry i all ways eat it

  • Adam himself actually said on an episode of the show Hot Ones that Munchies 4:20 added the whole bottle of ghost chilli extract in an attempt to “blow him out” and they did blow him out, because he recalls laying in the bathroom with dangerously swollen nasal passages. I think honestly, if he had continued on with the challenge, he would have actually died. He also said that in India, they weaponised ghost chilli extract to keep wild elephants at bay. The douchebag cafe owner cheated to steal a win for TV. They did my man Adam dirty!

  • Only true legends can withstand the Mega Beef Bowl at Aiya's Chinese Restaurant in Inaba, Japan. But I wouldn't go walking around that place on a dark foggy night after a few days of rain, heard there was a murderer roaming around that time.

  • This is the polar opposite of European gourmet food ... the image of feeding pigs keeps coming to my mind, it's disgusting.

  • Did anyone even watch the show after Adam left

  • This is why you’re fat USA

  • What on earth is keeping him alive!

  • Adam was so enthusiastic and had a great personality it seemed. He's such a fun guy. Hope your health gets better

  • the owner for munchies 420 owned up that the wings he gave adam were a lot hotter than the normal challenge

  • I wasn't expecting that haha, I watched the "Fire In Your Hole Challenge" on the Travel channel my senior year and my young dumbass was like "pssshhh I could do that". Now that I'm 30...I'll pass

  • Just remember that spicy burning food has to come back out.........

  • The Four Horseman challenge was a good one to watch.

  • This is sooo american

  • Hey the number one challenge that's the one where the restaurant got caught cheating eventually. They put extra spice on the wings more than they usually do and Adam only ate two of them.

  • Ohh Lord can you just imagine trying to take a shit after these food challenges especially the spicy ones 😂😂

  • He eats food all day in the show then takes on the challenge

  • Why dont professional food eaters do the show

  • The last challenge I would like to do it while sitting on a toilet

  • matt stonie whould wipe it all in seconds ....

  • This casey guy is a ass!

  • Humans are weird as shit

  • I live in Saraland Alabama lol

  • Competing to be the biggest glutton, do people actually think this is some kind of accomplishment?

  • i know im a freak, but I always wonder what the toilet looks like the day after these challenges.

    • Ha lol that's what my husband always says lol 😁😁

  • I hate to imagine what happens in their toilet room

  • Got recommendation of this video from the Matt's video

  • The burger looked gross

  • damn I'm hungry now

  • Great video, but the "Fire and Ice Challenge" mentioned in Honorable Mentions was not in Louisville, KY - it takes place at Santa's Candy Castle in Santa Claus, IN. I know because I won the inaugural challenge several years ago - my name is still on the wall! :)

  • No

  • Gawd i just gag see ing this lol too much food

  • 3:13, Eggscellent (Regular Show). Richman vs Furious Pete would be amazing.

  • I want to dump a giant bucket of mayo on that burger

  • Poopy Poopy Poopy

  • this just turned into.. LETS SEE WHO CAN GET DIABETES THE FASTEST

  • 1 like =Adam 1 comment = Casey

  • The fire in your hole wings even the owner admitted he made them hotter

  • Man vs food sucks Matt stonie is better

  • If this man died of a heart attack in the middle of one of these challenges would folks understand that the Bible is true? Lovers of themselves.....

  • The fire in your hole challenge should be disqualified from this list. A couple of reports stated that the restaurant used an unsafe amount of ghost pepper extract and he was literally sick and could of potentially been injured

  • Casey Webb ain’t bad

  • The Giant Burger looked like a massive heap of shit

  • In the fire in your hole challenge the cooks added to much ghost pepper if you watch hot ones he said that

  • This guy eats huge plates of food but yet, the little Asian dude, eat 56 hot dogs in like 5 minutes and doesn't have his own show

  • he single? Asked no one ever.

  • I LOVE these episodes, always wanted to challenge myself with everything he did, but I'm vegan lol! Could try vegan alternatives though..

  • 190lbs! Are you fucking kidding me?! That's 86kg! My sister weighs less than that!

  • Tang ina akala ko si bayani yung na sa thumbnail

  • Apparently though, the guy who made the 'Fire In Your Hole' wings cheated, and that's why Adam was only able to eat 2 of them

  • Now imagine Matt Stonie was in this show

  • Dorothy from South Korea can take in the Fire in Your Hole Wings in a minute without a drop of sweat.

    • to be fair for that Fire In The Hole Wings challenge the restaurant didn't want Adam to win so they used way more pepper extract than normal. I heard he was kind of upset since they essentially cheated and food that super spicy can actually be dangerous.

  • The Big burger is huge

  • The Spicy Curry also made an appearance on the first episode of the Food Network Show: Chefs Vs. City.

  • Who else wanted to see Man v Food in Africa? 👇🏾

  • Chandler Bing gets a bellyfull of oysters at 7:38

  • I was surprised that there was an entry for Alaska....thats awesome! :D

  • that burrito is gonna make me shit for days

  • Umm Randy’s Wooster st pizza is in Manchester CT not Hartford ok fucko get it right

  • Matt Stonie could probably eat all of this in 2 seconds.

    • @Phoebe exactly

    • @Monric Pete is fast but he's nowhere near Matt's level at all, specially now

    • Did you see how fast Furious Pete can eat a whole pizza? I love Matt Stonie butt FuriousPete is lightening quick, too

    • Idk seems pretty big, maby 3 seconds