Tony Brooks Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2019
He's the second-oldest living F1 racewinner - and Tony Brooks has so much to tell. In the latest episode of our official podcast, supported by Bose, the 87-year-old discusses taking on Fangio and Moss, F1 in the 1950s, the dangers of driving in his era and more...
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  • Respect for Tony. Hearing a driver from the 50's is amazing to me, even for my 18 year old self. I think the stories of the drivers from the 50 deserve to be told, even now.

  • From the world of "get in there Tony" dentistry.

  • What's the name of the corner?

  • I guess this is normal, as Brooks raced many years ago, but I find it quite sad that podcasts of older drivers have so many less visualizations than the ones of more recent F1 people (not only drivers). As a F1 and racing fan, I think these interviews are real treasures and this podcast is one of the most interesting ones. By the way, Brooks is a great guy and was a really great driver who certainly deserved a championship more than at least a couple of champions of his time.

  • I hope they do Hans Herrmann in the future? One of 2 surviving original Mercedes drivers?

  • Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet please ))

  • Hi Tom. It was a joy to listen to a dentist turned f1 driver who is so articulate and have a very firm opinion. Loved the chat. The only complaint is they are just about an hour long and get over soon. Wish the frequency of the podcast was shorter.

  • Waiting for Ragunathan and Maldonado.

  • This man was really good. Winning 6 GP's in the 50's with the short F1 calendar they had, its absolutely considerable. Impressive

  • I want Sir Stirling Moss

  • could you do one with Stirling Moss or Hans Herrmann?

  • Are you serious people ? Only 9k views after 24h for 2,7 Million subscribers ? And when most of videos made EASILY more than 100k in that time ?

    • There's 2 things, people can listen to this on Spotify, apple podcast for example. Second, he is part of the early days of F1, many of the subscribers of F1 channel doesn't know him (I didn't) but it's not a sign of disrespect in my opinion

    • Je pense sincèrement que beaucoup de fans ignorent même qui est Tony Brooks. Hélas...

  • Wish you had had the opportunity to interview more of the stars from the 50s... was a remarkable time... would of loved to hear what Hawthorn, Brabham and Hill Snr would say for themselves... thank you as always for another insightful interview.

  • Love these podcasts, so interesting.

  • Can we have an Eddie Irvine podcast cheers xx

  • It's interesting this 'ferodo' thing regarding clutch. I'm portuguese and when we use more the clutch and it smells we still say that 'smells like ferodo', so I think it was what Italian mechanics thought too. Ferodo 'smell' has nothing related to brakes.

  • Ferodo = brake company

  • Racing cars was a superhero sport limit in those days; with no grip from thin tyres, virtually no brakes, heavy steering, torque steer, understeer, and the car often falling apart during a race. Anyone who played Grand Prix Legends knows what I mean. The sound of those engines alone commanded massive respect. Hamilton and others dont even break a sweat these days, and instead of riding an untameable bull, they drive a red bull.

    • @Buttercups True Love - Cars were a handful in those days, and sounded great. Thats all I said in the comment. I didnt say anyone was wrong. Today drivers could train themselves up to be better then their 1950s counterparts thanks to better training and circuit sims, so I dont think a modern driver would be struggling and couldnt win in those cars. It took a completely different driving style in those days, and Tony was saying it is not conventional to today, but we know it took a lot of guts. We dont know what would have happened if we'd stuck with front engine cars, and today I'd say it might make little difference in a dragster race, and also in F1. But driving by the seat-of-your pants, on the limit, with no grip and no seatbelt, is very much suicidal, and they almost all paid the price. Today we argue about aero, and yes, if all the cars were the same, we could at least say one driver is actually the fastest, and not just in the best car. F1 needs to be stripped down to the basics and then we can say who is best, and not who can afford the best. But thats just me. I also like W-Series.

    • Keep in mind that Tony Brooks' criticisms of modern Grand Prix drivers is a direct result of the current F1 rule book on car design. The modern driver isn't doing anything wrong. They aren't cheating the system. They train and practice in a way to get the most out of the modern F1 car. Brooks' problems with rear engine cars would also apply to the cars driven by Niki Lauda and Ayrton Senna. It's an unfair blanket statement to say that winning drivers of today's rear engine cars would not be capable of winning in old school Grand Prix cars if that was the era in which they raced.

  • Subtítulos español ?

  • Thank you for interviewing the drivers of the older generations!

  • I would love if you guys had a chat with the legendary Mika Häkkinen

  • Could you guys make Beyond The Grid a seperate feed from the usual F1 feed. Every BTG is interesting so i would like notifications from that but not the F1 main feed which is too spammy for my like. TIA!

  • Sebastian Vettel please!!!

  • Great stuff! These guys were true heroes. Anyway, Spa 1958 onboard here watch?v=CLWPANb8sHU

    • @Baz_R And still have my tomcats!

    • @Baz_R I am great,I hop you´re fine too. I don´t know if you remember me but Colin stayed at my place in that meeting! Cheers mate!

    • Ah, I recognise this name! It has been a long time since Portugal Tomcat Meet in 2008, hope you are well!

  • Still waiting for Narain Karthikeyan

    • Will be waiting a while then

  • They should do a beyond the grid with Ayrton Senna where they just compile important information from all his interviews 🧐

    • Bruno Senna might be an interesting pick actually; lovely guy in his own right.

  • Brooks is a legend 👍 i had a feeling duing this podcast he was low key disrespectful to Hamilton i understand he is old school, great podcast.

  • I didn't even realise Tony Brooks was still alive

  • Great chance to hear from a true veteran of F1. Often overshadowed by the Mon Ami Mate duo and Moss but Tony was a masterful driver. Thank you for this.

  • 720op50HD

  • I was expecting Stirling Moss to be honest.

    • I thought Stirling had withdrawn from public appearances / performances? I concur with everyone who would enjoy a meaty long form interview offering insights. Come on TC- your public knows what (who) we want to hear :-)

  • I hope they do Stirling Moss soon he's almost 90

    • @lee3764 True, but if there's a format he can engage in, it's this on - a nice fireside chat at his house over a cup of tea. Was the same with Murray Walker.

    • he has retired from public life so who knows

  • Stirling Moss please

  • wow thought it was going to show tony brooks and wait its an hour long no thanks im out ;)

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  • legend

  • Subtitles please

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    • @soupe2000 144p is the worst quality lmao

    • 144 to the floor. Playback should never steal data lol.

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  • These Podcasts are Awesome!!! #RaceWeek

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