Tom MacDonald - "I Hate Hip Hop"

Pubblicato il 13 dic 2019
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
Special thanks to Ryan Lo
Lighting by Jason Waguespack


  • My friend listening lil pump: Me: I HATE HIP HOP

  • I want those skeleton gloves 😂

  • Pretty hot stuff... but I feel that Lil dicky is one of the most original rappers now in the game and really didn't deserve that diss. 😅

  • My Momma & I love this song! We have played it over & over! You are so talented & all your music has a message!

    • Sweet Dreams JR's ASMR it’s fucking garbage

  • Man I hope we get this on an album, love my physical copies and would love to have this

  • I go from one song and say “this is my new favorite Tom MacDonald song” and then I play then next one and do the same thing

  • I first seen one of his vids on facebook

  • Fo real tho where's the big mac or MC flurry

  • Best Rap song of 2019! Em dropped an album & everyone is going crazy. Tom MacDonald is killing it and I put this along with a handful of others against anybody!

  • Dude... this shit so fucking good

  • Then quit

  • Banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥👅

  • Just a reminder to look into Andrew Yang for President 2020

  • Brother you have to hit up MELBOURNE< AUS !!!!

  • Everday of my i listen to his track when i go to work i listen to this i feel like playing this out loud at my work and every where i go! THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH THE ONLY THING THATS THE TRUTH IS HIS TRACK...... IF U READ THIS SPRED TOM MCDONALDS SOUND TRACK EVERYWHERE PLZ LETS GO TOM MCDONALD

    • And add politically incorrect THANKYOU

  • Leave asher Roth alone. He seems to be the only one that had fun with what he did

  • Ahahahah he said sjdubs lmfao wow. I missed a lot while not having internet.

  • I wanna see a hopsin and Tom track anyone else????????🔥🔥🔥🔥inthemaking

  • I love the song

  • Why all the hate? He's just talking about how mainstream hip hop has sold itself out for money and fame at the expense of the youth while recycling lyrics or making empty radio hits. Hip hop is now like a tip jar with the bottom cut out and the picture of people counting money while holding up thalia and melpomene masks.

  • He got scared his grandad would diss him

  • Song isn't that bad but this guy doesn't even buy the crap he's doing. He clearly put himself in a Halloween costume mode for shock value and to try and look hardcore but has failed miserably. Anyone with a half of mind can see how fake he is

  • I’m surprised Logic didn’t respond about this man disrespecting his name like that. Maybe because he’s not worth it lol

  • Tom could actually be decent if he stopped having shitty youtube rapper choruses.

  • This video is pinnacle of MTV great. Kudos to the director.

  • I want that jacket

  • We hate you too bro weird face ass

  • Sure hope he doesnt shoot himself in the back of the head for speaking such truth. Tom you are the shit! Much love!

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Wheres the Album this is on????????????? I FUCKIN WANT IT!!!!!

    • Neither one. This is brand spanking new. He bouts drop a new one soon

  • God I love this man.

  • i feel this would be better is someone else was rapping

  • Why you talking about mumble rap? That died in 2018...

  • just wating on that new vid! who with me ay

  • I’m pretty late to Tom Macdonalds music, the artistry in the music and video had me listening to more. From 3:04 the production both musically and cinematically are crazy

  • Love his music you can understand him he doesn't mumble rap or stuff like that

  • TOM IS THE GOAT!!! Bro I freakin love your songs!

  • Now I’m craving a kids meal from McDonald’s

  • I can see madchild and you beefing then colabing a week later

  • This song is trash and corny

  • God I love you. Mad respect coming from GP, Alberta Canada. This is this kind of rhyming I was into before I quit.


  • I fuck with this hard

  • Is this seth green just playing a joke on us? I kid I kid, please dont take it sensitives.

  • This is the hardest verse I’ve ever heard. I think I got a concussion and whiplash from it

  • Hey i just started listening to your music and i gotta say u spit the truth. Be careful though otherwise if u fight the system they could try to kill u. Keep up the good work

  • it it weird that i like this?? I'm more in to political rap and reality rap so this is different for me. but i don't hate it.

  • Hey tom look at the song WAKR UP by jake hill btw I wont like it but look at it

  • Tom Macdonald, please copyright claim everything TheMCNemesis posts

  • Tom Macdonald vs MGK that would be fun to see.

  • Whats lovee

  • You came hard here bud. Keep it up!

  • So.. I guess Nova wrote this?

  • I can’t tell this apart from other hip hop. It’s hip hop.

  • feels like that Mac lethal, Dax, Quadeca league of internet rap lol

  • Legit this song sounds exactly like hip hop only dissing other people but then says he hates it

    • He means he hates the people that do the rapping not the damn genre

  • Damn man you killed the beat on this one.

  • this dude looks like a lil peep incarnate

  • Who else bumps this song daily?!

  • shut up