Top 10 Best Auditions The Voice In The World

Pubblicato il 6 mar 2017
BEST MUSIC EVER IN ONE PLACE - Top 10 Best Auditions The Voice In The World.
1. Charly Luske (Voice of Holland) 2. Mithell Brunings (Voice of Holland) 3. Dorota Osinska (Voice of Poland) 4. Suor Cristina Scuccia (Voice of Italy) 5. Harrison .
Here there are 10 amazing The Voice auditions. They are not in a specific order.
1. Alex Economou (Voice Of Greece) 2. John Pritchard (Voice Of U.K) 3. Savvanah Berry (Voice Of U.S.A) 4. Max Milner (Voice Of U.K) 5. Katerina Lioliou (Voice .


  • 14:20 احسه حبهاااا 😂😂

  • 15:13

  • Hey-hey

  • 9:46

  • 4:10 she's weet

  • I didn't like any of them

  • First, third and last guy. The holy trinity.


  • Şaplakla benni partize

  • in a very white world

  • 5:53 what was happening with that blue man hiding between the seats?

  • That Dutch bloke at the end had an incredible voice, but the dancing bimbo's was just cringeworthy.

  • Boffe

  • GUYS 8:00 IS THE BEST !!!

  • skyfall guys my favourite. Still shook :0

  • n°2 chante telement faux c'est chaud

  • 1:21


  • hammer...glückwunsch zu dieser stimme nr.1

  • the last guy what did he sang??

  • 6:40

  • Pharrell and Gwen turn around the same wow

  • J’ai pris une claque

  • Como se llama la música que canta el cuarto?

  • When the old guy smiles it’s so satisfying

  • 6:15 The guy> fuck you all People> yeeeeeees omg he is amazing

  • Dorota Osinska (Voice of Poland). Very hard to top this performance for raw emotion.

  • bruh

  • Stop met die reclame tijdens!!! Is echt vervelend!!!

  • Stop met die reclame tijdens!!! Is echt vervelend!!!

  • Stop met die reclame tijdens!!! Is echt vervelend!!!

  • Рыжык в конце как медом намазал)))

  • Cada uno de los interpretantes aqui se lucieron, sin duda alguna todos ellos poseen bastante talento y mucha practica. La verdad es difícil escoger el que prefiero más, sin embargo, el último representante es mi elección. A diferencia de otros que dan a lucir en algunas partes de la canción, ese hombre desde el principio hizo que los jueces digan él vale la pena Y en ningún momento cambiaron de opinión, ya que, cada sección tiene un toque tan sublime, no se cual prefieran ustedes, si desean pueden responder este comentario y escribir cual les gusto más y porque Edit: Necesito el nombre de la canción ;-;

  • Turn the subtitles on at 4:50 and wait for 4:54

  • Enero 2020?

  • Españoles repórtense

  • Who the heck is -Adele- that guy? He made Skyfall a banger. Dang.

  • *october 2019? like)*

  • This guy is brilliant singing chandelier

  • Cody frost is missing

  • 10:42 when they look nothing like their tinder profile. danny's reactionn lmaaooo

  • Every non english the voice: *Hears english* PRESS IT

  • 0:51 pharrel my nibba be like: I already told u via telephatic brain communication that he's overweight 😂😂😂

  • Ginger haired fella at the end whas just incredible

  • Нормально поёт)

  • Как зовут последнего парня?

  • Voice 10?

  • The good time of gta4 15:14 of the radio Ook nog Nederlands

  • Ik dacht in me hoofd zo van hey een Nick en Simon belike blijkt het Nederlands te zijn is het Nick en Simon. I was like ey Nick and Simon i dont know it was Nick and Simon but it was Nick and Simon like....

  • there isnt Poland lol

  • What is the name of the last song?

  • Kenapa sound ajang pencarian bakat di indonesia gak sebagus diluar sih?

  • Nice!

  • why always britishesrs cant you get enough og my family india

  • 4:50 very good song

  • Supet

  • The Skyfall guy gave me Gladiator vibes

  • 9:50 Is it Hayley Williams? :O!!!

  • Eu pensava que era uma mulher cantando.

  • 1,3,8 best od best