Top 10 Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch Now! 2019

Pubblicato il 28 giu 2019
Over the years, Netflix has released more 200 Original Movies. With so many to choose from, to determine the best, we conducted a poll with friends and subscribers of this channel to find out their favorite original films of all time on Netflix. The results were interesting. Some of the movies that were hated by film critics ended up making this list and vice versa. Based on those results, I will countdown the Top 10 Original Movies on Netflix that you can watch right now.
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  • What is your favorite Netflix Original Movie of all time?

  • What about What Happened To Monday?

  • Can some guy give me an acaunt of netflix

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • I never thought I’d see the day great actors would be reduced to normal, everyday people. #netflix #hulu #primevideo etc

  • 1.the Irishman 2.the king 3.Arrival 4.okja 5.Bright (trust me )

  • Where is "What happened to Monday?" And "The Ridiculous 6" Also "In the Tall Grass"

  • Ridiculous 6 👌👌👌👌

  • Black orphan and Queen of the South are good series though 🎊😁

  • 3:08

  • A Quiet Place

  • Ok but BRIGHT was next level good it’s was like action,sad,hella action, confused moments, sad,big sad, then laughs. Bright was great you should watch it

  • Finally, a fantastic , informative review. I loved Mudville. Saw almost all these movies and agree with the commentator all the way. I cannot watch #1. I'm so sick of war murders that I want to put on trial, those making the wars, Netanyahu, Bolton. WOlfowitz, Mnuchin, Abrams, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice. Possibly Bush. Then for murders inside the USA, the clintons, the VIS! The GBI and the NSA. I ran JV track, it's not like I don't know my shit !!!

  • Zombieland !!

  • Movies and series I like on Netflix Dunkirk ,the Grimsby brothers ,kingsman the secret service ,21 jump street , the do over , horrible bosses , AVENGEMENT , Superbad, this is the end , bad neighbours , bright , the worlds end ,lets be cops, man like mobeen (series), Paul , step brothers , colossal , big daddy, knocked up , annihilation, the ridiculous 6 , Lucy , Friday night dinner ( series) ,Chappie , dirty grandpa, Black Death , the equalizer , big mouth ( series ) fist fight, project x, on my block ( series ) ,stranger things (series) black mirror (series) Rick and morty ( series) , the mist (series) Eli , raising Dion (series) , a million ways to die in the west, fury , in the tall grass, kiss me first ( series), lost in space (series) dark shadows , game over man, law abiding citizen, long shot, final space ( series ) the nutty professor, sex education ( series ) the revenant , love death robots ( series) drill bit Taylor , THE FAMILY, little evil, the thing , Pineapple Express , the hustle

  • Okja top ten??? What fucking planet do you live on. It’s complete dog shit

  • Since eveyone here looking for a movie to watch,why don't we make a list that we already watch, and find it good❤ My list....🎬 1.the commuter 2-maze runner 3-san Andress 4-the Impossible 5-Nerve 6-happy death 7-the hangover 8-Tomb raider 9-Quite place

  • guess the genre here is more to drama and acting skill. I dont really like this kind of genre. And WTF i thought BirdBox is the greatest movie for Netflix so far.

  • I liked Bright. 6 Underground is pretty good too.

  • The book of eli ❤

  • We all know you’re here cause you’ve been scrolling through netflix for more than 2 hours and you can’t find anything to watch

    • We all know that no one in this comment section can make an original comment

  • Movies have a basic line of trust does it look good is the story okay did I learn something that why I came here no other reason ... cough (mother)

  • 3:47 Wtf?

  • I’m 6 months late to this video because I have been searching for a decent movie on Netflix☺️

  • *Michael Scofield prison break ?*

  • okay i’m scrolling through the comments so i can see any reviews regarding the lists, anyone??

  • All I’m saying is watch top boy

  • I can recommend 1. The Martian 2.Passenger 3.The orphanage 4.What happened to Monday 5.Umbrella Academy 6.Money heist 7.Before I wake 8.Level 16 9.Wild Child 10.Brain on fire 11.Eli 12.Ready or not 13.Intersellar 14.Darkest minds 15.Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children 16.The girl with all the gifts 17.I am mother 18.Bird box 19.Hush 20.Quiet place 21.Triple Frontier 22.Bright 23.I am legend 24.The odd life of timothy green 25.Tall girl 26.Table 19 27.Truth or dare 28.The day after tomorrow 27.Midnight sun 29.The Purge 30.Men in black ●This is not all 2019 Netflix Movie (some) ● I just love it so I recommend it feel free to share to me your favorite movies. ●It's in a random order

    • Aly Thank you for the list. I just took a screenshot. I’ll watch as much of them as I can :)

  • Cargo (Best zombiemovie in ages) The Siege of Jadotville (brillant actionpacked warfilm) Spectral (higly entertaining sci-fi)

  • No escape one of the best movies

  • Most of these movies are not that good... netflix sucks right now



  • I heard Bow Wow plays in this movie callThe Mind Of Aarron Hernandez and he plays a light skin version of the Fiancé who a caramel skin Female he wears makeup wig, dress everything😳

  • Please check out my channel🥰

  • Just watched Bright! Worst film ever!

  • If you want to cry and mostly believe in something you can't do watch Breakthrough IT'S AMAZING I'm not spoiling anything

  • cool. thanks for sharing this list with us.

  • Mirage?

  • Who else is looking this cause they have nothing to watch on netflix?

  • great narration. many other YT videos have annoying narration.

  • Jim and Andy the great beyond 👍🏼

  • The departed , inception , revolutionary road , catch me of you can

  • I’m looking in the comments to see people’s recommendations 👍🏼

  • The Irishman????

  • El Camino 😍

  • I saw the first two movies on this video and they’re good.

  • cant find "i am mother" on netflix

    • @sxphilique yea, really wanna watch it, but i actually cant find it

    • really? i watched it and it was great!

  • Ballad of buster scruggs was amazing

  • okay was awesome and heartbreaking

  • O

  • Thanks for nice review! :-)

    • Lebanese Joker can’t remember. was just checking out for me and my boyfriend

    • Eva Mingo what did you watched?

  • 10: highway men 9: iron mother 8: private life.

  • Calender 67

  • prison break

  • Okja is really good

  • Beat of no nation sounds alot like Half of a yellow sun.

    • u should defo watch Beasts --its really really good.i was surprised it was this good and highly underrated

  • 6 underground is great

  • Bright is good and tikka mad cute

  • I loved 6 Underground. The action was fabulous