Top 10 Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch Now! 2019

Pubblicato il 28 giu 2019
Over the years, Netflix has released more 200 Original Movies. With so many to choose from, to determine the best, we conducted a poll with friends and subscribers of this channel to find out their favorite original films of all time on Netflix. The results were interesting. Some of the movies that were hated by film critics ended up making this list and vice versa. Based on those results, I will countdown the Top 10 Original Movies on Netflix that you can watch right now.
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  • What is your favorite Netflix Original Movie of all time?

    • Maybe brain

    • What happened to monday.

    • EZ Savage yes bro!!

    • Money heist

    • žudikas kieša that’s not a netflix original 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • I am Mother...meh

  • you're here because you don't have any idea to watch. LIKE ME.

  • Idk what those shits are but if u havent watched narcos dont even watch netflix at all

  • I am mother is trash

  • Highway man was good

  • I actually can’t stress enough on how good beast of no nations is

  • Bird box is one of the best Netflix movie.

  • Znation is GOOD PROMISE✋

  • Bright is a good movie

  • How does "Roma" just get an honourable mention?? The movie was nominated 10 times at the Academy Awards and won tons of other awards... !

  • Beasts of no nation was so sad but so good

  • last kingdom is good, brawl on cell block 99 is a great film to and The Shield is about as good a series as you can get..

  • Polar. nuff said

  • I don’t feel at home in this world any more is my favorite movie. It’s a comedy/thriller with a splash of disgustingness

  • Been scrolling thru netflix more hours than watching the movie.

  • any The 100 fan here👀

  • I have axl and stranger thing yes Ik it's a series i also have the flash but those are some of my favorites especially the flash "To understand what I'm about to tell you you need to do something first you need to believe in the impossible can you do that? Good you see that red blur that's me that to there I am again my name is Barry Allen I am the fastest man alive". Ok I'll stop

  • I am mother was a huge waste of time ending was total shit

  • Stranger things is like number 1

  • I came here to see if i can fing a good movie to watch. I watched all in this list :'v

  • dog u put bright over birdbox lol what

  • I have booooored after watching too much of action and mystery they r getting worse!! I m looking for some different aspects of content like we watch in money heist and lost in space series...!!

  • I wish we could send a list of movies we love to Netflix so they could add it onto Netflix🙄😕

    • @Dania Martinez okay thankyouuu

    • • Nurfarzanaaa • so they easy way i can explain this typing it out is 1.go to google and type out “how to recommend a movie to Netflix” and click on the first link which should be “Netflix >help>titlerequest’’ And then it’ll basically tell you what to do

    • kangaroo o how??? Please tell mee

    • You can..

    • You can

  • 3:23 first time??

  • Hi way men I am mother Private life Okja

  • Nice! i have a movie, Now all i need is Netflix

  • Bring back black mirror and I'm good to go.

    • Best show to watch on Netflix

  • You search more on Netflix than watching

  • 3:22 First time?

  • Beasts of no nation!!

  • If only these movies would be available in the netherlands...

  • Is there anyone who has watched 'The OA' ? Give it a try fellas !! #WatchTheOA #SaveTheOA

  • If you haven't seen beast of no nation I highly suggest it. It is an amazing movie and has turned into one my most favs. Along with braveheart :p

  • These movies might be great and all but I just want Max back

  • Beasts of no nation's is one of the best films I've ever seen

    • Watch it last really was mind blowing

  • Just watch harry potter or anabelle

  • I thot you were indian 😂

  • Where is stranger things

  • Netflix seems to be boring

  • I watched Private Life and it was really good. Messes with your heart at times- ESP the very last scene- but well worth a watch.

  • Bird Box should have been number 1

  • Outlaw king

  • Wright top one her 👇


    • I like it specifically the end

  • Which ones does not have a terrible ending?

  • "The unnamed country" was Ghana

  • I am mother was amazing

  • What happened to monday, to the bone and birdbox are all good movies

  • "Mute" was a waste of time.

  • Confused what to watch in Netflix. Thus bring me here.

  • i need movie to watch tonight. any recommendations?

    • @Batch 4th Roshan thank you :)

    • Triple frontier bro watch it you won't regret if you feel that comment here again

  • The Highwaymen was brilliant.

    • I'm watching it right now

  • No good movies show up in Netflix

  • Damn just finished okja it’s good love it 🔥🔥

  • I suggest Calibre, The Invisible Guest. First, they Killed my Father. I will think of the rest.

  • I suggest hacksaw ridge, the ritual, American sniper, Triple frointier, American assassin, Creed 1 and 2, 8 mile, warrior and the planet of the apes movies

    • Jefferson Fernandez Yeah, all sept a couple of the Planet of the apes movies, there is only the second movie on Netflix but you can watch the other two on Popcorn time or some other movie app

    • Stoyalz r these on netflix

  • Thanks for the help, watching beats of no nation

  • Well I’m hear coz I was looking for three hours tank u bro but I had watched them all grrrrr next vid

  • I can't watch Bird box.. Why? Because there's an adult here at home. With me.